How To Thread A Pfaff Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

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Those who want to know how to thread a Pfaff sewing machine can simplify it into two steps. First, we’ll teach you how to set up your device by threading the needle. You’ll also learn about threading other Pfaff models.

how to thread a pfaff sewing machine

Additionally, why not learn how to service a Pfaff sewing machine? We wrote a guide for this practice that you can use for maintaining your Pfaff unit. 


How To Thread A Pfaff Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Thread the needle

  • Read and study the manual of the specific Pfaff sewing machine you have
  • Turn off the sewing machine
  • Raise the presser foot lifter and take-up lever
  • Put the thread on the spool pin with the correct size spool cap
  • Use both hands to pull the thread through the corresponding guides and slots indicated in the manual diagram
  • Have the thread to the take-up lever left to right and down into the corresponding slot and behind the thread guide
  • Thread the needle eye front to back or use the needle threader
  • To use the needle threader, lower the presser foot and raise the needle as much as possible
  • Place the thread under the hook tautly and move the threader down and towards the needle
  • The smaller hook will then go to the needle eye, and you can place the thread into the hook
  • Turn the threader towards the back as you release the thread slowly
  • The threader will then move up, and then you can pull the thread through the needle eye 

Step 2. Bring up the bobbin thread

  • To bring up the bobbin thread, make sure you turned off the sewing machine
  • Raise the presser foot and needle as you’re holding the needle thread
  • The bobbin thread should create a loop, so all you need to do is pull the needle thread to bring up the bobbin thread
  • Close the bobbin case and pull the thread under the presser foot and left
  • To cut the threads, pull them back to front over the cutter of the machine

How To Thread The Twin Needle On A Pfaff Sewing Machine

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific Pfaff model you have
  2. Insert the twin needle and install the second spool pin
  3. Have one thread spool on each pin 
  4. Guide one thread to the left and the other to the right over the tension disk
  5. Thread as usual and pull the threads right and left into the guide
  6. Thread the needles manually since you can’t use the threader for a twin needle

How To Thread And Wind The Bobbin From The Spool Pin Of A Pfaff Sewing Machine

  1. Place the thread on the spool pin and use the correct cap size
  2. Refer to the manual to know where to guide the thread
  3. Wind the thread around the bobbin clockwise
  4. Turn on the sewing machine and hold the thread end as you apply gentle pressure on the foot control
  5. The machine will stop winding automatically
  6. Cut the thread and remove the bobbin by pushing it to the left 

How Do You Thread A Vintage Pfaff Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the manual of the old Pfaff sewing machine or search for it if you can’t find the one that comes with your unit
  2. Insert the thread spool on its pin accordingly, typically crosswise on the top of the Pfaff model
  3. Pull at least six inches of thread and wind it around the hook
  4. Wrap the thread on the knob, typically at the left side of the hook
  5. Thread the tension disk and under the check spring
  6. Have the thread through the designated guides until you reach the needle
  7. Thread the needle front to back

For more tips regarding vintage or antique units, read this tutorial on how to use an old sewing machine

How Do You Thread A Pfaff Industrial Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the manual of the specific Pfaff industrial sewing machine you have
  2. Reveal the lower thread mechanism and remove the coil
  3. Thread through the coil and leave about an inch of thread 
  4. Reinstall the coil into the Pfaff industrial sewing machine and cover it with the flap
  5. Start the sewing machine and cut the thread, leaving about two inches of the thread end
  6. Reassemble the coil and set up the upper thread by threading the tension discs
  7. Thread the tension discs as usual

Learn more on how to thread an industrial sewing machine with our separate article. 


How Do You Thread A Pfaff 1222E Sewing Machine?

  1. Find and study the manual for the Pfaff 1222E
  2. Raise the needle as much as possible
  3. Have the take-up lever to the position indicated in the manual
  4. Push down the needle threader control while placing the thread under its hook
  5. Push the needle threader control completely and draw the thread under its prong
  6. Lightly release the control and hold the thread loop
  7. Pull the thread through the needle eye 


And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Pfaff sewing machine, you’ll start by pulling the thread through the guides indicated in the manual. The rest of the process is quite self-explanatory and not that different from threading other machines. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have any.

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