How To Thread A Bicor Vx1005 Sewing Machine

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You can learn how to thread a Bicor VX1005 sewing machine in three steps. We will also talk more about threading and setting up the bobbin on sewing machines. 

how to thread a bicor vx1005 sewing machine

Since Brother manufactures the Bicor VX1005, why not read tutorials for other Brother models as well? We wrote a step-by-step guide on how to thread a Brother sewing machine that you can check out. 

It’s always helpful to read about the setup process of different sewing machines. You will find some similarities among their tutorials, but please always refer to the manual of the specific model you have.


How To Thread A Bicor VX1005 Sewing Machine


Step 1. Thread the needle

  • Put the thread spool on the spool pin at the top of the VX1005
  • Lead the thread around the first thread guide and then through the second guide at the front of the sewing machine
  • Wrap the thread around the tension disc so you can adjust the thread tension when needed
  • Guide the thread to the needle hook located above the needle
  • Thread the needle eye for about two inches


Step 2. Set the bobbin  and needle

  • Open the bobbin case and put a full bobbin into the shuttle
  • Pull the thread end through the hook for about two inches
  • Put the needle in the sewing machine accordingly


Step 3. Lift the bobbin thread

  • Turn the handwheel counterclockwise to lower and raise the needle
  • Hold the needle thread lightly as the needle lifts the bobbin thread up
  • Pull both threads towards the back of VX1005
  • Practice sewing on a scrap fabric
  • If there are issues with the stitches, check if you threaded the machine properly
  • Make sure that the bobbin and other parts are also correctly installed


How Do You Wind A Bobbin In A Bicor VX1005?

As of this writing, there are no readily available manuals for the Bicor VX1005, even on Brother’s website. Therefore, it’s best to consult your dealer or contact Brother to get the proper setup instructions for this old model. 

The following is instead applicable for another relatively old model from Brother called the Brother XL-5500:

  1. Use the correct type of bobbin for the Brother sewing machine (i.e., code SA156, SFB (XA5539-151) for this model
  2. Place the thread spool to its pin and have the thread around the bobbin winding tension disc
  3. Thread the bobbin hole inside out
  4. Put the bobbin to the bobbin winding shaft and slide it to the right to engage the winding mechanism
  5. Turn the bobbin clockwise to secure it in place
  6. Hold the thread end lightly and gently press the foot controller
  7. Wind for a few times and stop
  8. Trim the excess thread above the bobbin 
  9. Press the controller again to continue winding
  10. Once the bobbin is full, the machine will automatically stop
  11. Cut the thread and disengage the winding mechanism by pushing the bobbin to the left
  12. Remove the bobbin

Read how to thread a bobbin on a Brother sewing machine for additional tips and instructions.  


When Was The Bicor VX1005 Made?

Brother made the Bicox VX1005 in the 1970s as a zigzag sewing machine. Because it is old, it’s hard to find manual or working parts for fixing this unit. 

Furthermore, Brother’s timeline in the 1970s didn’t include this old model, making it even harder to learn more about this specific sewing machine. 

Nonetheless, the Bicor VX1005 still has some good reviews from various owners. You might even find one to buy at slightly over $100. 


How Do You Thread A Sewing Machine Spool?

The following are applicable for sewing machines with a vertical bobbin:

  1. Put the thread spool on the upper spool pin with the spool cap
  2. Make sure to keep the cone or felt under the spool if your machine has one
  3. Refer to the manual on how you’ll pull the thread through the guide to put tension on the thread
  4. You may need to thread the bobbin hole inside out as well before putting it to the bobbin winder spindle
  5. Wrap the thread around the bobbin a few times and cut the excess thread
  6. Engage the bobbin winding mechanism accordingly 
  7. While holding the thread end, press on the pedal and start winding
  8. Most machines will automatically stop when full 
  9. Cut the thread and engage the sewing mechanism
  10. Take off the bobbin case and insert the bobbin accordingly
  11. Have the thread through the slot indicated in the manual and pull enough thread


How Do You Thread A Horizontal Bobbin?

Threading a sewing machine with a horizontal bobbin is similar to threading one with a vertical bobbin as discussed above. However, here is how you will put a bobbin on this type of machine:

  1. Remove the needle plate on the sewing machine accordingly
  2. Insert the bobbin and thread the machine, following the sequence indicated on the manual or machine bed



And that’s it! We just learned how to thread a Bicor VX1005 sewing machine in three steps. 

You’ll start with threading the needle before setting up the bobbin. However, there is not much readily available information for this specific sewing machine model. 

We recommend joining various forums to connect with fellow owners of this unit. We hope this was still helpful; please browse our blog for other tutorials regarding Brother sewing machines. 


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