How To Sew A Quilt With A Sewing Machine In 4 Steps

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If you want to learn how to sew a quilt with a sewing machine, you’ll be pleased that it’s only four steps. First, we’ll talk about making the quilt sandwich and then how to use the device for quilting. We’ll also share helpful tricks when machine quilting. 

how to sew a quilt with a sewing machine

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How To Quilt With A Regular Sewing Machine


Step 1. Prepare the squares

  1. Cut four fabric squares for a four patch block, with each square measuring 8 by 8 inches
  2. Use an acrylic quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter to make cutting easier
  3. Cut away from you and ensure that your fingers are far from the ruler’s edge
  4. Cut the fabric squares on the straight grain
  5. Replace the rotary cutter blade once you notice it skipping threads


Step 2. Sew the block

  • Pin two squares right sides together and sew along the edge with a ¼-inch seam
  • Press the seam to one side and repeat with the remaining squares to have two pairs
  • Put the pairs you made right sides together and pin
  • Press the seam and turn the quilt block right side up
  • Check if the point where all the squares meet matches up
  • Trim the edges to get a perfect quilt top 
  • Place the material on a cutting mat and align the selvage with the mat’s horizontal marking
  • Check the right-hand side of the fabric and cut the edge if it does not follow the same horizontal line
  • Do the same on the other side and check the quilt top if it’s right-angled


Step 3. Make the quilt sandwich

  • Cut the batting, so that it’s a tad smaller than the backing layer and a tad larger than the quilt top you made
  • Cut the backing, so that it’s larger than the quilt top
  • Press both sides of the quilt top and construct the sandwich 
  • Press the backing fabric and lay it right side down with the batting on top
  • Lay the pressed quilt top on top of the batting and secure the layers with masking tape on the surface
  • Tack the layers together from the center out in a grid pattern with lines 4 inches apart


Step 4. Machine quilt

  • Mark the quilt top with your desired pattern
  • Set the sewing machine stitch length to zero and stitch on the spot to make a line
  • Quilt near the center then work outward, stitching in a consistent direction
  • Work in long lines according to your markings, and remember to start and finish the quilting at the sides
  • For parallel lines, use the width of the machine’s foot to ensure that your lines have perfect spacing
  • Stitch on the spot to finish quilting and trim the thread ends
  • Remove the tacking and pins
  • Tie the thread ends and hide them in the batting
  • Press the quilt on both sides and trim the layers to perfect the size


Can I Quilt With A Regular Machine?

You can quilt with a regular sewing machine by using different feet. For example, you can do straight-line quilting with a walking foot or use a free motion quilting foot to quilt more intricate designs that are usually possible when hand quilting. Some sewing machine brands even include features like the stitch regulator in their sewing machines to suit quilting needs.


Is it better to quilt by hand or machine?

It will be easier for a beginner to machine quilt, especially if you want to make projects faster and do functional quilts that will be used and laundered regularly. Machine quilting makes a more durable finish, but those who want a more authentic-looking quilt can consider hand quilting. If you’re giving a gift and you want a more personalized touch, there’s no doubt that the labor in hand quilting makes the quilt more special. 

As a beginner to machine quilting, learn what is baste in sewing. It can be an excellent alternative to pins and make quilting much more manageable. 


Can I Make A Quilt With A Mini Sewing Machine?

It’s possible to quilt with a mini sewing machine, but expect limitations with the materials you can use. 


How Do You Sew A Large Quilt On A Small Sewing Machine?

  • Expand your sewing space with a table to support the quilt and, if possible, have the table against the wall to keep the quilt from falling
  • Start in the center and scrunch the quilt into the sewing machine’s neck to maneuver it easily
  • Turn the machine, so the body points away from you; this will make it easier to push the quilt into the machine’s neck


Can You Quilt With A Walking Foot?

You can quilt with a walking foot, specifically when doing straight-line quilting. You can also use it when sewing the binding to the quilt afterward.



Was this article helpful? We just discussed how to sew a quilt with a sewing machine in four steps. Start with preparing the squares and pairing them up for your quilt sandwich. 

The rest is self-explanatory, and you can do free motion or straight quilting on your sewing machine. You can even make big quilts on a small machine with the proper techniques. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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