How To Service A Pfaff Sewing Machine: 2 Options

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If you don’t know how to service a Pfaff sewing machine, try two solutions. This article will talk about authorized repair services and how to troubleshoot the Pfaff sewing machine. You’ll even see how to take apart the machine.

how to service a pfaff sewing machine

Furthermore, try our tutorial regarding how to set up a sewing machine. By knowing the proper usage of the machine, you’re less likely to encounter issues that will require service for it. 


How Do You Service A Pfaff Sewing Machine?


Find an authorized sewing repair service

To ensure that you will get the best and reliable service for your Pfaff sewing machine, find an authorized service center for this brand. For example, Northern Threads, located in Fairbanks, Alaska, has been in the business since 2000. This service center is certified for Pfaff sewing machines, and you’ll even get a 30-day warranty for peace of mind. 

Northern Threads offer various services, including an annual quick service, basic cleaning and oiling, minor and major adjustments, repairs, and even replacements from their $50 parts margin. You can call the service center for an appointment unless it’s a quick service. 


Troubleshoot the Pfaff sewing machine yourself


Sewing machine won’t turn on

If you can’t find an authorized service center where you can bring in your Pfaff sewing machine, consider troubleshooting it at home instead. The issue might be easily fixed as long as it’s minor. For example, a Pfaff sewing machine that won’t turn on may require something as simple as checking if it’s plugged correctly or if there are parts that need tightening. 


Sewing machine won’t sew

There might be attachments that need to be reconnected, frozen places that need lubrication, or parts that got stuck due to debris and lint build-up. Your Pfaff sewing machine might also fail to sew because you didn’t thread the model correctly, or the lever for the bobbin is not adjusted to the sewing position. It’s normal to forget simple practices, but they also tend to cause issues on the sewing machine that will make anyone nervous. 

You can read this guide on how to unfreeze a sewing machine and realize that maintaining your machine correctly can save you repair costs. However, please note that not all issues are simple fixes. So avoid damaging your Pfaff sewing machine out of experimenting, and invest in a qualified repair center instead. 


How Much Does It Cost To Service A Pfaff Sewing Machine?

The amount you’ll spend to have a Pfaff sewing machine service will depend on the issue and the other expenses required by the service center. For example, you may need to pay a minimum of $50 for the machine checkup or $110 for essential services such as minor adjustments, oiling, and cleaning. Some repairmen might also charge $50 per hour, depending on the Pfaff model you have for labor.  


How Do You Take Apart A Pfaff Sewing Machine?

Before anything else, please identify the specific Pfaff sewing machine you have. It would be best if you also study the manual to understand your machine much better. If you’re not confident that you can assemble everything back, it would be best to refrain from taking the Pfaff sewing machine apart. 

  1. Remove the top cover of the sewing machine carefully
  2. Remove the screws of the front cover located at the top of the needle
  3. Remove the screws at the bottom center cover
  4. Push the back cover towards you to remove the handwheel
  5. After you’ve taken out the top and back cover, proceed with the bottom cover
  6. Remove the remaining screws to finish disassembling the Pfaff sewing machine

How Do You Oil A Pfaff Sewing Machine?

  1. Make sure your Pfaff sewing machine is unplugged
  2. Check the manual for the specific Pfaff model you have to find which places to oil, how much oil to use, and what particular oil to use 
  3. Drop the lubricant in the locations that require it or read this article on how to oil a sewing machine for more dos and don’ts
  4. Make a few stitches to work the oil in 
  5. Test the sewing machine on scrap cloths every 15 minutes to ensure that there will be no residue that can stain your work
  6. Wipe the sewing machine with a clean cloth and clean the area to avoid oil drips on your fabric

Why Is The Handwheel On My Pfaff Sewing Machine Won’t Turn?

The handwheel on your Pfaff sewing machine can get stuck if the machine isn’t oiled or cleaned regularly. You can also check for threads on the hook and bobbin area, since clearing them off will solve the jammed handwheel on the Pfaff sewing machine. 


Are Old Pfaff Sewing Machines Worth Anything?

There is a market for old sewing machines because people tend to collect antique and vintage Pfaff models. In addition, they are valuable because of the brand’s reputation regarding the quality of their sewing machines. Fully restored old Pfaff sewing machines can cost anywhere from $250 to $660.



Was this article helpful? We have discussed how to service a Pfaff sewing machine, and you only need to find a certified repair center. You can also troubleshoot your machine since some issues are easily solvable with cleaning, oiling, or minor adjustments.

We hope this was a useful read; feel free to leave us a question below. 

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  1. My PFAFF 1222E is still frozen after I pulled out the piece of thread stuck in the bobbin case. I thoroughly cleaned it & oiled the bobbin case, took off the top but didn’t see anything stuck there. I’ll have to take it to a service center.


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