How To Thread New Home Sewing Machine Correctly

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It’s easy to learn how to thread New Home sewing machine by following the manual’s step-by-step instructions. But if you lost your unit’s manual, do not worry because this article will discuss the proper setup and usage of a New Home model. 

how to thread new home sewing machine

This tutorial includes the threading, bobbin setup, and even the general usage of a New Home sewing machine. Feel free also to browse our blog if you own specific sewing machine brands. 

For example, we have a guide on how to thread an Elna sewing machine and more. You must know the proper threading of any sewing machine to avoid issues with the stitches.


How To Thread New Home Sewing Machine Step By Step

  1. Turn the balance wheel towards you to raise the take-up lever as high as possible
  2. Put the thread spool on the spool pin of the New Home sewing machine
  3. Guide the thread through the first thread guide on the upper arm
  4. Lead the thread down and around the tension discs right to left
  5. Bring the thread up over the tension thread guard coming from behind
  6. Thread the take-up spring and guide the thread up towards the take-up lever
  7. Thread the take-up lever and bring the thread down towards the remaining thread guides until you reach the one at the needle bar
  8. Thread the needle eye left to right and pull the thread for about two inches
  9. To raise the bobbin thread, hold the needle thread lightly and turn the balance wheel
  10. The take-up lever will move down and up; then the needle thread will bring the bobbin thread up through the needle hole
  11. Pull both thread ends towards the back of the machine and under the presser foot


Why is my thread breaking on my New Home sewing machine

  • Check if you threaded the New Home sewing machine correctly
  • Use a sharp and correct type needle for the project
  • Fix the thread take-up spring
  • Adjust or loosen the upper thread tension
  • Check and clean the bobbin case and area underneath the tension spring if the bobbin thread breaks
  • Adjust the bobbin thread tension if the bobbin thread breaks
  • Always keep the sewing machine clean and free from lint build-up


How to wind a bobbin on a New Home sewing machine

  1. Raise the needle bar and take-up lever as high as you can via the balance wheel
  2. Open the plate on the sewing machine bed to access the bobbin case
  3. Open the latch to take out the bobbin case
  4.  Turn the stop motion screw towards you while holding the balance wheel to disengage the sewing mechanism and engage the bobbin winding mechanism
  5. Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle and turn it so that its notch is secured with the spindle’s spring
  6. Push the bobbin and spindle down to secure the latch into the bobbin
  7. Put the thread spool to its pin and thread the area between the tension discs
  8. Thread the bobbin hole inside out
  9. Hold the thread lightly and turn the balance wheel to wind a few times
  10. Cut the thread end and finish winding
  11. Remove the bobbin from the spindle and cut the thread
  12. Disengage the winding mechanism by tightening the stop motion screw


How to thread the bobbin on a New Home sewing machine

  1. Hold the bobbin case in one hand and turn the open side so that it’s facing up
  2. Put the threaded bobbin inside the case and thread the slot on its edge
  3. Pull the thread under the tension spring
  4. Thread the delivery eye
  5. Raise the needle bar and take-up lever as high as possible, then open the slide plate
  6. Hold the bobbin case by its latch and put it into the machine so that the case’ finger is at the top of the shuttle
  7. Release the latch and secure the case into the shuttle
  8. The latch should catch the center post of the machine and make a clicking noise
  9. Pull the thread for a few inches


How Do I Use A New Home Sewing Machine?

  1. Put the fabric under the presser foot of the New Home sewing machine
  2. Hold the threads loosely and turn the balance wheel so the needle penetrates the part of the material you want to start stitching
  3. Lower the presser foot to hold the fabric and sew
  4. To remove the fabric, raise the needle bar as high as possible along with the presser foot
  5. Bring the fabric back
  6. Cut the thread ends and leave the threads for about 4 inches long for resuming sewing


How to insert the needle on a New Home sewing machine

  1. Loosen the needle clamp screw to remove the current needle
  2. Position the needle under the clamp
  3. Push the needle as far as it will go 
  4. The needle should touch the pin in the slot above the needle clamp
  5. Tighten the needle clamp screw to secure the newly attached needle

Read how to put a needle on a sewing machine to know more. 



And that’s it! We just discussed how to thread New Home sewing machine, which is as easy as 11 steps. 

We based this guide on a New Home manual, and we included how you must wind and set its bobbin. We hope this was easy to follow, but feel free to leave us any questions if you still have any. 

And if you are new to sewing, we recommend browsing our sewing blog for more tips and tutorials. 


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