How To Use A White Sewing Machine: Complete Tutorial

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If you want to know how to use a White sewing machine, we simplified the process into two steps. We’ll also discuss the proper way of setting up a White machine. However, please note that this tutorial is for the White 1620 model, so search about the specific unit you have and follow its manual. 

how to use a white sewing machine

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How To Use A White Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Prepare and start sewing

  • Raise the take-up lever
  • Hold the upper and lower threads at about four inches in length towards the back of the White sewing machine for the first three stitches
  • Place a practice fabric under the needle, then lower the presser foot to hold it
  • Apply light pressure to the foot control and press according to the speed you want when sewing
  • Check the necessary adjustments you need, such as the tension and stitch length with your practice stitches
  • Guide the fabric with your hand gently and only stop when you raised the needle out of the fabric


Step 2. Finish sewing

  • Once you’re done, finish the seam by sewing it to its edge
  • Activate the backstitching function of the White sewing machine by pressing the reverse button
  • Sew for one and a half inches to reinforce the stitches
  • Raise the needle as much as possible
  • Raise the presser foot and remove the fabric from the machine
  • Cut the threads with the sewing machine’s thread cutter


How Do You Set Up A White Sewing Machine?

  1. Install the machine plug and connect to the proper power supply
  2. Adjust the sewing speed accordingly
  3. Install the bulb inside the face cover if it’s not yet installed 
  4. Secure the bulb clockwise and only use a screw-type bulb with 120V
  5. Raise the needle bar as high as possible and insert the needle onto the clamp as far as you can with its flat side facing away from you
  6. Tighten the needle clamp to secure the needle
  7. Adjust the needle thread tension via the tension dial
  8. Adjust the bobbin thread tension via the screw on the bobbin case
  9. Regulate the presser foot pressure by pushing the inner pin for light to medium materials and the outer ring for heavy materials


How Do You Fill A Bobbin On A White Sewing Machine?


Wind the bobbin

  1. Release the stop motion knob of the White sewing machine, and follow the threading instructions indicated in the manual with illustrations
  2. Tighten the stop motion knob when the bobbin is filled
  3. Push the bobbin winder spindle according to the arrow shown in the manual
  4. After winding, return the spindle back in place
  5. For errors during bobbin winding, simply release the screw on the upper thread guide and adjust it to balance the winding


Remove the bobbin

  • Raise the needle as high as possible
  • Open the shuttle race cover and take out the bobbin case with its hinged latch open
  • Release the latch so the bobbin will be removed completely 


Insert the bobbin into its case

  • Pull around two inches of thread from the bobbin and thread the bobbin case 
  • Have the thread end into the slot and pull it under the tension spring for at least 4 inches


Insert the bobbin into the shuttle race

  1. Raise the needle as much as you can
  2. Pull the thread to the front and open the bobbin case latch
  3. While holding the latch, place the case onto the shuttle race and release the latch


Draw up the bobbin thread

  1. Hold the needle thread and turn the handwheel towards you, so the needle goes down and up
  2. Stop moving the handwheel once the take-up lever is raised 
  3. Draw the upper thread to form a loop
  4. Pull both threads out and lead them under the presser foot and to the back of the machine 


How Do You Thread A White Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific White sewing machine you have
  2. Place the thread spool on its pin securely
  3. Place the spool cap on the thread spool 
  4. Guide the thread tail under the take-up lever and down into the guide 
  5. Have the thread to the left side of the tension plate and up towards the take-up lever
  6. Raise the needle as high as you can and thread the hook
  7. Lead the thread towards the needle and thread the eye front the back
  8. Pull the needle towards the back of the sewing machine for about 5 inches
  9. Hold the thread and lower the needle to grab the bobbin thread  

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And that’s it! To recap how to use a White sewing machine, you start with setting it up, making the necessary adjustments, then let the unit do the work. Threading the machine and winding the bobbin of a White machine is no different with other brands, but be sure to read your manual as well. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have any. 

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