How To Thread A Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine

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It takes two steps to learn how to thread a Free Westinghouse sewing machine. This article will teach you how to thread the needle and put the bobbin on your Free Westinghouse sewing machine.

how to thread a free westinghouse sewing machine

We will also talk about the proper way of setting up a Westinghouse sewing machine based on the brand’s manual. And as a bonus, we’ll share tips to make threading easy for beginners. 

Speaking of threading, you might also own a Universal sewing machine. Read how to thread a Universal sewing machine for its proper setup and browse our blog for threading tutorials of other brands. 


How Do You Thread A Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Start with the upper thread

  • Put the thread spool to its pin and check if the thread is coming out from the back of the spool 
  • Have the thread down on the guides indicated in the Free Westinghouse manual, where the thread will look like the letter N at an angle backward
  • Catch the thread from the hook near the needle
  • Thread the needle eye front to back and pull the thread end for a few inches


Step 2. Install the bobbin

  • Put the bobbin to its shuttle
  • Check if the thread comes over the top and pull it through the designated slot and towards the end of the case
  • Hold the bobbin as you’re pulling and have the thread under the spring
  • Open the bottom of the machine, and put the bobbin shuttle in
  •  Check if the thread is pointing up
  • Tuck the thread behind the shuttle and return the machine cover
  • Raise and lower the needle via the handwheel to draw the bobbin thread up


How To Set Up A Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

The following instructions are for the White-Westinghouse Mighty Mender WW-100:


Threading a Westinghouse sewing machine

  1. Put the thread spool to its pin 
  2. Have the thread into the first thread guide and continue towards the second thread guide 
  3. Check the illustrations on the manual to identify the guides 
  4. Lead the thread between the tension discs
  5. Turn the handwheel towards you and raise the takeup lever


Threading the bobbin on a Westinghouse sewing machine

  1. Pull the thread right to left through the hole and have it through the guide and around the bobbin winder tension disc
  2. Put the thread through the bobbin hole inside out and pull for 3 inches 
  3. Turn on the sewing machine and press the foot pedal lightly 
  4. Cut the thread end on the top of the bobbin
  5. Continue winding until your finish 
  6. Cut the thread 4 inches from the bobbin once it’s full
  7. Remove the bobbin from the machine and lower the bobbin winder
  8. Raise the presser foot


Raising the bobbin thread on a Westinghouse sewing machine

  1. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise while holding the top thread
  2. The bobbin thread will form a loop
  3. Pull the needle and bobbin thread ends to the back of the machine


How Old Is My Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

It will be tricky to date a Free Westinghouse sewing machine. However, the process will be the same as determining the age of other vintage and antique sewing machines. 

Inspect your Free Westinghouse sewing machine and find its model number and serial number. It would also help to know what specific sewing machine you have to compare it with other owners.

Expect that it won’t be as easy as finding a record like other big sewing machine brands like Singer that have readily available lists. But in general, you can assume that your Free Westinghouse sewing machine was made between 1926 to 1954. 


How Do You Manually Thread A Sewing Machine?

  1. Always refer to the manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  2. Raise the presser foot
  3. Put the thread spool on the spool holder and insert the thread from it in the first thread guide
  4. Lead the thread down into the tension discs and bring it up to the takeup lever
  5. Have the thread down and locate the thread guide
  6. Once you reach the needle, thread the needle eye 

Besides Free Westinghouse, White Rotary sewing machines are also among the old models which can be hard to find a manual of. Here is how to thread a White Rotary sewing machine in case you own one. 


Is There An Easy Way To Thread A Sewing Machine Needle?

The easiest way to thread a sewing machine is with a needle threader. Some models even have this build-in. 

  1. Raise the needle as much as you can
  2. Hold the thread to the left of the needle and draw it around the prong of the threader left to right in front of the needle
  3. Press down on the threader knob so the hook can go through the needle eye back to front
  4. Put the thread under this hook and then release the threader knob slowly 
  5. Do not let go of the thread end, and the thread loop will be pulled through the needle eye
  6. Remove the loop from the threader
  7. Pull the thread through the needle eye to finish



And that’s it! We just learned how to thread a Free Westinghouse sewing machine in two steps. 

The steps are no different than with other sewing machines. Just remember to follow the sequence of the guides until you reach the needle eye. 

We hope this tutorial helps; leave us a question if you still have any, 

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