How To Thread A Dressmaker Sewing Machine For Beginners

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If you’re curious how to thread a Dressmaker sewing machine for beginners, it’s only two steps. This tutorial will teach you how to thread the needle, then bring the bobbin thread up to begin sewing with your Dressmaker sewing machine. 

how to thread a dressmaker sewing machine for beginners

We will also discuss how to use a Dressmaker unit via the manual for the Euro-Pro 1100H sewing machine. And finally, you’ll learn more about what to expect with this brand. 

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How Do You Thread A Dressmaker Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Threading the needle

  • Use the correct thread for your project
  • Turn the handwheel towards you until you raise the needle bar as high as possible
  • Check if the takeup lever is at the highest level as well
  • Put the thread spool to its pin and lead the thread through the guides according to the sequence indicated in the manual
  • Have the thread around the tension guides and through the check spring 
  • Lead the thread under the bar of the thread guide and through its opening
  • Guide the thread up the takeup lever right to left
  • Have the thread down through the thread bar guide once more until you reach the needle clamp guide
  • Thread the remaining guide, then thread the needle eye front to back
  • Pull about 6 inches of thread from the needle


Step 2. Bring the bobbin thread up 

  • Hold the thread end and move the handwheel to lower the needle, and have the needle thread catch the bobbin thread
  • Continue turning the handwheel, so the needle goes up with both threads
  • Pull both threads’ ends to the back of the sewing machine and presser foot for a few inches 


How Do You Use A Dressmaker Sewing Machine?

The following steps are applicable for the Euro-Pro 1100H Dressmaker sewing machine:


How to sew with a Dressmaker sewing machine:

  1. Raise the needle as high as possible via the handwheel
  2. Lift the presser foot and position the fabric underneath it
  3. Lower the presser foot to hold the fabric
  4. Locate the machine’s switch and turn it on
  5. Begin sewing slowly without pulling on the fabric
  6. Stop sewing by turning off the switch
  7. Turn the handwheel to raise the needle
  8. Lift the presser foot and get the fabric off the machine carefully


How to backstitch with a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. Backstitch at the beginning and end of stitching to keep the stitches from unraveling
  2. Locate the reverse button on the Dressmaker sewing machine and press it to backstitch
  3. There’s no need to hold the reverse button as you might end up with long stitches


How to adjust the stitch length on a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. Locate the stitch length dial on the machine
  2. Move the dial to a lower number to shorten the stitch
  3. Adjust the dial to a higher number to lengthen the stitch

Do you notice skipped stitches? Read why is my sewing machine skipping stitches to solve this issue. 


How to adjust the tension on a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. Locate the tension adjustment dial on the machine
  2. Move the dial counterclockwise if the upper thread stitches look like a straight line
  3. Move the dial clockwise if the lower thread stitches look like a straight line


How to set the speed on a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. Press the speed control switch to make the machine run faster
  2. Press the speed control switch again to have the machine return to its standard speed


Is Dressmaker A Good Sewing Machine?

When it comes to old sewing machine brands, Dressmaker’s products have a good reputation regarding durability and reliability. The machines are made of solid and heavy metal to withstand usage and are designed to make precise stitches. 

However, it’s hard to determine the manufacturer behind Dressmaker sewing machines. Nevertheless, one can conclude that Japanese manufacturers were behind these vintage models, and American companies potentially rebranded the machines in America. 

To this day, you can also see Dressmaker sewing machines made by the company Euro-Pro. These are the modern units, so expect that finding vintage Dressmaker sewing machines will be tricky. 


What Is A Dressmaker Sewing Machine Worth?

A vintage Dressmaker sewing machine can sell for up to $200, but some models may only be worth less than $50. This is expected since one can’t pinpoint the specific manufacturer of these machines, and they’re not as reputable as antique Singer sewing machines

However, you can always expect that the price of selling your old Dressmaker sewing machine will depend on its overall shape and material. In addition, you can always compare with other owners to know more about your model’s worth. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to thread a Dressmaker sewing machine for beginners, which happens to be surprisingly easy. 

The process is similar to threading other models where you’ll go through the guides in the correct sequence, tension guide, check spring, takeup lever, and more guides until you reach the needle eye. Then, thread the needle front to back, and you’re done. 

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you still have any. 


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