How To Thread A Morse Sewing Machine For Beginners

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If you want to know how to thread a Morse sewing machine, consider two steps. You’ll start with the guides then reach the needle to finish. We’ll also discuss how to use a Morse sewing machine, in general. 

how to thread a morse sewing machine

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How To Thread A Morse Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Thread the guide

  • Place the thread spool on the spool holder 
  • Check if the thread goes clockwise and pull it over the guide at the top back to the second guide at the top front of the machine
  • Have the thread down at the front and through the tension discs
  • Go around and pass the thread through the discs before holding it over the spool diagonally
  • Hold the thread end and use your other hand to pull it up through the loop on the side of the discs and under the spring mechanism 


Step 2. Thread the needle

  • Thread the take-up lever right to left
  • Have the thread down and through the guide at the front of the machine and the loop above the needle
  • Thread the needle front to back
  • Pull around 6 inches of the thread end


How Do You Wind A Bobbin On A Morse Sewing Machine?

  1. Turn the stop motion knob towards you to loosen the balance wheel
  2. Place the thread spool on its pin and have the thread through the tension disc at the right side of the machine base
  3. Wind the empty bobbin with the thread end seven times
  4. Place the bobbin on the winding spindle and secure the pin of the spindle to the bobbin’s slot
  5. Push down the winder lever, and check if the clasp fits between the bobbin sides
  6. Turn the balance wheel towards you
  7. Stop turning once the bobbin is full
  8. Cut off the thread and remove the bobbin from its spindle
  9. Turn the stop motion knob away from you so the balance wheel can control the needle bar again


How Thread A Bobbin Case On A Morse Sewing Machine?

  1. Hold the bobbin case with its slot up and have 6 inches of thread tailing
  2. Insert the bobbin into its case and pull the thread through the slot, then down and left to thread the tension spring
  3. Pull the thread to the delivery eye and check for some tension
  4. Increase or decrease the tension accordingly

This tutorial is applicable to the Morse Super Dial sewing machine. Be sure to follow the manual of the specific Morse machine you have.


How Do You Date A Morse Sewing Machine?

It can be difficult to date a Morse sewing machine since the company itself went out of business many years ago for you to access records. Instead, you will need to locate your machine’s serial number and search about it, visit forums, talk to other owners of Morse sewing machines, or, best of all, find out the date of the manual. You can also compare various Morse models to get a quick idea of your unit’s age. 

For example, older Morse machines are pure metal and are thought to be between 50 to 70 years old. Plastic machines are said to be 40 years old. And if you’re curious where to sell your old sewing machine, read our separate article about it.


How Do You Use A Morse Zigzag Sewing Machine?

An example of a Morse zigzag sewing machine is the Morse Fotomatic IV 4400. Here is how you can use it to sew as per the manual:

  1. Raise the needle and draw four inches of the threads back through the presser foot
  2. Raise the presser foot and place the fabric underneath it 
  3. Lower the presser foot 
  4. Turn the balance wheel towards you to move the needle into the material
  5. Set the stitch and start sewing
  6. There’s no need to pull on the fabric to avoid bending or breaking the needle
  7. After sewing, remove the fabric by stopping the balance wheel 
  8. Raise the needle and presser foot
  9. Cut the trailing threads


How Do You Thread An Old Fashioned Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the old sewing machine
  2. Put the thread spool on the spool pin and raise the needle assembly
  3. Run the thread through the guide at the top of the machine and down towards the tensioner and tensioner spring
  4. Guide the thread under the take-up lever to reach another guide 
  5. Pull the thread down towards and through the needle

How Do You Wind The Bobbin On A Vintage Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the manual of the vintage machine
  2. You need to wind the bobbin yourself since vintage sewing machines don’t have automatic winding mechanisms yet
  3. Remove the bobbin from the machine and get a thread spool 
  4. Wind the thread around the bobbin until it’s taut
  5. Insert a thin and long object like a pen through the bobbin and spin it to wrap the thread faster around the bobbin
  6. Place the bobbin in its case
  7. Pull some thread out of the guide



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Morse sewing machine, you start with the guides to reach the needle, similar to threading other units. It would be better to find your unit’s manual, but Morse machines have been out of business, so try talking with other owners if you can’t find your model’s manual. 

We hope this was a helpful read; leave us a comment if you have any. 

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