How To Thread A Brother xm2701 Sewing Machine? Read this Guide!

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Are you wondering how to thread a Brother xm2701 sewing machine? Stop wondering and start reading this article. Use your palm to turn the thread spool as it is fed onto the sewing machine’s top until it is fully inserted.

How to thread a brother xm2701 sewing machine

Find the needle clamp screw, then unbolt it. The needle’s position can then be adjusted as a result. When you’re finished, retighten the screw. Well, this is just an overview; let’s start reading this article and discover more exciting things.

By following these instructions for a Brother sewing machine, you can thread a brother xm2701 sewing machine the best way.


How To Thread A Brother xm2701 Sewing Machine?

Feed the thread spool onto the top of the sewing machine and use your palm to turn it until it drops in all the way. Locate the needle clamp screw and loosen it. You will then be able to manipulate the position of the needle. Tighten the screw back into place when you’re done. Here comes some vertical stitching! Hold your fabric between your left thumb and first two fingers, lining up where you want to start stitching with the edge of your presser foot.

Keep your hands close together and ensure that you pull only one side of the fabric when sewing- if you pull both sides at once, the material will get caught up in your machine. Sew horizontally first, and remove the stitches tight, so they’re nice and straight. Once you see a few vertical stitches, fold your chosen fabric onto itself and start stitching across. You are now doing cross-stitch! Keep pulling tightly each time you make a stitch to get that nice, straight line.

When you’re done with your first row of stitches, pull out the top layer and sew another horizontal row below it about two threads away from where you started on the previous row. Then continue stitching vertically again. This little technique is called “doubling back.”

It ensures that your cross-stitched designs are entirely enclosed and makes taking out stitches a lot easier. Once you’ve filled your starting point, turn around and start going back down without doubling back this time. You will finish with vertical stitches on one side and horizontal ones on the other. Come up from the backside of your first row and make a few stitches over it to create a hanging loop.

Do not cut off the remaining thread! Instead, tie it to the end of the new line and continue stitching more rows on top of your pattern with the new color.

Make sure you’re sewing in two different directions for each row- this will help prevent your cross stitches from getting messy. Once you’ve filled up the desired shape, go back and gently pull out all of the new thread. The pretty cross stitch design underneath will be left unchanged! That’s it! Now you can hang it on your wall or give it to a friend as a thoughtful handmade gift.


Is Brother XM2701 Good For Beginners?

Brother XM2701 is a good sewing machine for beginners. It is a semi-automatic machine with 26 built-in stitches and four buttonholes. Brother XM2701 comes packed with essential features you need for sewing, like automatic needle threading, reverse stitching, adjustable stitch length, and width settings.

A free arm for cuffs and collars, a drop feed facility to access tight spaces, and an easy-to-understand user’s manual. The machine comes in a shiny silver finish, and the surface of the machine feels smooth to touch. You may also be interested to know about brother sewing machine troubleshooting.


Frequently Asked Questions -(FAQs)

Here are some critical answers.


Does Brother XM2701 have a needle threader?

Brother XM2701 has a built-in needle threader.


How do I use my Brother sewing machine XM2701?


How do I change the stitches on my brother XM2701?


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