How To Remove Logos From Shirt? 3 Easy Ways!

Wondering how to remove logos from shirt? Is it looking very old or ugly because you printed it wrongly? Removing logos from a shirt can be very tricky and time-consuming due to differences in the type of fabric, material, and methods used.

Whether you’re removing a logo from a shirt, professional print from the shirt, logo from a hoodie, vinyl print from a shirt, or any lettering from a shirt.

How to Remove Logos From Shirt

We have compiled a list of the best methods you can use and remove the logo from your shirts or any other type of clothing faster and efficiently. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Remove Logos From Shirt

You can use many methods to remove logos from shirts or any other screen prints from any garment. Most of these methods use different supplies and materials. Others use the same found in your homes. Here are the ways how to remove logos from shirts:


#1. Using an iron

Using an iron to remove a logo or any other screen printing from a shirt has been rated to be intensely working. This ironing method also works on removing rubber prints and vinyl if they were heat transferred to the clothing. Here are the steps to remove a logo from a t-shirt using iron:

#1. First, place the shirt on a flat surface. You can use an ironing board or a complex table, or a ground floor if you don’t have any use.

#2. Then place a small cloth underneath the shirt. You can use a cotton cloth or a towel inside the shirt. Placing the cloth underneath the shirt prevents the ironing or logo residue from getting on other clothing parts.

#3. Place a wet cloth on top of the logo. It would help to put a wet cloth not so wet on the logo you want to remove. This wet cloth prevents the logo from melting onto the iron when heating.

#4. Now put a hot iron on the logo. Heat the iron to the hottest setting and place it over the logo on the wet cloth. You can pressure the iron with your hand, so the heat reaches the logo.

#5. Remove the iron. Then remove the iron and the cloth, dry now, and place them aside.

#6. Use a knife to peel off the logo. Use a knife but not so sharp to tear the shirt. Then, start peeling off the logo with the help of your hands.

#7. Scrape and scrape the logo off until it is gone.

#8. Get solvents like nail polish removal or adhesive remover.

#9. Soak the entire shirt area of the logo to remove the remaining residue

#10. Wash the shirt as you usually do and let it dry.


#2. Using nail polish remover

Nail polish removal is one of those methods you can use to remove the logo from a shirt or any other clothing. The solvent contains a compound named acetone which acts on logos. But start testing the nail polish remover on any other fabric if it won’t exploit your shirt. Now, follow the steps below:

#1. Wash the shirt with cold water. Start by washing the shirt with cold water, the cold water weakens the logo and removes the new ink.

#2. Dry the shirt with a hairdryer. Set the hair dryer to the highest heat setting and dry the shirt, this makes the logo loosen up.

#3. Peel the logo. Peel the logo using your hands or a dull knife until the logo is entirely removed, don’t use sensitive equipment as it may damage the shirt.

#4. Apply nail polish remover. Get a piece of a cotton swab and dip it into nail polish remover, apply the solvent around the logo area to remove the remaining ink and logo residue.

#5. Then rewash the shirt. After removing the logo, now you should wash the shirt and let it dry.


#3. Using plastisol remover

This method has been rated for removing ink on any fabric, but you should use the method while wearing hand gloves and in ventilated areas. Follow the steps below to remove a logo from a shirt using the plastisol method:

#1. Apply the remover to the logo. Get plastisol removal, apply some amount around the logo, and wait for about 30 minutes.

#2. Gently brush the area. Using a soft brush, start wiping the area to continue to loosen the logo.

#3. Remove the plastisol removal. After using a brush, remove the plastisol remover using a cloth, and wash the cloth using heavy-duty detergents.


Things To Consider When Removing Logo From A Shirt

When removing a logo from a shirt or any other screenprint design, there are safety measures you should take, especially when working with chemical solvents. Follow this guide below:

#1. When working with chemicals to remove the prints, always use hand gloves.

#2. Keep away some solvents like acetone around the kids and pets.

#3. Always work in ventilated areas when using harsh chemicals.

#4. Test the chemical before using it on the fabric as it may damage the garment.


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It’s A Wrap!

Now, that you know how to remove logos from shirt. It is time to go and test them for yourself, but remember to follow the steps correctly. You may also want to read about ways to cover logos on clothes.

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