How To Thread A Juki Sewing Machine In Just 2 Steps

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If you want to know how to thread a Juki sewing machine, you can understand the process in two steps. First, you only need to follow the guides then go through the needle, which is not much different when threading other brands. We’ll also discuss other adjustment instructions after you threaded your Juki sewing machine.

Do you also own an industrial Juki sewing machine? We wrote a tutorial on how to thread an industrial sewing machine for those producing items with heavy-duty machines. You can also browse our blog for everything regarding sewing machine set-ups. 


How To Thread A Juki Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Have the upper thread through the guides

  • Read the manual of the specific Juki sewing machine you have regarding threading
  • Find and raise the presser foot
  • Place the thread spool on its holder and use the thread guide
  • Have the thread through the tension system and between the plates

Step 2. Thread the needle

  • Put the thread through the take-up lever accordingly
  • Run the thread through the guides according to the manual instructions regarding their order
  • Once you reach the needle, thread it while slowly turning the wheel to the right

How To Adjust The Thread Tension On A Juki Sewing Machine 

  1. Increase the needle thread tension by turning the thread tension nut clockwise
  2. Decrease the needle thread tension by turning the thread tension nut counterclockwise
  3. Increase the bobbin thread tension by turning the tension adjust screw clockwise
  4. Decrease the bobbin thread tension by turning the tension adjust screw counterclockwise

How To Adjust The Thread Take-Up Stroke On A Juki Sewing Machine 

  1. Turn off the sewing machine
  2. Move the thread guide to the left when sewing heavy fabrics
  3. Move the thread guide to the right when sewing lightweight fabrics
  4. The thread guide on the left means the thread take-up will pull more thread while having it on the right will deduce the length of the thread being pulled

How To Adjust The Needle Bar Height On A Juki Sewing Machine 

  1. Turn the Juki sewing machine off
  2. Find the needle bar marker line and align it with the bottom of the needle bar’s bushing
  3. Tighten the set screw

How Do You Put A Bobbin In A Juki Sewing Machine?

  1. Place the bobbin in its case but check if it will wind counterclockwise
  2. Pass the thread under the tension spring so that it comes out of the notch
  3. Check if the bobbin will rotate the same way as the arrow directions

If you want to see the diagrams to make adjustments and installations easier, you can search for your Juki manual on the brand’s website. 


Why Does The Thread Keep Breaking On My Juki Sewing Machine?


Machine needs maintenance

Make sure that you read your Juki sewing machine manual for the recommended maintenance practices. If the machine is full of debris, it can get damaged, which in turn can also break the thread. It might also slip off easily or develop knots. 


Timing or tension is incorrect

If the timing is off, the needle won’t get in the correct position. Therefore, you must know how to properly time the hook and needle as per the Juki model’s instructions. Furthermore, always test your stitches to understand the adjustments you’ll need for the tension to avoid thread breakage.


Needle is damaged

Learn how to replace the sewing machine needle when necessary. If it’s the wrong one or if it is damaged, then the thread can get cut. You should also only use sharp needles, so read this tutorial on how to sharpen sewing needles


Wrong presser foot or throat plate

Check if the hole on the presser foot is correct to keep the needle from deflecting. You also want the throat plate hole to be correct, or the machine can develop feeding issues. All of which can affect the thread and potentially damage it. 

For more solutions, read this article discussing why sewing machine thread keeps breaking


What Is Juki Machine?

Juki is a Japanese-established company known for household and industrial sewing machines. The following are the types of models they offer:


Household sewing machines

Juki offers various household sewing machine models that boast user-friendly designs that provide quality work for beginners and professionals alike. There are also long-arm sewing machines for quilt-making and small-sized lock sewing machines if these types are what you need. And for frequent sewers that want something capable of professional quality sewing, there is a Juki tailor-use sewing machine if you don’t want to invest in an industrial unit yet.


Industrial sewing machines

For heavy-duty projects and demanding productions, opt for Juki industrial sewing machines. This machine type is even what makes Juki popular among other brands. You can also try the Juki automatic machine that can do hand sewing, scissor cutting, fabric folding, and shirring.



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Juki sewing machine, you’ll only go through the guide, then threading the needle is self-explanatory. However, you will benefit from having the model’s manual for the diagram to know where to pass the thread. 

Are you interested to know more about the brand? Then, read about who makes Juki sewing machines


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