How To Thread A Shark Sewing Machine Correctly

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You can learn how to thread a Shark sewing machine in two steps. This complete tutorial teaches you the proper way of guiding the thread until your reach the needle. Then, we’ll follow the manual for drawing the bobbin thread up. 

how to thread a shark sewing machine

Since this article discusses threading the Shark model, you might also want to read how to thread a Euro Pro sewing machine. It also follows the model’s manual so you can feel confident with setting up your sewing machine. 


Step By Step Guide On How To Thread A Shark Sewing Machine 

Please note that this tutorial is for the Shark 612C sewing machine. If you own another sewing machine model, please follow its manual. 


Step 1. Thread the upper thread

  • Turn off the sewing machine
  • Put the thread spool on its spool pin, ensuring that the thread is coming off clockwise
  • Move the handwheel counterclockwise to raise the thread take-up lever as high as possible
  • Raise the presser foot as well
  • Have the thread end around the guide illustrated on the manual
  • Draw the thread end through the right channel and around the guide plate before having it up the left channel 
  • Slip the thread into the thread take-up lever’s slit right to left
  • Lead the thread down into the eye of the take-up lever
  • Have the thread behind the guide of the needle bar
  • Thread the needle front to back to finish setting the upper thread 


Step 2. Draw the bobbin thread up

  • Raise the presser foot
  • Hold the needle thread and turn the handwheel towards you
  • After the needle goes down and up as high as it can, pull the needle thread
  • Pulling the upper thread will bring the bobbin thread up
  • Pull up to 6 inches of the upper and lower threads and bring them to the back of the machine and under the presser foot


How To Wind The Bobbin Of A Shark Sewing Machine

  1. Pull the extension table to the left of the sewing machine to remove it
  2. Open the shuttle cover and pull down the left tab
  3. Raise the needle a much as possible
  4. Hold the bobbin case by its latch and pull it out of the shuttle
  5. Release the bobbin case’s latch to allow the bobbin to drop out
  6. Pull the spool pin out and place the felt followed by the thread spool on it
  7. Follow the manual’s illustration of how the thread should come out
  8. Pull the handwheel out to release the clutch
  9. Pull the thread from the spool and have it around the guide shown on the manual
  10. Thread the tension disks and bobbin hole inside out
  11. Wind the thread clockwise thrice around the bobbin and put it on the bobbin winder spindle
  12. Engage the winder by pushing it to the right and pressing the foot control lightly to start winding the bobbin
  13. After the machine stops automatically as the bobbin is full, push the spindle to the left and cut the thread
  14. Re-engage the clutch via the wheel to return the sewing machine to the sewing function
  15. Put the bobbin to its case with the thread feeding clockwise from it 
  16. Draw the thread through the slot on the case and under the tension spring
  17. Thread the delivery eye and pull about 4 inches of thread
  18. Position the bobbin case into the shuttle while holding it from the latch and then release to lock it in place

Read about how to put a bobbin in the sewing machine for more tips regarding this part of the sewing machine setup.  


How Do You Thread A Shark Automatic Euro Pro Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the Euro Pro Shark Automatic 8260 manual and refer to the illustrations to familiarize yourself with its anatomy
  2. Check if the sewing machine is turned off
  3. Raise the needle bar as much as you can
  4. Follow the sequence of going through the guides shown in the manual
  5. Lead the thread down into the thread guide of the needle bar
  6. Thread the needle eye front to back
  7. Have about 4 inches of thread behind the needle

How Do You Put A Bobbin In A Euro Pro Sewing Machine?

The following is for the Euro Pro 372 sewing machine:

  1. Have the thread from the spool through the bobbin winder tension disc and pull its end through the bobbin hole
  2. Push the winder shaft to the left and put the bobbin to the shaft so its thread end comes from the top
  3. Push the bobbin winder shaft to the right and hold the thread end
  4. Start the machine to wind and allow the thread to snap
  5. The machine will stop turning once the bobbin is filled
  6. Remove the bobbin by pushing the shaft to the left
  7. Hold the bobbin and pull off 6 inches of thread
  8. Place the filled bobbin inside the case and pull the thread into its slot
  9. Thread the tension spring and eyelet
  10. Hold the bobbin case with its longfinger pointing up
  11. Open its latch and put it over the hook’s center pin
  12. Press the bobbin in place and release the latch



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Shark sewing machine, you start by threading the needle by following the guides and thread take-up lever shown in the manual. Then, use the handwheel to draw the threads and prepare for sewing.  

We hope this was easy to follow. Leave us a question if you have any. 

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