How To Thread A Riccar Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

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Those who want to know how to thread a Riccar sewing machine only need two steps. This tutorial is based on the Riccar 8500 model, so be sure to check what unit you have. We’ll also talk more about the usage of this sewing machine brand to help you get the most out of it. 

how to thread a riccar sewing machine

Speaking of threading, browse our blog for threading other sewing machine types or brands. For example, do you know how to thread an industrial sewing machine? Please navigate through our articles to help you with setting up your device. 


How To Thread A Riccar Sewing Machine Correctly

Please check the manual of the specific Riccar model you have. This tutorial is applicable for the Riccar 8500, so if you own another unit, follow its manual accordingly. 


Step 1. Go through the guides

  • Place the thread spool on its pin and pull some thread
  • Have the thread through the guides in the correct sequence indicated in the manual diagram
  • Bring the thread down to reach the thread tension dial
  • Wrap the thread around the dial and bring it back up the tension thread guide

Step 2. Finish threading

  • Thread the take-up lever’s spring  
  • Bring the thread to the thread guide at the front of the machine to reach the needle bar guide
  • Thread the needle to finish
  • Please follow the diagram and instructions in your machine’s manual to know the specifics 

How To Wind The Bobbin On A Riccar Sewing Machine

  1. Disengage the sewing mechanism on the Riccar sewing machine by turning the stop motion large screw counterclockwise
  2. Place the thread spool on its pin and follow the diagram on the manual to guide the thread correctly
  3. Wrap the thread around the bobbin a couple of times, then insert the bobbin into the machine’s bobbin winder spindle
  4. Push the bobbin winder spindle to the direction illustrated in the manual
  5. Hold the thread and turn the handwheel towards you slightly
  6. Press on the foot control gently to start winding
  7. After the bobbin is full, stop the machine and return the spindle to its original position
  8. Engage the sewing mechanism by turning the stop motion large screw clockwise

How Do You Thread A Riccar Bobbin?

  1. Loosen some of the bobbin thread
  2. Place the bobbin in its case, but check if the thread will wind in the direction of the arrow shown on the manual diagram
  3. Have the thread under the spring and out the opening

How To Insert The Needle On A Riccar Sewing Machine

  1. Raise the needle bar as much as possible
  2. Loosen the needle clamp screw 
  3. Insert the needle up the clamp and push as far as you can to secure it in place
  4. Check if the flat side of the needle is facing the rear of the machine
  5. Tighten the needle clamp screw with a screwdriver to finish

Here is a more complete guide on how to put a needle on a sewing machine for more installation tips. 

How Much Is A Riccar Sewing Machine Worth?

Riccar sewing machines are not as valuable as other old sewing machines like those made by Singer. However, you can still check with other collectors and enthusiasts on how they would price your Riccar sewing machine. Consider browsing other used Riccar units offered on websites like eBay as well to get an idea of the price you can put on your old Riccar sewing machine. 

Furthermore, Riccar is one of those sewing machine companies that focus on quality, not quantity. Therefore, you may get a reasonable price on vintage models that are hard to find. Try searching about the Riccar 3400, for example. 


Are Riccar Sewing Machines Any Good?

Riccar sewing machines are good because users still have their units working to this day despite being produced years ago. The brand also has various models with features that will suit different types of users. However, what makes Riccar not as popular as other brands is the limited availability of authorized dealers. 


Are Riccar Sewing Machines Made By Bernina?

There was a Bernina sewing machine called the Riccar RCM 1230. It is also called the Bernina 1230 and was sold through Riccar in the 80s in Japan. It has a Riccar badge, but it can be confusing if Bernina makes it since it looks like the original Bernina 1230. Nonetheless, this Bernina/Riccar model has been praised for its quality and features, which is what you can expect from a Swiss-made unit. 


Where To Buy Riccar Sewing Machines

Consider checking Riccar’s website for their sewing machines. The online catalog offers multifunction, electronic, overlock, cutting, lockstitch, and embroidery machines. However, the head office of Riccar is located in Jakarta. 

Therefore, you need to find other independently owned businesses if you live in the US. You can also consider browsing for used Riccar sewing machines since Riccar does not sell through big stores. 



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Riccar sewing machine, you only need to follow the manual’s guide. The steps are not that different when threading other sewing machines, but it’s best to get the manual to see the diagram for threading. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have any. 


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