How to Thread a Needle on a Singer Sewing Machine Easily

The singer sewing machine has been around for a very long time. They are used for quilting, garments, and household items. These machines have evolved over the years to become more user-friendly and to produce better quality results.

The older models made it difficult for users to thread a needle so they often had to use the handwheel and other parts of the machine when threading it.

Today’s model is much easier with its top-loading bobbin system that is also protected by a transparent cover. With just little practice, most people are able to master this skill without any difficulty.

Threading the machine is as easy as loading the machine with your desired color of thread and then wrapping it inside out around the take-up lever.

How To Thread Singer Sewing Machine Needle Easily

1) Unscrew the top part of your sewing machine and you should see a bobbin and needle.

2) Lift your presser foot up, this will help you get to your bobbin thread.

3) Take your thread and tie a knot at one end of it, make sure it is tight before tying it because if it isn’t tight, your knot will easily come undone.

4) Note that the longer end of the thread is what goes over the needle, not under.

5) Load the bobbin with thread by pulling up on it until there are enough threads to form a loop around the tip.

6) Push your thumb down on the bobbin so that it is tightly secured.

7) Pull the thread through and hold onto both ends, pull them out evenly.

8) Let go of one end of your thread, carefully place it under the presser foot.

9) The stitch should be on your needle now, pull it off and work with the other end now. Now you have two ends to deal with!

10) Bring one end over the top of the machine and take the other end underneath it. Grab both ends and pull them up so that you have a nice straight line.

11) Push both ends to the side of the machine, they should be facing downwards now. Take your thread and push it through the center hole from underneath.

12) Pull it over and run along until you see a small pair of metal bars, this is how you thread a Singer. Take the thread and go under one of the bars and then over the top of it, this should give you a clean line in between the two metal bars.

13) Take your now threaded needle and push it back through from underneath all the way to where you started, make sure you don’t pull too hard, or else it will get caught on the first metal bar.

14) You should now have a stitch on your needle, pull it off and tie it to one end of your thread, make sure not to knot it because if you do, this is how your sewing machine will jam up when you try using it!

15) Take both ends of your thread and pull them to the side, it should be in a C shape now.

16) Watch your thread tension carefully as you pull it down, make sure that both sides are even or else this will cause your stitches to form inconsistently.

17) Put one end through your eye of the needle, and keep the other hanging out of the machine. You should now be able to sew!

18) Remember that you have a reverse stitch button, use it if need to. Also, remember that your start and stop buttons are right next to each other so take care when sewing!

You may now sew, enjoy yourself 😀

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