How To Self Thread A Brother Sewing Machine?

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Are you searching for how to self-thread a Brother sewing machine? Stop searching. You have arrived at the right place. Sewing is a skill that is often overlooked in schools, and the result of this oversight can be seen every day as people struggle to sew on buttons or hem pants.

how to self thread a brother sewing machine

Sewing is not just for professionals; anyone who cares about their looks should know how to sew. You don’t have to enroll in expensive classes or buy complicated machines to learn sewing skills.

All you need is a little time and some basic materials like fabric and thread (a Brother sewing machine will make things much more manageable.

We’ll show you step-by-step instructions so that by this post, even someone with no experience should have learned enough skills to feel confident in their abilities, from the start (threading) to finish.


How To Self Thread A Brother Sewing Machine?

If you have a Brother sewing machine, self-threading can be done with the following steps:


#1. Remove the needle from the device and place it in your left hand.

#2. Thread one end of your thread around the eye of the needle (the round part at one end) and pull it through so that about 3 to 4 inches are hanging off each side.

#3. Insert your threaded needle into any opening on top of the machine where there is a space for a bobbin, such as slot number two or three, depending on what type of Brother sewing machine you have.

Pull up gently while holding onto both ends of the thread until they tighten against each other inside, and then let go with your right hand but continue holding onto the needle.

#4. Turn your Brother sewing machine on by either pressing the power button or turning on a switch, depending on your model.

#5. When you hear the motor running, pull gently until your thread appears out of the slot where your bobbin should be located, and then let go with your right hand and continue to hold onto the needle.

#6. While holding onto the end of your thread, cut a 3 to 4-inch piece off the spool using scissors and insert it into the bobbin holder by placing one end in first (as you would when loading a regular bobbin) and then pulling the rest through with your hand until all of it is inside.

#7. Once you have gotten the end of your thread into the bobbin holder, turn off your sewing machine and then release the needle with your left hand.

#8. Place a new empty bobbin into the bobbin holder.

#9. Turn your Brother sewing machine on, and then press down gently on your needle until you see it move backward under pressure from its spring. It will also push the thread inserted in step six up through the hole where your bobbin should be located, creating a loop on top of your Brother sewing machine.

#10. Remove your needle from the machine, hold onto both ends of the thread with one hand, and place the loop end over the top of a hook that is located inside, which will pull it into place beneath to secure it.

#11. Once you have placed the thread through that hook, turn off your sewing machine and lift the top cover of your device.

#12. Remove the bobbin holder and remove your new empty bobbin, remove your old thread from inside it, and then insert a spool of yarn into the holder with one end facing toward the opening slot where the needle is located.

#13. Place your bobbin holder back into its original space in your Brother sewing machine and turn it around on.

#14. Hand wind the bobbin until you feel resistance, then let go of the thread because your new spool now has some tension between your Brother sewing machine and the case originally used for a regular bobbin to prevent it from unwinding while in use.

#15. Now, insert a piece of fabric underneath your material feeder (the part of the machine that feeds it under the needle), and then press down on your foot pedal to begin sewing.

#16. When you are finished, turn off your Brother sewing machine by either unplugging or turning off a switch, depending on what model you have, and then cut off excess thread from your sewing project with scissors.

#17. You are now ready to start sewing your project.


What Is Thread Function?

Thread is an essential part of the sewing process. Thread is not only a means to attach pieces of fabric, but it also has an aesthetic function. The thread generally connects two pieces of fabric, sewn into another part of the fabric or garment. For instance, if you were cutting up an old pair of sweatshirts and wanted to make a new pillowcase for it, you would use thread to sew the two pieces together, and the new pillowcase would be almost exactly like the old one. There are many ways thread can be used- by itself, as an embellishment, or to make a pattern with other sewing projects. You may also be interested to know about fixing common sewing problems.


How To Self Thread A Brother Sewing Machine Video Tutorial?


Frequently Asked Questions- (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some questions. 


How to thread a brother sewing machine bobbin?

First, find the threading diagram for your specific sewing machine model. There is usually a diagram with the other instructions on how to thread the bobbin. Once you have located the chart, follow it step by step. It may be helpful to refer back to the diagrams in-between steps.


How to thread an older Brother sewing machine?


How to thread a brother sewing machine project runway?


How to lower threading brother sewing machine?


How to thread a Brother CS6000i sewing machine?

The Brother cs6000i sewing machine is a machine that often has problems with the thread. There is a lot of frustration when it’s time to thread up the new needle, and you have to start manually threading it by hand. This video tutorial will show you how to thread your Brother and sew up the sewing machine in an easy way so that you don’t ever have these frustrations again.


How to thread a brother xm2701 sewing machine?

By following these instructions for a Brother sewing machine:


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, we have discussed how to self-thread a Brother sewing machine. You can you any method that you find suitable for softening your clothes. All these methods work amazingly. Thanks, my dear friends, for reading this article! You may also want to read about Brother CP60X Vs CS6000i and how to install the zipper foot on a brother sewing machine.

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