How To Thread A Bernina Sewing Machine In 3 Steps

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If you want to know how to thread a Bernina sewing machine, here are three steps. We’ll also discuss other steps when setting up a Bernina unit. And for a complete tutorial, you will learn how to use this brand correctly. 

how to thread a bernina sewing machine

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How Do You Thread A Bernina Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Prepare and set up the sewing machine

  • Study the Bernina manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  • Lift the presser foot, so the tension discs are opened 
  • Raise the needle as much as possible so the take-up lever will also lift, and you can access the hook easily 
  • Check if the sewing machine is turned off and you have prepared the proper threads for the sewing project


Step 2. Thread the guides

  • Grab the thread from its spool and follow the manual illustrations on where you should have it from the front of the machine until you can thread the take-up lever right to left
  • Bring the thread down to the remaining guides and tuck it behind the opening of one of the guards


Step 3. Thread the needle

  • Refer to the manual again to see if you have threaded and tucked the thread in the correct areas
  • Lower the presser foot and thread the needle eye front to back 


How Do You Wind A Bobbin On A Bernina Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific Bernina model you have
  2. Turn off the sewing machine
  3. Place the bobbin on the bobbin winding spindle 
  4. Place a foam pad on the spool pin and place the thread on the pin
  5. Attach the proper spool disc 
  6. Thread the rear guide and around the pre-tension stud according to the arrow shown in the manual’s illustration
  7. Wind the thread twice around the bobbin and cut off the excess with the unit’s thread cutter
  8. Push the lever against the bobbin, so the winder works
  9. The winder will stop when the bobbin is full
  10. Remove the wounded bobbin and pull the thread over the cutter


How To Load A Bobbin On A Bernina Sewing Machine

  1. Read and study the manual of the specific Bernina model you have
  2. Remove the bobbin case by pulling the lever outwards 
  3. Check the arm on the other side of the bobbin case and have it facing upward 
  4. Ensure that the thread tail hangs off the right side of the bobbin before placing it in the case 
  5. Place the thread tail on the slit of the bobbin case 
  6. Pull the thread up and over the right side, so it sits behind the tension disc
  7. Place the case with the bobbin back into the sewing machine and push it in place

Please read about what is a bobbin on a sewing machine is to know more about this part and why threading and loading it is as important as the needle. 


How Do You Thread A Vintage Bernina Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific vintage unit you have as this guide is for the Bernina 830 that was produced in 1971
  2. Locate the presser foot lever and raise it to open the thread tension
  3. Fill the bobbin 
  4. Press the thread spool on its pin and pull the thread right to left
  5. Clip the thread and remove the filled bobbin 
  6. Refer to the manual to know the sequence of threading the guides
  7. Have the thread through the tension discs and down into another guide right to left
  8. Lead the thread up to the sliding guide that you can raise with the handwheel counterclockwise
  9. Pull the thread down and left behind the needle thread guide
  10. Insert the needle accordingly
  11. Insert the needle threader on the needle back to front 
  12. Have the thread through the threader and pull the latter out to thread the needle eye front to back
  13. Pull the needle thread under the foot and towards the machine rear
  14. Hold the bobbin with the thread end facing you and put it in the case
  15. Pull the bobbin thread to the flap on the case
  16. Lower the sewing machine needle to grab the bobbin thread with the top thread


How Do You Use A Bernina Sewing Machine?


Changing the needle

  1. Loosen the needle clamp screw and pull the needle down to remove it
  2. Insert the new needle flat side towards the back of the machine
  3. Push the needle towards the clamp as much as possible and tighten the clamp screw


Adjusting thread tension

  1. Increase the upper thread tension by turning the tension wheel to a higher number and to a lower number to decrease the thread tension
  2. Adjust the tension according to the materials of the sewing project


Adjusting presser foot pressure

  1. Turn the foot pressure adjustment wheel to increase or decrease the foot pressure; towards the “+” sign to increase or “-” sign to loosen 
  2. Raise the foot pressure for tough materials and loosen it for loose and light fabrics



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Bernina sewing machine, you start by setting the machine to make threading easier and then following the guides and take-up lever until you reach the needle eye. And as for the bobbin winding and loading it, it’s not much different from other standard sewing machines. 

We hope this was helpful, but please remember to follow the manual of the specific Bernina model you have. 

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