How To Thread A Euro Pro Sewing Machine: 3 Steps

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If you want to know how to thread a Euro Pro sewing machine, you only need three steps, and you’re done. You’ll start with the upper thread and also learn how to thread the bobbin. You will even find the tutorials for threading other Euro Pro units below. 

how to thread a euro pro sewing machine

Speaking of threading, do you also own other sewing machine brands? Please browse our blog to know more about threading various models. For example, we taught how to thread a Singer sewing machine and even how to thread a Janome sewing machine.


Euro Pro Sewing Machine: How To Thread


Step 1. Thread the upper thread

  • Check if you turned off the sewing machine
  • Lift the needle bar to the highest position
  • Thread the upper thread according to the sequence shown in the Euro Pro model’s manual
  • There are guides that you’ll use for the thread to ensure that the machine will sew properly
  • After the guides, draw the thread into the needle bar thread guide to reach the needle eye
  • Thread the needle front to back and leave four inches of thread behind it

Step 2. Wind the bobbin

  • Turn the clutch knob to release the clutch
  • Draw the thread through the bobbin winder tension disk front to back
  • Find the hole in the bobbin and pull the end of the thread through it
  • Install the bobbin into the sewing machine
  • Check if the thread’s tail comes from the top of the bobbin
  • Secure the bobbin in place
  • Wind the thread until it allows 
  • Removes the bobbin, and cut the thread 
  • Tighten the clutch knob
  • If you find it hard to remove or insert the bobbin, check if the needle is raised to the highest position
  • You also want to check the direction of the thread when you inserted the bobbin since the thread must run clockwise 

Step 3. Bring the lower thread up

  • Hold the upper thread and turn the handwheel with your other hand to raise the needle to the highest level
  • Draw the upper thread up to form a loop with the bobbin thread
  • With the bobbin thread caught in a loop by the upper thread, pull the latter towards you
  • Pull six inches of both threads underneath the presser foot of the Euro Pro sewing machine


How To Thread A Shark Euro Pro X Sewing Machine

  1. Refer to your sewing machine manual
  2. Install the thread spool and guide the thread through the guides in the correct sequence
  3. Have the thread through the tension discs and take-up lever
  4. Continue working the thread to the designated guides until you reach the needle
  5. Thread the needle of the Shark Euro Pro X front to back
  6. Pull at least six inches of thread 

How Do You Thread A Euro Pro Denim And Silk Sewing Machine?

  1. Raise the needle to the highest position via the handwheel
  2. Install the thread spool and secure it in place
  3. Run the thread to the designated guides and through the tension discs
  4. Adjust the tension accordingly, but 2 is usually enough for most projects
  5. Pull the thread through the take-up lever and down through the needle
  6. Pull around six inches of excess thread

Are Euro Pro Sewing Machines Good?

Euro Pro sewing machines are worth buying because it should be easy to find the unit that will suit your specific needs. The most popular is the Shark sewing machine because it’s affordable yet sews satisfactorily. You will even find reviews commending its durability. 

As for the company itself, Euro Pro was among the top fastest-growing companies in the US in 2011. The Boston-based company was praised for high-quality products such as Ninja and Shark.

How Do You Join Bobbin And Top Thread?

  1. Read and study the manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  2. Hold the upper thread tail with one hand and use the other to turn the handwheel counterclockwise
  3. Turning the handwheel towards you will raise the needle, so make sure that you’ll also be simultaneously pulling on the upper thread
  4. Now, you’re drawing the bobbin thread up 
  5. Pull at least two inches of both threads towards the back of the unit and under the presser foot

If you’re still new to handling the bobbin, read this tutorial on how to put a bobbin in a sewing machine

How Do You Thread A Universal Sewing Machine?

  1. Check the manual of the specific Universal sewing machine you have
  2. Install the thread spool and raise the needle to the highest position
  3. Thread the guides and tension disk
  4. Guide the thread to the check spring and thread guide bar
  5. Thread the take-up lever until you reach the needle
  6. Thread the needle

Please note that it can be complicated to discuss who made the Universal sewing machine. It was initially by a Singer-owned company who then sold it to White. However, Universal was also Japanese-made. Nonetheless, the best way to thread a Universal unit is by checking its manual. 


And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Euro Pro sewing machine, you’ll simply start with the upper thread, then wind the bobbin. Joining the lower and upper threads is also straightforward. 

In general, threading a Euro Pro is not that different from other brands. Just remember to refer to your manual for any additional instructions. 

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