How To Replace Spool Pin On Brother Sewing Machine

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You can learn how to replace spool pin on Brother sewing machine with proper removal and attachment. This tutorial is applicable for the model Brother CE-5500PRW, so please follow your unit’s manual if you have another. Nonetheless, these steps should familiarize you when needing to replace the spool pin on your machine. 

how to replace spool pin on brother sewing machine

You can also read how to fix the bobbin winder on a Brother sewing machine. It’s always helpful to know various fixes and replacements to be prepared when you encounter issues with your machine. 


How Do You Replace A Spool Pin On A Brother Sewing Machine?


Removing the spool pin

Alternative steps for other models:

  • Remove the hook and spool pin supporter
  • Take off the spool on the supporter
  • Remove the spool pin spring cover and the spring from the pin
  • Remove the spool pin stop plate and spool holder


Putting the spool pin

  • Put the spool pin spring to the spool pin
  • Check if you inserted the hook part of the long side on the spool pin spring’s straight section into the spool pin’s hole
  • Put the spool pin spring cover to the spool pin
  • Check if the short side of the spool pin spring’s straight section is between the groove of the spool pin spring cover
  • Set the spool pin to the spool pin supporter so that the protruding part of the spool pin spring cover is engaged with the groove on the spool pin supporter
  • Insert the hook on the long side of the spool pin spring’s straight section into the spool pin supporter’s hole
  • Hang the spool pin supporter’s rib on the spool pin holder
  • Push the holder to the lower side and secure it in place
  • Check the pictures here if you’re having a hard time understanding the steps


Using the spool pin

These steps are applicable for Brother sewing machines with horizontal spool pin:

  1. Hold the thread with a spool cap to keep it from moving around
  2. Check if your spool cap is the correct size for the thread
  3. Insert the spool, so its slit faces the pin’s base 
  4. Check if the thread can come out of the spool smoothly and that there is enough space around the spool cap so the thread can pass through 


Installing an extra spool pin

  • Install an extra spool pin on your Brother sewing machine when sewing with a twin needle or metallic threads to prevent twisting
  • Insert the extra spool pin on the end of the bobbin winder shaft 


How Do You Fix A Broken Spool Pin On A Brother Sewing Machine?

You can check if you can buy a replacement Brother spool pin for your broken one. However, always check if it’s compatible with the specific model you have. Installing the replacement also requires you to open your Brother sewing machine or remove its outer casing. 

Read how to take apart a Brother sewing machine for more tips, consult your manual, or bring your sewing machine to an authorized Brother dealer and service center. 


Can You Use A Sewing Machine Without A Spool Pin?

You can’t use a sewing machine without a spool pin because it’s a critical part that holds the thread spool in place. Without the pin or even using an incorrect spool pin, the thread won’t be in the proper position and feed properly. The spool pin will also lose its stability and the sewing machine can yank it off once tension is applied. 

The spool pin also allows the turning of the spool so that the thread will unravel smoothly. Remember that if this part of the sewing mechanism has issues, the thread can form knots or break. What are the other common problems with spool pins that you must know? 


Troubleshooting the spool pin

Thread spool labels might still have glue residues, which leaves the spool pin sticky. This can cause the thread not to unravel smoothly. The good news is you can remove the residue on the pin with rubbing alcohol. 

If you’re using a horizontal spool pin, the cap is prone to slipping. You can prevent this by using the correct size rubber cap or adding a rubber band to keep it in place. But if your spool pin is broken, it’s time to replace it. 


What To Do If You Don’t Have A Spool Cap?

It’s best to contact your sewing machine dealer for a replacement spool cap. But in the meantime, you can use any firm foam and cut it accordingly for the spool pin to fit into. You can even use a hair elastic for horizontal spool pins. 

When these spool cap replacements are not helpful, you can just put your thread spool inside a mug. Here is how to use a cone thread on a sewing machine for more DIY spool holders.



And that’s it! We just discussed how to replace spool pin on Brother sewing machine, and it’s as easy as removing the screw and spool pin stop plate. However, you should check your manual when putting in the replacement pin because it can be confusing without illustrations.

Please note that a spool pin is crucial for your sewing machine. If you encounter issues or need replacements, it’s best to contact your sewing machine dealer. 


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