How To Remove Hot Glue From Fabric Using Different Methods? Read this Guide!

Are you looking for ways to remove hot glue from fabric using different methods? Stop looking anymore. You are at the right place. You can remove it by dissolving the adhesive bonds of hot glue on fabric with a solvent such as acetone and rubbing alcohol. Hot glue can also be remelted with a hairdryer and iron.

In several circumstances, hot glue can be easily removed by freezing the fabric and then pulling the glue away by hand. Whether the hot glue has pored on the clothing, electronics, or a backpack, there are so many methods you can follow and remove it.

how to remove hot glue from fabric

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you what tools you will need to remove the hot glue and the detailed steps you need to follow to do it correctly. So let’s get started!


Tips And Trick To Remove Hot Glue

  • Using hand gloves while removing hot glue is better to avoid mishaps.
  • Always read the instructions on your garment label before removing the hot glue.
  • It is not advisable to use acetone on nylon as it might ruin the fabric.
  • Treat the affected glue area as soon as possible don’t let it get old.
  • Try different methods to get the try one that works for you.


Easy Methods To Remove Hot Glue From The Fabric

We are here with some great methods to remove the hot glue from the fabric without any damage and waste of time. So, keep reading this article until the end to learn how to remove hot glue from fabric using different methods. 


#1. Use mild detergent

This method works great for glue spilled on fabric. You must have a detergent and stain remover solution for this method. First, you need to try and get off hot glue as much as possible by hand scraping. Get hot water, mix with stain remover solution, soak the affected cloth into the mixture, and wait. Wash the cloth with a mild detergent, and then dry the cloth naturally.


#2. By ironing the fabric

When you iron the fabric glue, it will be transferred from one area to another. You need to get an Iron and paper bag for this method. Set the iron temperature in the medium to high range. Place the garment you would like to remove the hot glue on the ironing board or any flat surface. Now you should cover the glue area on the garment with a paper bag, and you can even use a cotton swab. Holding the iron over the cloth will take 15 to 20 seconds. Lift the iron and check if the hot glue is transferred to the paper bag or cotton cloth. You can repeat the steps until the glue is entirely removed.


#3. Freezing the garment

Hot glue can become loose when it comes into contact with the cold. And we are using that method now. Here you must have the freezer and dull knife if you want to apply this method. Place the fabric into the freezer for a whole night. You will notice that the glue has become loose and can be easily removed. Now use a dull knife that is not sharp, scrape the remaining glue, and wash the garment. You can use regular detergent to remove the remaining stain.


#4. Removing hot glue with acetone

One of the most potent organic solvents is acetone, and it does a great job of removing glue and any adhesive by breaking it down. Pick the cotton cloth and nail polish remover first. Take a cotton swab and soak it into a nail polish remover solution. Dab the cotton swab around the affected area on the fabric. In a few minutes, you will see the hot glue getting off little by little. You can now apply stain remover to remove the remaining stains. Repeat the same process until you see it is good.


#5. Using rubbing alcohol

This is another simple method to remove hot glue, fabric glue, or adhesive. Rubbing alcohol makes the glue lose its strong bond properties. Before starting this method, you must have a dull knife,  isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and a cotton swab. Put some minor alcohol into a bucket, and then soak the cotton cloth. Wipe it around the glue area on the cloth. Start peeling off the adhesive with the help of your hands. If it fails, use the dull knife and gently pull off the glue. Then clean the cloth with cold water.


#6. Using the cold and hot method

This method works best for most glue types and adhesives. Before starting this method, get a cleaning solution and a dull knife.  Soak the cloth into the tap water and wait. After some time, remove it. Then, get some hot water and soak the cloth again. Remove the cloth from the hot water and check if the hot glue has loosened. The next step is to soak it in cold water. After cold water, gets mild detergent and soak the cloth in it. Repeat the steps until the adhesive is entirely removed


Does Rubbing Alcohol Remove Hot Glue?

Rubbing alcohol removes hot glue as it reacts quickly with the glue and weakens the adhesive making the hot glue peel off the fabric. Rubbing alcohol, which successfully breaks down the connections of the hot glue, is a simple remedy for eliminating your adhesive. The greater the rate of alcohol in liquid, the more successful it is at removing residue; however, 70% will suffice for most goods. You may also be interested to know how to use fabric glue instead of sewing.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to answer your question: How to remove hot glue from fabric using different methods. We hope you understand and now easily remove the hot glue from the garments. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us. Have a blessed day! You may also want to read about thread keep bunching underneath the fabric: here is why and can i use polyester thread on cotton fabric.

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