How To Thread An Elna Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

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Those who want to know how to thread an Elna sewing machine will be pleased that it only takes two steps. This article will talk about how to go through the guides and reach the needle correctly. Remember that proper threading of the sewing machine is crucial to avoid issues during sewing. 

how to thread an elna sewing machine

Other than Elna, we also wrote various threading tutorials on different sewing machine brands. You can check how to thread a White Rotary sewing machine, for example. Please browse our blog for more tutorials. 


How To Thread An Elna Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Thread the guides

  • Read and study the Elna manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  • Grab the thread from its spool and have it through the guide indicated in the manual
  • Lead the thread to the guide at the left side of the previous guide
  • Follow the manual for the sequence of threading the guides that are located at the top, front, and back of the Elna sewing machine


Step 2. Thread the tension disks

  • After threading the guides, have the thread through the tension discs under the machine cover or at the front of the machine, depending on the model
  • Guide the thread through the tension spring, take-up lever, and tension guides
  • Thread the needle eye of the Elna sewing machine


How Do You Thread An Elna eXplore 240?

  1. Read the Elna eXplore 240 manual and study the diagrams
  2. Raise the needle and presser foot
  3. Pull the thread under the thread guide, down into the tension area, and around the check spring holder
  4. Pull the thread right to left and over the take-up lever
  5. Guide the thread into the take-up lever eye
  6. Turn the knob according to the arrow direction in the manual
  7. Insert the hook into the needle eye and have the thread around the guide 
  8. Lead the thread under the hook
  9. Turn the knob to the indicated direction and draw the thread loop through the needle
  10. Thread the needle eye
  11. To use the needle threader with a #11 to #16 needle, raise the needle as much as possible and pull the needle threader knob down as far as you can
  12. Turn the knob according to the illustration in the manual
  13. Insert the hook into the needle eye
  14. Have the thread around the guide and under the hook
  15. Turn the knob to have the thread loop through the needle
  16. Pull the thread through the needle eye


How Do You Thread An Old Elna Bobbin?

  1. Read the manual of the specific Elna model you have
  2. Pull out the flywheel to keep the needle from moving
  3. Place the thread spool on its pin
  4. Check how the thread comes off the spool and pull it around the thread guide of the bobbin winder
  5. Thread the bobbin hole from inside to outside and place the bobbin on its winder spindle
  6. Push the spindle to the right and while holding the thread end, press the foot control to start winding
  7. Cut the thread tail close enough to the bobbin hole and finish winding
  8. Put the winder spindle to the left
  9. Cut the thread
  10. Return the flywheel to positon 

Read about what is a bobbin to help you understand this part better. 


How Do I Set My Old Elna Sewing Machine?


Changing the needle

  1. Turn the sewing machine off
  2. Check the replacement needle if it’s correct and damage-free
  3. Raise the needle and lower the presser foot
  4. Turn the needle clamp screw counterclockwise
  5. Remove the needle and insert the new one to the clamp with its flat side back
  6. Push the needle as far as you can into the clamp
  7. Tighten the clamp screw and check if the gap between the flat surface and needle is even


Sewing speed

Press the foot control according to how fast you want the sewing machine to run. The harder the pressure, the faster the machine will work. 


Drawing the bobbin thread up

  1. After threading the machine, raise the presser foot and hold the upper thread lightly
  2. Lower and raise the needle
  3. Raise the take-up lever as much as you can
  4. Pull the upper thread together with the lower thread loop 


Machine setting

  • Find the stitch selection knob, stitch length knob, stitch width dial, and needle position dial to customize your stitch
  • Set the thread tension dial according to the project and material
  • The tension is too tight if the lower thread shows at the top of the fabric
  • The tension is too loose if you can see the upper thread underneath the fabric
  • Turn the tension dial to a higher number to tighten the tension and vice versa


Why Is My Bobbin Thread Not Catching?

  • Check the upper thread tension if it’s too tight
  • The machine is not threaded properly
  • The needle is incorrect or damaged
  • The needle is not installed properly
  • The thread, needle, and fabric are not compatible with each other
  • There are damages on the presser foot or needle plate
  • The bobbin area is dirty
  • The bobbin is not winded well
  • The bobbin is incorrect 



Was this article helpful? To recap how to thread an Elna sewing machine, you only need to study the illustrations on the manual to know the sequence for the thread guides before reaching the needle. Of course, you must also use the correct thread for your project to avoid issues after threading. 

If you have any more questions, leave them below or browse our sewing blog for more tips. 

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