How to Thread a Sewing Machine – Full Guide

Sewing machines are great, but threading the needle can be a real pain. 

Anyone who has ever tried to use a sewing machine knows that it’s not easy to figure out how to thread it properly. It takes forever and you risk breaking your expensive needles if you’re not careful.

how to thread a sewing machine

We’ve created this guide on how to thread a sewing machine with step-by-step instructions and pictures so anyone can do this easily at home or in class! This is an extremely useful guide for any beginner sewer or quilter looking for tips on how to learn how to thread a sewing machine.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to thread your sewing machine like an expert.


Things You Should Know Before You Start Threading

If you don’t have a sewing instructions manual, check your sewing manual. It should show diagrammatical directions on how to thread your make of machine. If your manual is lost, you can download here sewing machine manuals online.

Choose the color thread you’ll be using and fill the bobbin.

Always utilize high-quality threads which are appropriate for the fabric you’re using.

Steps on How to Thread a Sewing Machine

how to thread a sewing machine
Photo by Leticia Ribeiro from Pexels

 Top Spool

At the top of the machine, place the cotton on the spool. This may be an upright peg or a laying down on your model of machine.

Some machines come with a plastic disk to put on top of the spool to keep it in place and prevent it from flying off the top once you begin stitching.

Threading The Guide

Pull the thread through the top of the thread guide. This sewing machine has a rather large thread guide. The most common form is a tiny button-like knob.

At The Tension Knob

Begin by pulling the thread down toward you and looping it around the tension discs below.

Second Thread The Guide

Take up the thread and form a U shape with it (you do not have to pull it all the way out). The take-up lever, which is typically called a lever with an eyelet, creates a U form with the thread.

Then Above The Needle Hook

Bring the thread down to the needle and then wrap it around any hooks to keep it there.

Now Threading the Needle

From the front to the rear, thread the needle.

Insert The Bobbin

As per your type and manual instructions, load the wound bobbin. Your machine’s bobbin may be inserted from the top or from the front.

The majority of sewing machines have a detachable case that the bobbin drops into, while others have a fixed location.

Turn the flywheel (the large wheel on the right side of the machine) in your direction so that the needle catches both yarns.

Bring the thread from the bobbin to the machine plate, where the needle moves in and out.

Join the Top Thread and The Bobbin

Pull the loop of bobbin thread that is being caught to the top. You might need tweezers or a pin to assist you in grabbing it.

Pull the Threads to the Back

Gently tug both threads to the rear. They should slide easily as you pull them.

Test on a Scrap

Take a small piece of fabric and check your stitching and tension. To prevent the top and bottom threads from tangling, start sewing slowly at the rear with your fingers lightly grasping the threads.

Remember to lower the foot to steady the material and connect with the feeder mechanism.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine – Video Tutorial

Wrapping up

We hope you found this article helpful for learning how to thread a sewing machine. We know that it can be difficult figuring out where to start or what type of needle to use, so we’ve made sure these important details are covered in this guide. If you have any other questions as you proceed with your sewing project, don’t hesitate to ask! In the meantime, enjoy our video tutorial above on how to thread a sewing machine, and good luck!

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