How To Remove Logos From Shirt Using Household Items

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If you’re looking for easy ways on how to remove logos from shirt, try these two methods you can do at home. We’ve covered a technique each for removing embroidered and printed designs from clothes. 

How to Remove Logos From Shirt

You will also know the safest method to remove logos on common garment fabrics like cotton and polyester. But for additional techniques, read this article on how to remove logos from clothing


2 Proven Ways On How To Remove Logos From Shirt At Home

The two most common logo types on t-shirts and hoodies are embroidered and printed. The removal methods for these designs are also different to ensure that the t-shirt material won’t get accidentally damaged and that you can successfully remove the logo or lettering. 


How To Remove Logos From Shirt: Embroidered Logos


  • Seam ripper
  • Tweezers
  • Lint roller 


  1. Turn the t-shirt or hoodie inside out and put your hand inside so the embroidered logo is over your palm
  2. The next step is to locate the white bobbin thread at the back and insert the seam ripper to remove multiple stitches at once
  3. Make sure to cut the stitches around the stabilizer thread, but never cut the stabilizer itself, as it protects the fabric from damages 
  4. Turn the clothing right side out and pluck the embroidery threads at the top with a pair of tweezers 
  5. The embroidery design might have an additional part like another logo, so make sure to pull it out first before the other threads in the area
  6. You may need to cut threads as you go, especially with large embroidered logos 
  7. Once you have all the embroidery stitches out of the design, clean the garment with a lint roller to remove the threads on the front side of the shirt 
  8. If you end up with stitch marks on your shirt after removing the embroidered logo, you can use your iron to remove them
  9. Know the appropriate heat setting for your t-shirt, then run the iron on the garment’s front side
  10. Put the clothing over a flat surface and locate the holes
  11. Rub the holes with the tip of a spoon gently horizontally, then vertically 
  12. Turn the shirt inside out and repeat the process
  13. Use a steamer if needed

How To Remove Logos From Shirt: Printed Logos

Screen printing is a popular method for printing logos on clothes and bags. Similarly, the most common way to remove logos from shirts is to use a heat press machine.

But a heat press machine is not a typical household item. So for these printed clothing logos, you can just use your iron. 


  • Iron
  • Knife
  • Towel
  • Cloth 
  • Some water


  1. Put the clothing on a flat surface and put a towel inside the shirt right below the printed logo for protection 
  2.  Soak a clean cloth in cold water and wring out the excess 
  3. Put the cloth over the printed design, then place your hot iron over it 
  4. Apply a bit of pressure onto the iron and ensure that it’s above the logo
  5. Once the damp cloth dries up, remove the iron to keep it from getting burned
  6. Remove the cloth over the logo and carefully scrape the softened print with a knife or anything comfortable for peeling
  7. Be careful not to slice the fabric when lifting the logo
  8. Peel the rest of the design with your fingers
  9. If you have some sugar at home, you can use it to scrub off the logo residue with a cloth


Ways To Remove Logos From Shirt


How To Remove Logos From Cotton Shirts

If you have a nail polish remover, you can use it to safely remove logos on cotton clothing. This is also an effective removal method for screen print logos. 


  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton ball
  • Material-safe detergent
  • Washing machine


  1. Make sure your cotton garment is clean and dry
  2. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and apply it over the logo design
  3. Dab the cotton over the logo gently 
  4. Peel off the rest of the design ink
  5. Wash the cotton shirt as you usually would in the washing machine and dry it completely 

For more details, here’s a guide on how to remove screen printing from clothing


Ways To Remove Logos From Shirt


How To Remove Logos From Polyester Shirts 

The safest technique for removing designs in polyester fabrics is with a dish detergent. This gentle fabric logo remover should also be effective for screen printing designs.


  • Lukewarm water
  • Gentle dish detergent


  1. Wash  the polyester t-shirt in lukewarm water
  2. Apply dish detergent directly to the print’s area while the fabric is still wet
  3. Brush the logo colors off the clothing 
  4. Once the design color is removed, wash the polyester shirt to remove the soap residue


Ways To Remove Logos From Shirt


How Do I Remove A Logo From A Shirt Without Damaging The Shirt?


Opt for heatless removal methods or be careful when applying high heat

Some fabric fibers might get quickly burned or damaged in high heat. Therefore, you want to avoid logo removal methods that use steam, hot iron, or blower. 

For delicate materials, you can also use a low heat setting if you must go through a process that requires heat to melt the logos. Another option is to protect the garment areas with another cloth, rag, or cardboard rather than directly pressing an iron over it.


Use a gentle ink remover that doesn’t have harsh chemicals

Strong chemicals like solvents effectively remove logos and inks from clothes. However, you should always test any chemical remover on a small part of the cloth before proceeding with the process and always do the application somewhere ventilated on protected surfaces.

If it damages the fabric, you can consider a gentle quality detergent or dish soap to spot-treat the area with the design. You can physically remove the dried ink with a soft brush or a homemade sugar scrub.


What Is The Best Way To Remove Logos From Shirts?

The best way to remove logos from t-shirts will depend on the fabric type and print or ink of the design you’re removing. Some logos can be removed by fading in the washing machine, while others need to be spot treated with an ink remover. 

Some materials can also be safely cleaned with solvents like alcohol or acetone because they can dissolve the design’s ink. And for others, you need to melt them with heat before scrubbing them away.

Finally, embroidered logos will require a more tedious logo removal process. You’ll need to manually remove the embroidery stitches and then iron the clothing or bag several times to remove the holes.


What Are Some Of The Most Common Methods For Removing Logos From Shirts?

Did you know that approximately 80% of logo removal services use a heat gun? Therefore, the most popular logo removal process is using a heat gun. 

However, not everyone can work with a heat gun since typical people are unlikely to have tools like the ones used by logo removal businesses. So an alternative technique for removing logos from clothes is with an iron or a hairdryer. 

How Do You Remove Graphic Lettering From A Shirt?

If you’re trying to remove an iron-on transfer logo or vinyl lettering on your garment, you can use a common hairdryer. This is also an effective ink remover if you don’t own a heat gun. 


  • Ironing board
  • Towel
  • Hairdryer 
  • Knife 
  • Alcohol 


  1. Put the piece of clothing over an ironing board and insert a towel inside, underneath the logo, for heat protection 
  2. Identify the highest heat setting possible for the type of fabric you have and hold the hairdryer close to the logo or vinyl prints
  3. The adhesive behind the iron-on transfer or vinyl lettering should melt
  4. Use a knife to loosen the sides of the design and carefully remove the logo 
  5. Work one area of the design at a time, but be mindful not to expose the material to high heat for too long 
  6. As for the bits of the logo sticker, try rubbing them off with alcohol 

For more steps and information, remember how to remove an iron-on transfer in mind to avoid accidental fabric damage. 


What Are Some Of The Most Popular Products For Removing Logos From Shirts?

Heat guns and logo removals are popular items for removing logos and designs on clothes because 50% of logo removal services use them. Twenty percent of logo removal services just use a logo removal kit. 

But since the average cost of a logo removal service is around $20 per shirt, you can also try ways that use common household things.


Iron or hairdryer

The average cost of a heat gun is around $50, so it’s more economical to use the hairdryer or iron logo removal technique. Make sure you know the highest possible heat your garment fabric can withstand. 

You should also use a cloth to protect the table where you’re removing logos. And finally, be careful in peeling the ink by hand as the area where you used the iron or hairdryer feels too hot. 


Clothing detergent 

The logos on your clothes might be relatively fresh or small enough that you can just use a detergent to remove them. Some can even fade after several washes in the washing machine. 

You can also spot-treat the area with the design. And with some materials, even dish soap can work as a solution for removing the design. 



Solvents like rubbing alcohol and acetone can melt some logos. Just make sure to test them on a small garment space beforehand. 

You should also wear gloves and a mask and do the process somewhere ventilated. Then, wash the clothes before reusing them to remove the solvent. 


Plastisol remover

Plastisol printing is the most common screen printing style. So, you can use a Plastisol brand remover for most screen-printed logos. 

But like working with any chemical, be careful when using this product. Wear the proper protective clothing and make sure the area is ventilated. 



You can also use lots of sugar to scrub off the logo from clothes. You want to scrub the sugar with another cloth so you won’t irritate your skin with the rough surface. 

However, this method is only useful for relatively fresh screen print designs. You will need heat or chemicals to remove most logos. 


Seam ripper 

The good old seam ripper is an item you should always have at home. It’s what you’ll need to remove embroidery designs on shirts. 

It will take an effort to completely remove the embroidered logo, especially a big size with many stitches. So alternatively, consider a stitch eraser for practicality.


How To Remove Rubber Print From T-Shirt At Home

Rubber prints are common logos on t-shirts and various clothes. You can always use heat or chemicals to dissolve the adhesive on these stickers, but it’s sometimes enough to manually remove the rubber print by rubbing it off. 


  • Metal scale as a scraper


  1. Assess the rubber print to see if it’s in a condition that you can lift it off the shirt 
  2. Rub the rubber print with the edge of a metal scale
  3. The rubber sticker should be coming off the garment
  4. If there are rubber residues, finish the removal process with any technique discussed above that uses heat
  5. You can also use chemicals to remove rubber prints, but not on synthetic materials like nylon or polyester

Will Vinegar Remove Decals On Clothes?

If the logo is a sticker and leaves an adhesive residue on your clothes after removal, you can use vinegar for it. It should safely break down the adhesive, so it’s easier to scrub off. 


  • Vinegar
  • Sponge
  • washing machine
  • Detergent
  • Microwave for heating the vinegar
  • Spatula 


  1. Heat white vinegar in the microwave until warm
  2. Soak a sponge in the warm vinegar and squeeze it over the logo adhesive residue
  3. Lift the residue with a spatula
  4. Rinse the clothing in cool water and treat the area with detergent
  5. After 15 minutes, wash the garment as you usually would in the washing machine 


Did you find out what you’re looking for? There are two methods of how to remove logos from shirt: embroidered logo removal and printed logo removal.

The former uses a seam ripper to cut the embroidery stitches, while the latter uses a hot iron to make it easier to peel off the logo with a knife. We hope this was helpful; let us know below which technique and tips you’ll try in the comments below!

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