How to Thread a Brother SC6600 Sewing Machine ( The Best Way)

If you are reading this, chances are that you have already threaded the sewing machine incorrectly at least once. This is an unfortunate mistake that many people make when they first start using a sewing machine.

In order to prevent future mistakes and frustration, it’s important for me to share with you some of my own experiences with threading my Brother SC-6600 Sewing Machine. I hope this information will help save others from making the same mistake I made!

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How to Thread a Brother SC6600 Sewing Machine

Follow these simple steps:

1) Turn the handwheel so that the needle threads from top to bottom.

2) Hold spool of thread in the left hand with thumb at the right edge of the spool.

3) Pull up a loop of thread from under spool toward center between thumb and forefinger.

4) Grasp loop with the right-hand index finger and middle finger, then pull through-hole for upper tensioner arm slot.

5) Slide end of the thread down the flat back of tensioner arm, then down thread guide toward the needle. Be sure to pull the excess thread through the slot in the bottom of the flat back of the upper tension arm.

6) Place the spool of thread on a free spool pin with the open side up against a large, clear plastic cap on top of the presser foot holder. Pull cut end of the thread from underneath spool. Make sure that the thread tail is kept in the back of the sewing machine, and do not pull any excess slack through until it is time to replace the bobbin.

The best way to make a secure loop is to take a pair of clean scissors and cut an X into the end of your thread at least 1/4 inch long.

7) Thread the loop through a needle from back to front. Insert the point of the threader into the hole in the shuttle, and push down until you feel it touch the needle.

8) Pull loop toward you with a quick motion. If the loop does not release from the needle, pull on the tail end of thread. When the loop releases, it will slide off the needle.

9) Pull the loop through the hole in the shuttle. Move your hand toward you to thread loop into the notch on top of the shuttle.

10) Pull up a loop through a large slot in presser foot holder between needle clamp screw and eye of needle clamp screw.

11) Thread this same spool pin with the bobbin inside it, so that the open side of the thread is up against a clear cap. Pull out a large loop in bobbin thread to make sure there are no tangles.

12) Place bobbin spool on the spool pin, fabric side up to prevent letters on bobbin case from showing through when your stitch samples are complete.

13) Snap white cap with a clear plastic window onto bobbin spool.

14) Place cover over the thread-taking area, and tighten screws with a flathead screwdriver.

15) Turn the handwheel toward yourself until the needle threads from top to bottom.

16) Pull up a loop of bobbin thread below spool through the slot in presser foot holder, pulling out the slack of the upper thread at the same time.

15) Pull bobbin thread tail from the back area of the machine behind the spool pin. This will take out any excess slack in the upper thread, and prevent it from getting in your way when you start sewing.

16) Sew several stitches with different tensions to adjust tension if necessary according to the threading diagram.

When you thread your machine, keep in mind that the bobbin is wound clockwise and the upper thread is wound counterclockwise.

Thread the bobbin by sticking the point of the spool into the notch on top of the bobbin case with letter side down, and pull through until it rests against a cap of the press.

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