How To Take Apart A Brother Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

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It’s easy to learn how to take apart a Brother sewing machine because it’s only two steps. We’ll teach you what parts to take out first and where are the screws to remove. You will also know maintenance practices to keep your Brother machine working for a long time. 

how to take apart a brother sewing machine

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How Do You Take Apart A Brother Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Remove the needle plate cover

  • Read the Brother sewing machine manual of the specific model you have to be familiarized with its parts
  • Check if the power is off and the machine is unplugged
  • Raise the presser foot and remove the accessories such as the embroidery foot, unit, and needle
  • Slide the bobbin cover latch to take off the bobbin cover
  • Some Brother units might also need their bobbin, bobbin case, and shuttle hook removed to take off the needle plate
  • Slide the needle plate cover towards you

Step 2. Remove the remaining screws

  • Inspect the needle plate housing and remove the screw, typically at the back
  • Take off the machine’s bulb and the screws at the back cover
  • Remove the screws at the top of the machine to take off the presser bar
  • Use the necessary tools such as pliers and screwdrivers to make the process easier
  • Take off the sewing machine tensioner and spring via the screws
  • Remove the screws on the belt guard and handwheel
  • Remember where you took off each part and group the screws for each area to make reinstallation easier 

How Do I Service My Brother Sewing Machine?

You can service your Brother sewing machine at home by simply taking it apart and inspecting the machine thoroughly. This means you will clean the unit and remove the build-ups such as debris, lint, dust, or even grease. You can check your model’s manual for specific instructions, but in general, you need to use a soft cloth and brush to reach all the nooks and crannies of the machine. 

Make it a habit to replace the sewing needle after 8 hours of continuous work and clean your unit weekly, depending on how often you use it. You can also read about how to service a sewing machine at home so you’ll know how to maintain your unit before bringing it to an authorized dealer. 


Do Brother Sewing Machines Need Oiling?

It’s best to check the manual of the specific Brother sewing machine; you have to know if Brother recommends it to be lubricated. If the machine talks about oiling, you must follow the indications in the manual to know where to drop the oil, what oil to use, and how often you must lubricate your machine. Oiling the device is crucial to keep the moving parts from being worn down quickly.

For specific instructions, you can read about how to oil a sewing machine


How Often Should A Brother Sewing Machine Be Serviced?

You can service your sewing machine at home after every project or according to what’s indicated in its manual regarding cleaning and oiling. However, you should also visit an authorized service center annually to keep your unit working well. These professionals have the right tools and parts for fixing, repairing, or replacing. 

If you also notice your Brother sewing machine experiencing issues regarding sewing and standard troubleshooting techniques won’t fix it, it’s time to visit an expert. Just check if the facility mentioned that they are equipped to service a Brother sewing machine. 


How Do I Fix The Thread On My Brother Sewing Machine?


Brother sewing machine won’t stay threaded

  1. Adjust the sewing machine tension according to the project or material
  2. Check if the thread is not broken 
  3. Rethread the sewing machine in case of threading errors

Brother sewing machine not picking up thread

  • The sewing machine won’t pick the upper thread successfully if you’re holding it tightly
  • The top thread has tangled or bunched up 
  • The needle is incorrectly threaded
  • The needle is broken
  • The needle is not installed all the way to the clamp
  • The bobbin is not threaded correctly
  • The bobbin area is clogged 
  • Wrong spool cap for the thread spool


Are Old Brother Sewing Machines Worth Anything?

The best way to know the value of your old Brother sewing machine is by finding out its age. Looking at websites like eBay, vintage Brother sewing machines can cost as much as more than $300 or even under $100. In addition, you should easily find out the year your unit was manufactured by checking the code, serial, and model number. 

Then, contact the brand’s customer service to find out what date the machine was manufactured. You can inspect that rare models with working parts will be sold at a higher price than common machines or those with issues. Here is where to sell old sewing machines for more selling tips. 



And that’s it! To recap how to take apart a Brother sewing machine, check the manual to know which covers to remove and where are the screws that you can take off. Then, remember to clean and lubricate your unit accordingly to keep it working smoothly. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have any.

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