How To Thread A Consew Sewing Machine Correctly

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This article talks about how to thread a Consew sewing machine based on the brand’s official manual. We also included the tutorial for setting up your Consew model to prepare for sewing.  

how to thread a consew sewing machine

This includes preparing the bobbin and not just threading the needle itself. We’ll even give a review of the brand. 

And since Consew is among the well-known industrial sewing machines, consider reading how to thread an industrial sewing machine. After all, any sewing machine will only perform to its expectations if you set it up correctly. 


How To Thread A Consew Sewing Machine According To Manual

  1. Raise the needle bar as much as possible
  2. Lead the thread from the stand to the first thread guide left to right located on the top of the sewing machine arm 
  3. Pass the thread through the other holes to reach the tension discs
  4. Have the thread between the discs and down right to left and around the thread controller
  5. Guide the thread up through the thread controller and against the check spring 
  6. Have the thread through the thread guide and up the take-up lever
  7. Thread the take-up lever eye and lead the thread down through the remaining guides 
  8. Thread the needle eye left to right, but on twin-needle Consew models, pass the thread inside out the needle eye

Refer to the illustration on the Consew manual to locate the thread guides and follow their sequence for threading accordingly. 


What thread to use on a Consew sewing machine

You can use cotton, synthetic, or even silk threads on the Consew sewing machine. The unit is capable of up to #8 of thickness, but remember to check the specific thread type you’re using on the needle and bobbin. 

Only a left twist thread can be used when threading the needle, while either a right or left twist thread would work when threading the bobbin. And finally, use the right twist thread on the left needle of your twin-needle Consew sewing machine. 


How to change the needle on the Consew sewing machine

  1. Learn how to put a needle in a sewing machine since it should be compatible with the thread you’re using
  2. Raise the needle bar as much as possible
  3. Loosen the needle set screw
  4. Push the needle into the bar as far as you can, ensuring that the long groove is pointing towards the left
  5. Tighten the needle set screw to finish
  6. Use the same instructions in reverse when removing the current needle on the Consew sewing machine


How Do You Put A Bobbin In A Consew Sewing Machine?

  1. For removing the bobbin, push the slide plate open
  2. Pull the bobbin case latch up and lift the bobbin out of it
  3. For inserting the bobbin, hold and position it in the middle of the bobbin case
  4. Push the latch down to secure the bobbin in place
  5. Check if the thread will draw out of the bobbin left to right before pulling it into the designated slot 
  6. Have the thread between the bobbin case opener and projection
  7. Lead the thread under the tension spring and draw it for a couple of inches on the needle plate
  8. Close the slide plate 


How to wind the bobbin of a Consew sewing machine

  1. Push the bobbin as far as you can to the machine’s bobbin winder spindle
  2. Have the thread from the stand through the tension bracket and between the tension disc
  3. Have the thread toward the bobbin and wind it clockwise several times
  4. Push the bobbin winder lever down to engage the winding mechanism
  5. Start winding and release the wheel once you finished filling the bobbin
  6. Cut the thread and remove the bobbin from the winder spindle
  7. If you notice that the thread is not evenly wound, simply loosen the tension bracket screw
  8. Adjust the bracket accordingly and retighten the screw


How to regulate the thread tension on your Consew sewing machine

  1. To adjust the needle thread tension, adjust the serrated nut to the right to increase the tension or to the left to decrease it
  2. To change the bobbin thread tension, locate the tension screw and turn it to the right to increase the tension or left to decrease it


Is Consew A Good Brand?

Consew is a good sewing machine brand, especially if you’re looking for a heavy-duty model for industrial use. The company has been around since 1898, which expanded from sewing equipment to those used for cutting and pressing.

Consew also boasts that they have machines that can handle sewing everything from garments to even mattresses, saddles, or even sails. And as for their offices, Consew has locations all over the US in Los Angeles, Miami, and New Jersey. 


What Kind Of Thread Do You Use For An Industrial Sewing Machine?

The most common and reliable thread for industrial sewing is nylon. It can withstand the pressure of going through heavyweight materials, and it won’t disintegrate in the long run. 

You can read about what is the strongest sewing thread if you want to know more heavy-duty threads. 



And that’s it! It’s easy to learn how to thread a Consew sewing machine because you only need to follow the sequence of threading the guides illustrated in the manual. 

Setting the bobbin on a Consew unit is not that different from other models as well. We hope this was easy to follow, and feel free to leave us a question if you still have any. 

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