How To Set Up A Singer Simple Sewing Machine

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Are you wondering how to set up a singer simple sewing machine? Sewing machines are great for making clothes, curtains, and many other types of fabric items. They can also be used to make quilts or sew upholstery together. There are a few different kinds of sewing machines available on the market today, which vary in price as well as features such as how easy they are to use and their capabilities. The singer is one company that makes high-quality sewing machines with useful features like automatic buttonholes, thread cutters, and zigzag stitches. And their simple models are perfect for beginners.

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How To Set Up A Singer Sewing Machine

The following article will explain what you need to know about setting up a singer simple sewing machine and take you through the process step by step.

Step #1. The first step is to set up the sewing machine on a table or dresser that is at least as wide as the machine’s body.

Step #2. Anchor your machine with screws since it will be too heavy to secure with just tape and such. Make sure that the plug can reach an outlet without straining.

Step#3. Plug the power cord to an outlet, push in the plug, and turn on the machine by flipping the switch back to the “on” position.

Step#4. If the first time using the machine, thread the needle by pulling off a few inches of thread from the spool and holding it between thumb and forefinger, twist the top of the spool so that thread goes around it, and put a hand behind the machine, press pedal down while holding onto the end of the threaded needle with another hand, guide thread through the eye of the needle until you feel tension or resistance (thread should now be threaded through needle eye) release pedal.

Use the dial on top of the machine to select the stitch type, length, and width you need for your project.

For example, if sewing a straight seam, you would choose “S” for a straight stitch; if making a gathering, you would choose “Z” for zigzag stitch; if sewing buttonholes, you would choose “A” for zig bar, etc.

Step#5. You can adjust your tension by turning the knobs on either side of the machine. You will need to rethread your needle and adjust the tension if it is too loose.

Step#6. To sew your piece, place fabric face up on the machine (if using the wrong side of the material, select the corresponding stitch type and placement). Adjust the needle to the appropriate height setting by pressing down on the lever to the right of the needle and using the dial to determine the length of stitch needed.

Step#7. Put one hand on top of the fabric and the other on the pedal, and press down on the pedal to begin sewing.

Step#8. The next step is assembling the presser foot lever, needle plate, needle screw, needle bar, arm cover, bobbin case joint cover, and thimble holder. The manual should show you which part goes where for this step.

Step#9. When you’re done with your sewing project, simply turn off the machine by flipping the switch back to the “O” (off) position. Unplug from outlet and store or discard remaining thread for future projects. You may also be interested to know about common sewing machine problem.


Video Tutorial On How To Thread A Singer Simple Sewing Machi


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Now, you’ve known how to set up a singer simple sewing machine! You may also want to read about how to sew on a patch with a sewing machine and how to use a janome sewing machine.

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