How To Use Janome Sewing Machine: Complete Guide

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Those who want to know how to use Janome sewing machine can do so in three steps. This article will teach you everything from setting to sewing with Janome. We made this tutorial according to the brand’s manual to ensure that your unit will work smoothly. 

how to use janome sewing machine

Besides usage, please learn the proper maintenance practices for Janome sewing machines as well. For example, do you already know how to oil a Janome sewing machine? It’s helpful to learn these maintenance procedures to keep your unit working smoothly. 


How To Use Janome Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Prepare the sewing machine

  • Refer to your Janome sewing machine manual and study the correct procedures for the specific model you have
  • Turn off the switch on the Janome sewing machine and insert the plug into the unit’s socket
  • Plug the sewing machine into your outlet, then turn on the sewing machine
  • Get used to the foot control since it controls the sewing speed according to how hard you press it
  • Identify the reverse stitch lever, so you’ll know where to push when you need to sew in reverse
  • Drop the feed dog via its lever on the backside of the sewing machine 
  • To sew, raise the feed dog by pushing its lever and then turn the machine’s handwheel towards you
  • Identify the lifter for the presser foot for raising and lowering it

Step 2. Select the stitch pattern, length, and width

  • Raise the needle to the highest position and find the stitch pattern selector dial to set your machine to the pattern you need, but ensure that you’re not turning the dial with the needle in the fabric to prevent it from damages
  • Some Janome sewing machines also have a SS setting for stretch stitch patterns
  • To adjust the stitch size, simply use the stitch length dial and stitch width dial 

Step 3. Adjust thread tension

  • Find the tension dial to adjust the sewing machine’s thread tension according to your project
  • The tension is balanced if the threads are locked between two layers of fabric in a straight stitch or the needle thread shows slightly underneath the fabric and the bobbin thread does not on the top side of the material with a zigzag stitch 


How To Sew With Janome Sewing Machine

  1. Lift the presser foot to place the material underneath it
  2. Lower the needle into the fabric and do the same for the presser foot
  3. Smoothen the threads towards the back and press on the foot control to start
  4. Fasten the start of the seam by making reverse stitches first before working forward
  5. If you need to sew in a different direction, stop the machine and turn the handwheel towards you 
  6. With the needle into the fabric, lift the presser foot and rotate the fabric 
  7. Lower the presser foot and then sew
  8. After sewing, sew several reverse stitches at the end of the seam
  9. Remove the fabric and draw the threads to the back and up into the cutter according to the length for the next seam

How Do I Set My Janome Sewing Machine?

  1. Thread the Janome sewing machine
  2. Lift the take-up lever as high as you can via the handwheel and raise the presser foot
  3. Have the thread from the spool under the guides and channels according to the diagram in the manual
  4. Thread the take-up lever eye and down behind the needle bar thread guide to thread the needle eye front to back
  5. Draw the bobbin thread up by raising the presser foot
  6. Hold the thread gently and turn the handwheel towards you
  7. Pull the needle thread to bring up the bobbin thread
  8. Pull four inches of both threads back and under the presser foot of the sewing machine

For a more in-depth tutorial, we wrote how to thread a Janome sewing machine that you can read as well. 

How Do You Thread A Bobbin On A Janome Sewing Machine?

  1. Set the spool on its pin so that the thread comes off according to the illustration shown in the Janome manual
  2. Use the proper size spool holder and press it firmly against the thread spool
  3. You can wind the bobbin without unthreading the unit by inserting the spool pin into the hole and then the felt and spool onto it
  4. To remove the bobbin, press the release button of the hook cover plate to the right 
  5. Disengage the clutch via the handwheel
  6. Guide the thread accordingly to the bobbin winder
  7. Place the bobbin on the winder spindle, so the thread end comes out at the top
  8. Hold the thread end as you press on the foot control to start winding the bobbin
  9. Cut the thread close to the bobbin after it wound several layers
  10. Press the foot control and finish winding
  11. Move the spindle to the left and cut the thread
  12. Engage the clutch
  13. Place the bobbin to its holder with the thread running correctly and guide it into the designated notch 
  14. Have the thread between the tension spring blades until it slips into the side notch
  15. Pull at least four inches of thread out and install the hook cover plate 


And that’s it! To recap how to use Janome sewing machine, you’ll start by setting it up then familiarizing yourself with how to adjust the stitches and tension. Threading the machine and winding the bobbin is also relatively straightforward.

However, please always refer to your manual to ensure that you’re using the unit correctly. We hope this was a helpful read; leave us a question if you have any. 

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