How To Thread A Singer Sewing Machine In 3 Steps

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We have simplified it into three steps if you want to know how to thread a Singer sewing machine. To make it even easier to follow, we created a bullet-type guide. You will also learn how to thread three singer models, namely the Tradition, Tiny Tailor, and Merritt.

how to thread a singer sewing machine

But before you start reading, do you know how does a sewing machine work? Understanding the mechanism of this invention will benefit you, especially if you’re confused about why the sewing machine uses two threads. 


How To Thread A Singer Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Prepare the manual and sewing machine

  • Read the manual of your sewing machine to ensure that you’re doing the correct procedures
  • If you don’t have the manual readily, refer to Singer’s website and use your product number to find its manual
  • Check the Singer sewing machine if it’s turned off
  • Raise the needle by turning the handwheel clockwise and stopping once it reached the highest level
  • Find the needle base and push the lever next to it upwards to raise the presser foot and get it out of the way

Step 2. Thread the top thread

  • Wind the bobbin if you haven’t before threading the top thread
  • Locate the spool pin and place a thread onto it
  • Find the needle apparatus and wrap the thread around the first guide above it
  • Once the thread is underneath the guide, wrap the end over the top of the guide before wrapping it around the right side of the guide
  • Next to the first thread guide is the second guide, so insert the end of the thread under and over it
  • Hold the thread on either side of the guide and move it to the end of the guide 
  • Pull the end of the thread and bring it around the tension mechanism and through the threading canal 
  • Wrap the thread around the bottom of the threading canal and then through the tension mechanism 
  • Pull the thread to the other side of the canal over the lever at the top 
  • Hold the end of the thread through the bottom of the canal and insert it through the thread guide
  • Pull the thread through the eye of the needle until you are more than 5 inches past it


Step 3. Thread the bottom thread

  • Raise the needle using the handwheel 
  • Locate the bobbin case underneath the needle and open it 
  • Place the bobbin inside the case accordingly
  • Pull the thread through its designated slot until you have around 6 inches of length 
  • Close the bobbin case and ensure that you’ve secured the lid
  • Turn the handwheel located on the side of the sewing machine clockwise
  • Catch the bobbin thread, so that the top and bottom threads are connected

How To Thread A Singer Tradition Sewing Machine

The Tradition is a popular Singer sewing machine, and you can benefit from this model if you want something that is straightforward to set up. Here is a quick guide for threading this model:

  1. Find the lever on the back of the Singer Tradition sewing machine to raise the presser foot
  2. Raise the needle to the highest level with the handwheel 
  3. Place the spool on the pin before having the cap at its end
  4. Have the upper thread through the thread guide and onto the tension spring
  5. Continue to run the thread on the right and left sides of the slots and then through the slotted lever
  6. Pull the thread down through the slot and use an automatic needle threader

How To Thread A Singer Tiny Tailor Sewing Machine

Singer also has a smaller sewing machine, which is the Tiny Tailor. They even call it a mending machine, which means it makes a good model for those starting with sewing. Here is a quick guide for threading this model:

  1. Pull the thread through the slit of the thread guide and guide it around the tension dial
  2. Pull the thread between the tension disc before adjusting the take-up lever into the highest position
  3. Pass the thread through the take-up lever from right to left and lower the needle
  4. Place the thread behind the revealed thread guide right and forward
  5. Raise the needle to the highest position
  6. Have the needle threader through the needle eye and go right to left to insert the thread through the loop
  7. Pull the needle threader to the right


How To Thread A Singer Merritt Sewing Machine

Did you discover a Singer Merritt sewing machine at home? This shouldn’t be surprising because this model is known for its durability. Here is a quick guide for threading this model:

  1. Run the thread on the guides near the spool
  2. Have the thread around the tension disc and up the take-up lever
  3. Guide the thread down the two thread guides
  4. Turn the handwheel to raise the bobbin thread
  5. Have the loop of this thread up and through the sewing machine
  6. Pull the upper and lower threads back


Was this article helpful? To recap how to thread a Singer sewing machine, you’ll start by preparing the machine, threading the top thread, and finally, the bottom thread. And as we have taught in this guide, you’ll notice similarities in threading different Singer sewing machines. 

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