How To Wash Crochet Blanket? 8 Easy Steps!

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How to Wash Crochet Blanket

Are you wondering how to wash crochet blanket? Suppose you’ve knitted or crocheted a blanket, whether as a gift or for yourself, you’ll eventually need to wash it.

Washing a knitted or crocheted blanket is more straightforward than you think.

However, we should remember that crochet is also an investment of our time and money, which can be wasted if we don’t properly care for our handmade items.


Can You Wash Crochet Blankets?

Yes, you can wash a crochet blanket. But the gentlest way to wash a crocheted blanket is by hand.

Can You Wash Crochet Blankets

You can also use your washing machine (on a “delicate” cycle). However, you need to take special care to ensure the blanket doesn’t get damaged and stays in shape. Continue reading to know more about how to wash crochet blankets.


Can Crochet Blankets Be Machine Washed?

Yes, crochet blankets can be machine-washed. However, washing them with proper care is crucial, not just throwing them in the machine. How you wash your crochet blanket depends on the material of the yarn you use.

Can Crochet Blankets Be Machine Washed

  • Cotton, ramie yarn, and linen can be machine washed on a gentle or delicate cycle using cold.
  • Acrylic, nylon, and polyester yarns can withstand much more vigorous agitation than gentle cycles so they can use different wash cycles for ts of crochet blankets.
  • Blankets made from rayon, wool, or silk yarn should not be washed in a machine.


Should I Wash Crochet Blankets Before Gifting?

It is not necessary to wash your crochet blanket before giving it as a gift. Most people like to wash their crochet projects to help set the stitches, keep them from unraveling, and look nicer. Should I Wash Crochet Blankets Before GiftingYou don’t need to wash your crocheted project before gifting it, but you can if you want to.


How Often To Wash Crochet Clothing?

Clothing may not need to be washed after every wearing, especially if it’s a sweater that hasn’t been worn outside. Washing too frequently can cause damage to the yarn fibers by weakening them with constant exposure to water and detergent.Should I Wash Crochet Blankets Before Gifting

Sweaters must be washed every 5-10 wearings, depending on how dirty they get. Shirts and other fabric underneath sweaters can be worn for two wears before washing (unless dirty or smelly).


Things You Should Know Before Washing Crochet Blankets

Here are the things that you should know:


#1. Hand wash

Hand washing is always best for delicate yarns, like cashmere and mohair. It’s also a good idea if your blanket has a lot of intricate details, like lace edging and crochet flowers. Although the blanket might be machine washable, these sensitive areas might shrink or fray during the wash cycle.


#2. Use cold water

You don’t have to worry about stretching or shrinking your blanket out of shape. For your first washing, use a gentle detergent for delicate clothing, such as baby clothes.


#3. Test for colorfastness

It is essential to first test for colorfastness for a blanket that needs to be washed in a washing machine. Wet a cotton swab or white cloth with water and rub it into the blanket. 

Things You Should Know Before Washing Crochet BlanketsIf no color comes off on the swab or cloth, it is safe to wash the entire blanket in a washing machine. If the color is coming off, the blanket should be soaked in water and then hand-washed.


#4. Use mild detergent 

Use a mild detergent when washing crocheted blankets in a washing machine. If the blanket has pom-poms attached, they should be removed before washing. The tennis balls’ pouch can be placed in the dryer with the blanket to help fluff it up as it dries.

Things you will need

  • Bathtub or bucket
  • Mild laundry detergent
  • Towels


How To Wash A Crochet Blanket In 8 Steps?

Follow these helpful guide to wash your crochet blanket:

How To Wash A Crochet Blanket In 8 Steps


Step #1. Wash your crochet blanket by hand

Hand washing is the best and gentlest way to clean a blanket and is also labor-intensive. It’s best used for thick, heavy, or very delicate items.


Step #2. Fill a bathtub with cool water 

Regular tap water should be fine, but you can also use distilled water to ensure it won’t leave mineral deposits on your crochet items.


Step #3. Add the detergent

You may use liquid detergent or powdered one for handwashing. If you use powdered detergent, mix it with water first before adding the crochet garments. 


Step #4. Gently put the crochet item in the solution 

Lay the blanket in the water and let it soak for several minutes. Work the soap into the blanket by gently pressing it against itself and kneading it in your hands, careful not to pull or stretch it.


Step #5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water

Rinse until there are no more suds in the crochet project. Do not wring, twist or squeeze your crochet item while rinsing because this might damage its delicate fibers and cause it to lose shape and color over time.

Rinse the blanket under cool running water until all traces of soap are gone. You may have to do this two or three times to get all of the soap out.


Step #6. Squeeze excess moisture

Gently remove excess moisture from the blanket by squeezing, but do not wring it out as this may cause permanent damage.


Step #7. Reshape the item

Reshape it and lay it flat on a bath towel to dry. Hand-crocheted items should never be put into a clothes dryer since this can cause them to shrink and lose their shape. 


Step #8. Dry the blanket thoroughly

Dry flat if possible, though this can be hard if your crocheted blanket is large. Hang drying works well too, but be sure to reshape while still damp and then tighten up the edges with clothespins if needed while drying.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


Do you wash crochet items before selling them?

Washing is a very personal choice. It is generally recommended to wash before selling because it will look fresh and clean, but that is your choice if you do not want to wash first.


Should you wash the yarn before crocheting?


How do you dry yarn quickly?

Some types of yarn will dry quickly when hung out, especially if placed in a spot where they will be exposed to direct sunlight and not just indirect sunlight. You may also be interested to know about crochet blanket size chart.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known how to wash crochet blanket! You may also want to read about is it hard to crochet and how long does it take to crochet a blanket.

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