How To Use A Dressmaker Sewing Machine Tutorial

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You can learn how to use a Dressmaker sewing machine by following its manual. This tutorial is easy to follow and includes troubleshooting tips for a Dressmaker sewing machine. 

how to use a dressmaker sewing machine

We also have a separate guide discussing how to thread a Dressmaker sewing machine for beginners. Consider reading that as well, so you’ll avoid sewing issues that can arise from improper threading. 


How Do You Use A Dressmaker Sewing Machine


How to sew with a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. The Dressmaker sewing machine can use a 6V adaptor or four double-A batteries
  2. Raise the needle as much as possible by turning the handwheel
  3. Lift the presser foot to put the fabric you’re sewing underneath it before lowering it again
  4. Locate the Dressmaker’s power switch and flip it on to begin sewing
  5. Never pull on the fabric as your machine stitches
  6. If you need better visibility while sewing, locate the button for the Dressmaker’s light to turn it on
  7. Do not run the machine for too long
  8. Flip the power switch to turn off the device and stop sewing
  9. Raise the needle and presser foot to remove the fabric from the machine


How to replace the batteries on a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. Turn off the sewing machine
  2. Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the unit
  3. Open the battery compartment cover
  4. Put four double-A alkaline batteries according to the polarities marked on the Dressmaker sewing machine
  5. Return the compartment cover
  6. Never use the batteries and adaptor at the same time
  7. The Dressmaker will consume the batteries completely during two hours of continuous sewing
  8. Heavy materials will drain the batteries quicker


How to replace the needle on a Dressmaker sewing machine

  1. Disconnect the sewing machine from the power source
  2. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise until you raise the needle to the highest level
  3. Loosen the needle clamp screw as you’re holding the current needle to keep it from falling and getting lost
  4. Remove the needle 
  5. Prepare the proper type and size needle for the project, but note that the Dressmaker sewing machine’s recommended needle size is 90/14 
  6. Position the new needle underneath the clamp 
  7. Have the needle’s flat side towards the right before pushing the needle up towards the clamp
  8. Push the needle as far up as possible
  9. Retighten the needle clamp screw
  10. Use stretch needle for stretchable materials, or the machine can skip stitches
  11. Replace your sewing needle after every project or 8 hours of continuous sewing

Consider reading how to sharpen sewing needles to restore blunt needles or prepare needles for sewing.


How Do You Put A Bobbin In A Dressmaker?

  1. Turn off the Dressmaker sewing machine
  2. Slide off the bobbin cover by pushing it to the left
  3. Take off the bobbin from its case
  4. Put the new bobbin to the compartment
  5. Pull about three inches of thread tail from the bobbin
  6. Hold the end of the needle thread, then turn the handwheel counterclockwise so that the needle will go down and up 
  7. Pull the needle thread slowly to have the bobbin thread form a loop and surface
  8. Pull both threads to the back of the sewing machine and under the presser foot 
  9. Return the bobbin cover


How To Fix A Dressmaker Sewing Machine


Machine won’t run

  • Check if you installed the batteries correctly or if the adaptor is plugged securely
  • Replace the batteries 
  • Check the adaptor for damages


Machine won’t make stitches

  • Check if you threaded the machine correctly and rethread if necessary
  • Reinsert the needle that may be potentially loose or in the wrong position
  • Reinstall the batteries according to the correct polarities


Machine stops sewing/ sews slowly

  • Make sure you’re using the correct batteries, and they’re not exhausted
  • Set the sewing machine correctly, e.g., thread tension
  • Check if the needle and thread are compatible with your sewing project
  • The Dressmaker is not capable of sewing heavyweight materials
  • Check the bobbin for tangled thread; if so, remove the thread, and rethread the sewing machine


What Brand Is A Dressmaker Sewing Machine?

There are many potential manufacturers for the Dressmaker sewing machine, especially the vintage models. But nowadays, the Dressmaker brand is under Euro-Pro. 

Unfortunately, who makes Euro-Pro sewing machines is not noted. We only found out that it was one of the fastest-growing companies in America back in 2011.

Euro-Pro is a Boston-based LLC, and they are also the creators of other brands like Shark, Ninja, and Bravetti. They are known not just for Euro-Pro sewing machines, but for other housewares as well. 


Is Dressmaker A Good Sewing Machine?

The Dressmaker sewing machine is good if you want something compact and portable. Remember that the Euro-Pro Dressmaker model uses batteries, which means you can easily use it even without a nearby outlet. 

However, expect that you’ll be limited with the project sizes and materials you can sew with this small sewing machine. If you’re looking for a sewing machine for versatility and long-term use, it’s best to opt for reputable brands in the industry.



And that’s it! We learned how to use a Dressmaker sewing machine, which is as easy as choosing between the adaptor or batteries as the power source and then setting the fabric underneath the presser foot. 

Using the machine is self-explanatory, but make sure to check what materials are only compatible with this compact machine. We hope this was helpful; leave us any questions below. 


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