How To Thread A Necchi Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

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You can learn how to thread a Necchi sewing machine in two steps. In this tutorial, we’ll work the upper thread then bring the bobbin thread up. We’ll also teach you how to sew with a Necchi sewing machine. 

how to thread a necchi sewing machine

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How To Thread A Necchi Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Start with the upper thread

  • Refer to the Necchi manual to see the illustrations and make threading easier
  • Follow the directions for the specific Necchi sewing machine you have
  • Place the thread spool on the spool pin at the front and secure it in place
  • Guide the thread end through the tension disc above the thread guides
  • Have the thread towards the front of the sewing machine and down into the grooved area 
  • Lead the thread around the bottom of the guide and up the machine over the loop, so the thread formed a U-shape
  • Thread the guides above the sewing machine needle before pulling the thread down into the needle eye
  • Pull several inches of the thread through the needle eye


Step 2. Pull the bobbin up

  • Check if you’ve raised the needle as much as possible
  • Place a full bobbin in the area below the feed dogs
  • Put the bobbin into the case and pull about 4 inches of thread 
  • Close the case and area under the feed dogs
  • Pull and hold the top thread end after loading the bobbin
  • Check if you’ve threaded the needle
  • Connect the top and bottom threads by turning the wheel a few times
  • You should be able to see the bobbin thread now, but if not, adjust your Necchi machine tension


How Do You Thread A Necchi Supernova?

  1. Refer to the Necchi Supernova manual to see the illustrations 
  2. Raise the needle as high as possible by turning the balance wheel towards you
  3. Place the thread spool on its pin and check the manual to know the guide to thread
  4. Pull the thread down and between the tension discs
  5. Lead the thread up and over the check spring before bringing it down under the guide and through the slot
  6. Have the thread through the guide hook and pass it right to left through the thread take-up lever
  7. Draw the thread down and into the slot and guide hook
  8. Guide the thread left to right through the needle eye and leave about 4 inches of free thread


How Do You Use A Necchi Supernova Sewing Machine?

  1. Set up the sewing machine accordingly
  2. Place the fabric under the presser foot and lower the latter to secure the material in place
  3. Lightly tap on the foot pedal, as the pressure will dictate the speed of stitching
  4. Press the reverse button to sew backward at the beginning and end of each stitch row to keep the stitches from unraveling
  5. Release the reverse button and proceed sewing
  6. To finish, raise the presser foot and cut the threads


Adjusting the thread tension

  1. Check the upper and lower thread tensions as they should both interlock in the center of the material
  2. If the upper thread tension is too high, you’ll see the lower thread at the top surface of the fabric 
  3. If the lower thread tension is too tight, the upper thread is pulled underneath the material
  4. Lower the presser foot and turn the tension regulating knob accordingly
  5. Test the stitches on a scrap fabric 

If you encounter issues with adjusting the sewing machine tension, read how to replace the tension assembly on a sewing machine


Positioning of presser bar and presser foot

  1. Check the presser foot opening if it sits above the needle plate opening
  2. To adjust its position, loosen the presser bar screw in the presser bar guide
  3. Turn the presser foot until you set it correctly with regards to the needle plate
  4. Tighten the screw and check if the guide didn’t lose its original position 


Why Is The Upper Thread Breaking On My Necchi Sewing Machine?

  • Check how you threaded the sewing machine and rethread if necessary
  • Loosen the thread tension 
  • Use the right size needle for the thread
  • Check how you inserted the needle and reinsert if necessary
  • Replace the damaged needle
  • Wind the thread correctly


Why Is The Lower Thread Breaking On My Necchi Sewing Machine?

  • Reinsert the bobbin case
  • Rethread the bobbin case
  • Check the position of the bobbin and bobbin case


Why Is My Necchi Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches?

  • Reinsert the needle 
  • Replace the damaged needle
  • Use the correct needle for the thread and project
  • Reattach the presser foot correctly
  • Rethread the sewing machine


Why Are My Stitches On The Necchi Sewing Machine Skipping Loose?

  • Rethread the machine
  • Check the bobbin case
  • Use the correct tension
  • Use the correct needle



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Necchi sewing machine, you must have the manual as a reference for the illustrations. The process is not that different from other machines, but follow the guides until you reach the needle eye. 

We hope this was easy to follow. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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