How to Remove Screen Printing From Clothing (5 Effective Ways)

Screen printing is a great way to add color and design to clothing, but when it’s time for the garment to be retired from your wardrobe, you may want to remove that screen-printed image.

The good news is there are some ways you can save your favorite shirt with less drastic measures – some are more effective than others. This blog will give you tips on what methods work best and how long they take. 

One of the best options is to use nail polish remover on a cotton ball or cleaning cloth in order to gently rub away at the printed area until it disappears. This might take 10-15 minutes but will be worth the effort if done correctly without scrubbing too hard which could damage fabric fibers instead of removing dirt particles.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a technique of decorating fabric and other materials with patterns or portraits by drawing on a mesh screen which is then pressed onto the surface to be printed.

Screen printing is done using special silk-screening ink to create an image on paper or nylon which can then be transferred onto the material.

The screens are made of two parts; one part is attached to a wooden frame, while the other is fastened with an elastic band that holds it in place.

The screenprint looks like a stencil that contains one picture, which is then printed several times. The ink from the printing will pass through the holes in the screen and onto a piece of cloth placed underneath it.

Can screen printing come off?

“Yes, Screen printing comes off depending on the material and if used the right method correctly.”

Ways to Remove Screen Printing From Clothing

Nail Polish Remover Method

how to remove screen printing from clothing

This is one of the quick and easy ways to remove screen print from clothing without damaging the fabric. contains a chemical called acetone that can easily dissolve the printing ink.

  1. First, figure out what sort of fabric your design is printed on. If the majority of the material is polyester, this approach isn’t necessary; instead, read on to learn some unique ways for dealing with synthetic materials.
  2. Simply pour a small amount of nail polish remover onto a cotton ball or pad and rub against the printed area with circular motions until it disappears.
  3. This method can take 15 minutes but is worth it for those who want to wear their shirt again after removing screen printing.

Sugar Scrub

You may also use sugar as a tool to abrade screen prints gently. This technique works best on new designs, but it may also be used on little areas of an older design.

Begin by attempting a cold water wash and seeing if it is sufficient. If any of the design is visible, apply a tablespoon of ordinary sugar to it. Then, using your hand or a soft cloth, softly massage the design with the sugar.

Remove Screen Print Using Clothes Dryer

Simply tumble it in the dryer for 20 minutes. When the adhesive is heated, it becomes softer.

The letters will peel more easily if you apply this sealer immediately after removing the shirt. As soon as you remove the top.

Remove the letters using your fingertips or tweezers.

This step may have to be repeated numerous times, depending on the size of the decal, how many letters there are, and your printing speed.

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Plastisol remover

Plastisol removers are cleaners that are used to remove plastisol ink, which is commonly used in screen printing. They act as solvents and help to dissolve the plastisol ink.

The chemicals in this mixture are powerful, so please work in a well-ventilated area and use gloves.

  1. Soak a gentle cloth in the remover and cover the design with it. Allow this to sit for 30 minutes.
  2. To remove the flaking pieces of the design, use a light-handed brush.
  3. Remove the plastisol remover with a dry soft cloth if necessary.
  4. Place your garment in the washer and add detergent to the cycle.

Tips for Removing Screen Printing from Shirt 

Removing screen printing from a shirt is something that most people try and fail at. In this part, we’ll go through some of the best methods for removing screen printing from clothing

The image on the shirt fades when it is washed many times. So, if the image hasn’t come off completely, wash the shirt more often, especially by hand, and pay extra attention to the area with the fading picture.

Ironing the image on a garment by itself will only cement it to the cloth.

Acetone aids in the removal of stubborn screen prints.

High-pressure sprayers can also assist you to remove screen printings that don’t want to go away.

When you iron the image onto the garment and then heat-set it with a clothes dryer, you make it irreversible. The picture will fade if washed frequently.

How to remove screen printing from polyester

When it comes to removing designs from polyester, the best approach is to use dish soap and a stiff brush. You’re probably aware that many popular items, such as t-shirts and hoodies, include a lot of polyester these days because this fabric is so inexpensive.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that requires special treatment if you wish to remove printed patterns. Polyester isn’t likely to respond well to chemical solvents like spot removers. It can also melt at high temperatures, so don’t try ironing and peeling a polyester shirt using the iron-and-peel technique!

Most of the time, you can remove a design from a polyester item by washing it in warm water and then squirting a bit of dish detergent on it while it’s still damp. Scrub the pattern with a firm brush.

If it begins to flake, the technique is effective! Continue scraping until all of the ink has been removed.

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How to remove professional print from shirt

Scrape it off with a hard, plastic object like a credit card. Some of the ink will come off and the rest will remain on top of the shirt. Once that is done, take a clean cloth or paper towel and rub over it until most of the ink is gone.

If you want to be thorough – pour some rubbing alcohol on there and let it sit for just a few more minutes. Then use one of the household chemical solutions such as bleach or peroxide to remove any remaining stain.

How to Remove Print from Denim

To get rid of screen printing from denim, place it in the freezer for a few hours, then wash it in a cold cycle followed by a hot dryer run. Try to remove the old design after this treatment.

How to remove print from hoodie

Screenprint designs are easily removed from hoodies using the nail polish remover technique described above. Here are some more tips for dealing with hooded sweatshirts.

If you skip this step, you risk having your hoodie permanently stained. Before you start, insert a buffer into the garment. A thick piece of cardboard works well (otherwise the ink will just soak through to the back of the hoodie).

Next, place a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover on the printed design and gently massage it.

Remove the wet design using a soft cloth or brush.

Finally, wash the hoodie in a regular washing cycle with detergent to get rid of the nail polish remover.

Synthetic fibers are often used in today’s hoodies. Because of this, nail polish remover may harm the cloth. Before you start, it’s a good idea to test the remover on a tiny, concealed part of the garment.

How to Remove Screen Printing From a Shirt

How to Remove Screen Printing From a Shirt

There are a variety of techniques for removing screen printing from a garment, but here are a few alternatives to consider as well.

First, look at the manufacturer’s label inside the shirt to see what kind of material it is. Some t-shirts are made out of 100% cotton, while others include a mix of cotton and polyester.

If your shirt is more than half polyester, the dish detergent approach outlined in the section on removing screen printing from polyester later in this article is recommended.

You can also place a cushion between the front and back of the garment. A thin piece of cardboard or an old towel can be used to separate the layers. This will prevent any ink from leaking onto the back of the shirt.

How to Remove Screen Print from a Jersey

how to remove screen printing from clothing

Typically, old lettering on a jersey can be removed using the nail polish removal approach.

Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and carefully apply it to the design. Using a soft brush or cloth, remove the flaking letters from the surface.

You may also try dipping the material in nail polish remover rather than just on the design. Allow it to sit for a while before peeling off the old words.

How to remove print from t-shirt at home

I was looking for a way to remove the print from a t-shirt so I looked online. I found the following instructions which told me how to remove it at home:

1) Soak shirt in water for a few hours.

2) Fill a pan with warm water and soak a shirt in it. Scrub with an abrasive sponge to work out the print or transfer from the shirt.

3) Rinse the shirt with cold water, then shake out any excess water before hanging to dry.

How to remove print from cotton shirt

Mix one tablespoon of cream of tartar with two tablespoons of water to create a paste. Apply the paste to the area where the print is and allow it to sit for three minutes. Rinse off the paste with warm water. Stubborn stains may need up to an hour before they can be removed.

screen printing ink remover

Screen printing ink remover is a solvent that removes the ink from a screen. They are made with different ingredients depending on whether it is for economy or quality.

A good quality remover needs to be made from vegetable oil or turpentine as opposed to alcohol or petroleum because those can damage the fibers of the cloth and affect print quality. You can buy these removers at an art store and may also find some online retailers.

How to Clean Screen Printing Residue

Rubbing a spoonful or two of sugar over the design will abrade away the remaining ink from the fabric’s fibers, allowing you to remove it with a soft cloth or your hand by gently rubbing.

To rinse the sugar away, use a regular washing machine cycle with a cold or warm water setting.

Is screen printing on fabric permanent?

No, screen printing on fabric is not permanent.

How to Get Screen Print off Nylon

The only exception is that a few types of nylon, including Dacron, cannot be effectively cleaned. Abrasive cleaners such as WD40 or iron can both remove screen printing from nylon. Dacron is another synthetic fabric with specific bleaching procedures to remove printed patterns without harming the material. The good news is that there’s an easy remedy

Use a can of WD40 to get rid of an undesirable design from a nylon product. Spray this liberally over the pattern and leave it sit for a moment.

Finally, briskly rub the design with an old towel. Ideally, the design should dissolve, and the towel will wipe it away!

WD40 is a solvent, and it works well on a wide range of materials, including metal and hard plastic.

You may also try ironing nylon fabric with an iron-and-peel technique, but be very careful not to allow the iron to touch the nylon fabric. It will melt at high temperatures if it is pressed against a heat source for too long.

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