How To Use A Handheld Sewing Machine? 6 Easy Steps!

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Are you wondering about how to use a handheld sewing machine? Not everything needs to sewn or repaired. We should use a regular sewing machine. If you find a tear on your favorite shirt or any other cloth, you only need a few stitches to fix it.

how to use a handheld sewing machine

This is where the handheld sewing machine comes in handy other than a big sewing machine. This handheld sewing machine is small, lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to carry everywhere.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how you can use a handheld sewing machine. At the end of this guide is a link to a video tutorial on how to troubleshoot a handheld sewing machine that is not working. Let’s get started!


What Is Handheld Sewing Machine?

A handheld sewing machine is a battery-operated device that fits in our hands and performs simple tasks such as small repairs and stitching anytime you want. A handheld sewing machine is a small and lightweight stapler, making it easy to hold in your hands firmly.

how to use a handheld sewing machine

This small mini sewing machine has a screw that tightens the sewing machine and a button that enhances the tension on your thread while sewing.


Parts Of Handheld Sewing Machine

Handheld sewing machine parts:


How To Use Handheld Sewing Machine Step By Step?

This guide will help you first set up a handheld sewing and how to use a handheld sewing machine:


Step #1. Read the manual

Before doing anything, the first thing you need to do is to read the handheld instruction manual to understand the machine parts.

read the manual


Step #2. Load batteries

Most handheld sewing machines use batteries to operate, though few of them use battery or power. All you need to do before anything is to put the machine into a lock position by sliding the locking button at the top or beside the power switch, depending on the machine. Most handheld sewing machines use AA-type batteries, which are easy to find in nearby stores.

load batteries


Step #3. Insert the bobbin

Once you’re done inserting the batteries, it’s time to set up the bobbin. A handheld sewing machine comes with only one source bobbin at the side of the machine. All you need to do is thread the bobbin, insert the spindle through it, and fix it in the bobbin hole of the handheld sewing machine.


Step #4. Thread the needle

If you’re done setting up the bobbin, it’s time to thread the handheld sewing machine. All you need is to pass the thread through the thread guide or rear guide, then the needle arm, pass through next to the needle eye to the thread guide, and lastly into the tension control.

thread the needle


Step #5. Sewing

Now that you are done with threading the machine, you will have to insert the fabric by lifting the sewing plate. In this way, hold the machine in your right hand and the fabric in your left hand and put the machine where you want to sew. The fabric will be fed into the machine once you turn on the machine.



Step #6. Securing the stitch

Here is a step-by-step video on using a handheld sewing machine to insert the fabric by lifting the sewing plate.


It’s A Wrap!

Learning how to use a sewing machine is not a simple task, though it shouldn’t be a headache. Hope this guide on how to use a handheld sewing machine will help you. You may also want to read about sewing machine loose stitches on bottom and how to sew on a patch with a sewing machine.

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