How To Thread A Simplicity Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

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If you want to learn how to thread a Simplicity sewing machine, here are the two steps. Start with the upper thread and then raise the bobbin thread. 

how to thread a simplicity sewing machine

We’ll also go through winding and inserting the bobbin. We’re following the manual for Simplicity to ensure that you’re doing the correct steps. 

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How To Thread A Simplicity Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Start with the upper thread

  • Refer to the Simplicity sewing machine manual for labeled pictures to make threading more understandable
  • Raise the takeup lever as high as you can by turning the handwheel towards you
  • Release the thread tension by raising the presser foot
  • Put felt cushion on the spool pin, then put the thread spool on the pin
  • Check if the thread is coming from the back of the spool before having it at the guide on the top of the machine
  • Lead the thread down through the tension discs and slot at the right side of the threading path
  • Guide the thread to the left slot and through the takeup lever right to left into its slot
  • Bring the thread down to the threading path’s left slot to reach the guide above the needle


Step 2. Raise the bobbin thread

  • Raise the presser foot lever and hold the thread end with one hand
  • Turn the handwheel towards you with the other hand, so the needle goes down and up
  • Stop once the needle is at highest, then pull the thread up
  • The needle thread with the bobbin thread looped around it should be through the needle hole
  • Pull six inches of both threads toward the machine rear and under the presser foot


How to thread a Simplicity sewing machine with a needle threader

  1. Lower the presser foot and needle threader lever
  2. Pull the thread to the left so the hook catches it
  3. Lower the needle threader lever as much as you can and pull the thread to the right
  4. The thread is now between the prong around the needle, and the hook inside the needle eye can catch the thread
  5. Raise the needle threader lever while gently holding the thread
  6. Pull the thread loop through the needle eye


How To Thread The Bobbin On A Simplicity Sewing Machine


Winding the bobbin

  1. Pull the handwheel to release the bobbin winding clutch
  2. Put the thread spool on its pin and have the thread around the bobbin winding tension disc
  3. Put the thread end through the bobbin hole inside out 
  4. Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle and secure it in place by checking if the bobbin’s groove receives the spindle’s spring
  5. Push the spindle to the right to begin
  6. Press the foot control while holding the thread end
  7. Stop after several rotations and clip the thread close to the bobbin
  8. Continue winding the bobbin via the foot control and stop the machine once it’s full
  9. Push the bobbin winder spindle to the left and clip the thread
  10. Remove the bobbin and push the handwheel to reengage the clutch
  11. Raise the needle as high as you can and remove the free arm cover
  12. Open the bobbin cover and bobbin case’s latch
  13. Pull out the bobbin from the machine by releasing the latch


Inserting the bobbin

  1. Hold the bobbin case with one hand and the filled bobbin with the other
  2. Unwind about 6 inches of thread and put the bobbin to its case
  3. Have the thread through the bobbin case’s slot and under the tension spring
  4. Lead the thread into its outlet and allow about 6 inches of it trailing from the case
  5. Check if the bobbin will turn clockwise when you pull the thread or redo the process
  6. Open the bobbin case latch and check if its long finger points upward before putting it over the shuttle pin
  7. Align the long finger with the shuttle’s notch before releasing the latch
  8. Push the bobbin case into the machine and close the cover

Please read what is a bobbin on a sewing machine to know why it’s essential to thread it correctly. 


How Do You Thread A Simplicity Celebrity?

  1. Refer to the Simplicity Celebrity manual for illustrations 
  2. Raise the takeup lever as high as possible
  3. Raise the presser foot and put a felt cushion on the spool pin before putting the thread spool on it
  4. Check if the thread will come from the back of the spool before starting threading
  5. Have the thread at the top thread guide and down into the tension discs
  6. Lead the thread down into the threading path right slot and up to the left and through the takeup lever right to left
  7. Once the thread is under the takeup lever slot, have it down to the threading path and above the needle
  8. After going through the thread guide above the needle, thread the needle itself front to back



And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Simplicity sewing machine, you need the manual’s illustrations for reference in locating the guides. 

From there, guide the thread through the tension discs and takeup lever until you reach the needle eye. Overall, the process is similar to threading other sewing machine models, but feel free to leave us a question if you have any. 


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