How To Sew Sequins With A Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

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Do not worry because it’s easy to learn how to sew sequins with a sewing machine in two steps. We simplified the process and even shared tips for attaching sequins to fabric. This guide is complete for those working with sequins for the first time.

how to sew sequins with a sewing machine

However, please read about how a sewing machine works as well. Understanding its mechanisms and parts should help you overcome being intimidated by the device when working with seemingly challenging projects. 


How To Sew Sequins With A Sewing Machine For Beginners


 Step 1. Position the materials 

  • Prepare the sequin trim by checking if all the sequins are facing the right side up and the thread that holds them is not visible 
  • Place the trim over the fabric and recheck the sequins if they are all facing the correct direction
  • Pin the materials in place to make sewing more comfortable

Step 2. Start sewing

  • Set the sewing machine to the widest stitch and relatively long dimensions according to your project
  • Have the sequins under the needle and lower the latter to start in the narrowest part of the sequin trim
  • Check if the needle will begin outside where two sequins overlap
  • Turn the handwheel slowly and notice if the needle goes smoothly to the next overlapping section and so on
  • If the needle doesn’t land on where you need it, lift the presser foot and adjust the fabric
  • You can also use the foot pedal when sewing sequins with a sewing machine, but beginners can find it difficult since the device works too fast with this method
  • You must work slowly so the needle won’t hit the sequins, or you need to learn how to fix the sewing machine needle breaking

Can I Sew Sequins By Machine?

You can sew sequins with a sewing machine and get the same finished product similar to those who attach the sequins to the fabric by hand. Perhaps the easiest way to sew sequins by a device is to use sequin trims, as discussed above or apply free-motion embroidery techniques to large sequins to make the process easier.

  1. Thread the sewing machine with a monofilament nylon thread
  2. Use a small needle appropriate for the thread and sequins
  3. Stretch the fabric on an embroidery hoop and remove the unit’s presser foot
  4. Use stitches to anchor the thread and secure the sequin one at a time
  5. Sew to the edge of the first sequin and move the hoop and fabric to have the needle above the sequin hole
  6. Work a stitch to attach the sequin to the material and move to the edge of the next sequin, and so forth

How Do I Sew On Sequins?

Method 1. Individual sequins

Use a straight stitch to sew individual round sequins. First, make an anchor stitch and thread the sequin for making several straight stitches. But if you’re working with a sequin that is not rounded, you need to make the stitches at intervals to secure the whole shape. 

Method 2. Sequin rows

You can also sew on sequins much faster if you attach sequin rows with back stitches. This means that you will apply one sequin for every backstitch, making this method perfect for cup and flat sequins. Then for added security, make two straight stitches across the sequin row. 

Is It Hard To Sew Sequins?

It can be tricky to sew sequins because the needle must target the holes in the sequins perfectly each time. In the sewing machine, the needle can hit the sequins, and when sewing by hand, the process can take too long. An alternative is to use a sequin fabric for your project, but you still need some tricks to make it frustration-free.

How to sew sequin fabric with a machine

  1. Unpick the stitched sequins with a seam ripper or remove them manually if the sequins are glued so that you can cut the sequin fabric
  2. Mark the sequin fabric at the back with tacking stitches since it’s often a thin material
  3. Use a thick needle to work through a sequin fabric and set the correct stitch according to the type of sequin fabric
  4. Finish the seam with bias tape or zigzag stitch

How Do You Stick Sequins To Fabric?

You can stick sequins to fabric with fabric glue. This is also the easiest way to attach sequins to the material, but it won’t be as long-lasting as sewn sequins. If you expect the project to be used and washed multiple times, sew the sequins instead.

How To Sew Sequins By Hand

  1. Double thread the needle but keep it short
  2. Never pull the stitches tightly and run the thread through beeswax
  3. Insert the needle underneath the fabric going up the sequin
  4. Bring the needle to the side of the sequin and sew over the edge
  5. Return through the center and pick the second sequin to overlap both sequins
  6. Stitch over the edge and repeat the process


And that’s it! To recap how to sew sequins with a sewing machine, you’ll use a sequin trim and position it under the sewing machine and over the fabric. Then, use the handwheel to control the needle and keep it from hitting the sequins. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have any. 

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