How To Wind A Bobbin On A Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

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You can learn how to wind a bobbin on a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine by following our step-by-step guide. We wrote this according to the user manual of the Husqvarna Viking E20, but it should show similarities with other models.

how to wind a bobbin on a husqvarna viking sewing machine

This article will also familiarize you with how to set up your Husqvarna Viking, so you can be ready to sew immediately. We’ll even include instructions for specific Husqvarna models. 

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How To Wind A Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Bobbin

The following steps apply to the Husqvarna Viking E20 sewing machine. Always refer to the manual of the specific model you have. 

  1. Put the thread spool on its pin and ensure that it has the felt underneath the pin
  2. Push the bobbin to the right to engage the winding mechanism of the sewing machine
  3. Grab the thread end from the spool and wind it around the bobbin winder tension disc clockwise a few times
  4. Start winding the bobbin by lightly pressing the foot control
  5. The bobbin will automatically stop winding once it’s full, and you can push the bobbin to the left to engage the sewing position
  6. Always engage the sewing position of the spindle, or the Husqvarna Viking won’t sew, and the handwheel will be stuck
  7. Remove the bobbin from the spindle 


How Do You Load A Bobbin On A Husqvarna Viking?

  1. Make sure the sewing machine is off
  2. Raise the needle as much as possible
  3. Open the bobbin compartment hinged cover
  4. Hold the bobbin and position it so it will run clockwise 
  5. Pull the thread through the slot, down, and left to thread the opening under the tension spring
  6. Hold the case by its latch and insert the case into the machine’s shuttle race
  7. Release the latch and check if the finger fits into the notch on the shuttle race cover
  8. Secure the bobbin in place


How Do You Thread A Husqvarna Viking?

  1. Refer to the Husqvarna Viking manual to know the threading sequence and follow it diligently
  2. The thread can break, form knots, or the machine itself won’t sew properly if it’s not threaded correctly
  3. Raise the needle as high as possible and put the thread spool to the pin, ensuring the felt is under the pin
  4. Lead the thread to the left and back
  5. Have the thread around the first thread guide and down into the slot on the right and under the guide
  6. Bring the thread up to the left slot and over to the front
  7. Thread the take-up lever and into the guide above the needle
  8. Thread the needle eye front to back and pull for four inches
  9. Cut the thread with the built-in thread cutter under the presser foot
  10. To bring the bobbin thread up, hold the needle thread and turn the handwheel towards you
  11. The needle will go down and up, and you can pull the needle thread to bring the bobbin thread up into a loop
  12. Pull both threads for 6 inches away from you and have them under the presser foot

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How Do You Wind A Bobbin Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond?

  1. Raise the needle and presser foot as much as possible
  2. Use Husqvarna Viking bobbins only
  3. Put the bobbin to the bobbin spindle, ensuring that the bobbin’s logo is facing up
  4. Have the main spool pin in the horizontal position and bring the thread up from the needle
  5. Have the thread under the presser foot and through the thread guide on the upper right
  6. Lead the thread through the bobbin hole inside out
  7. Push the bobbin winder lever towards the bobbin to engage the winding mechanism
  8. Adjust the slider to set the winding speed to your liking
  9. Stop and start winding with the buttons on the screen
  10. Hold the thread end when winding and after a few turns, cut the excess thread close to the bobbin
  11. Finish filling the bobbin and have the lever back in position for sewing
  12. The machine will automatically stop winding the bobbin once it is full
  13. Remove the bobbin and cut the excess thread with the machine’s cutter


How to insert the bobbin on a Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond

  1. Slide off the bobbin cover towards you and put the bobbin to its case
  2. Check if the logo is facing up, and the thread will unwind from the left 
  3. The bobbin should rotate counterclockwise when the thread is pulled
  4. Hold the bobbin to stabilize it when you pull the thread to the right
  5. Pull the thread to the left and tension spring
  6. Finish threading until you reach the right side of the thread cutter, as seen in this Designer Diamond manual
  7. Return the bobbin cover and cut the thread



And that’s it! We just learned how to wind a bobbin on a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, according to the manual. 

You’re essentially engaging the winding mechanism by pushing the spindle to the right. Therefore, don’t forget to return the spindle to the left to start sewing. 

We hope this was easy to follow; leave us a question if you have any. 


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