Janome 234 Vs. 2212 – Which Is Right For You?

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Do you want to know the suitable machine between Janome 234 Vs. 2212? This article will assist you in finding the best machine among them. Janome has been manufacturing sewing machines for decades and has had many successful models.

janome 234 vs 2212

The Janome 234 and 2212 are two of the most accessible and affordable sewing machines on the market today from Janome. But, unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about which machine is best for you.

This article will compare and contrast these two models to provide some clarity. Keep reading this article to find out more exciting things about these machines.


Comparison Table Of Janome 234 and 2212

Features Janome 234 Janome 2212
Free arm Yes Yes
Sewing speed 800 860
Built-in stitches 15 12
Snap-on presser feet Yes Yes
Drop feed dog 5 5
Manual tension control Yes Yes
Built-in thread cutter Yes Yes
Push-pull bobbin winder Yes Yes
Feed dog, Yes Yes
Stitch length 4mm 4mm
Stitch Width 5mm 5mm
Stitch selection dial Yes Yes
Reverse Sewing Yes Yes
Built-in sewing light Yes Yes


Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Overview

The Janome 2212 is a mechanical sewing machine with many features; it is lightweight and the perfect choice for beginners and experienced sewists. This machine has 12 built-in stitches, a front-loading bobbin, a free arm, and two needle positions.

The machine sews at 860 stitches per minute and comes with a zigzag width adjustment, snap-on presser feet, manual tension control, and a built-in thread cutter. The machine has a soft cover and presser feet (zigzag, blind hem, sliding buttonhole, zipper, H). You will also get a seam ripper, screwdriver, needles, bobbins instruction manual, and accessory storage.


Key features

  • 12 stitches
  • One four-step buttonhole
  • Push-pull bobbin winder
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Vertical oscillating hook bobbin
  • 5-piece feed dog
  • Maximum stitch length 4mm
  • Maximum stitch width 5mm
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed
  • Stitch selection dial
  • Two retractable, vertical spool pins


Janome 234 Sewing Machine Overview

The Janome 234 sewing machine is a fundamental model with many benefits, especially for beginner sewers. The device is durable and functions well. It has been designed to operate with minimal noise as it provides a user-friendly experience.

The Janome 234 also provides some basic features that are great for starters. This machine features 15 built-in stitches, adjustable stitch length, a free arm, and a manual threading system: darning plates and front-loading bobbin.


Key features

  • 15 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Free arm
  • Manual threading system
  • Darning plates
  • Front-loading bobbin
  • Manual Thread Tension
  • Easy Reverse Lever
  • zigzag width
  • Dial pattern selection



  • Storage compartment
  • Sliding buttonhole foot
  • Blind hem foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Darning plate
  • Bobbins
  • Instruction manual


Similarities Between Janome 234 and 2212

Janome 234 Vs. 2212, there are many similarities between these machines, as mentioned below:


#1. Needle threading system, you can thread both sewing machines manually.


#2. Feed dog

Both Janome 2212 and vs. 234 feature five-piece feed dogs.


#3. Maximum stitch width and length

Janome 2212 and 234 feature a full stitch width of 5mm and a maximum stitch length of 4mm.


#4. The number of buttonholes

Both Janome machines have one four-step buttonhole for sewing buttons.


#5. Free arm

Both sewing machines have a free arm making it easy for sleeves and pants hems.


#6. Easy to use and lightweight

Both Janome machines are easy to use.


#7. Durable

Both machines are durable and functional well.


#8. Easy reverse button

These sewing machines have a reverse button that can help you get unstuck when a project gets stuck on the fabric. For example, if the machine is stitching in the wrong direction or too tightly, the reverse stitch can cancel out any stitches and then continue forward quickly.


#9. Thread cutter

The Janome 234 and 2212 Sewing Machine is equipped with a thread cutter, making it easier for you to cut your threads quickly.


Differences Between Janome 2212 vs 234

Let’s check out the difference between Janome 2212 and 234.


#1. Built-in stitches

The main difference between these two machines is that the Janome 234 has 15 built-in stitches, and the Janome 2212 has only 12 built-in stitches.


#2. Weight

The Janome 234 is much lighter than the Janome 2212, weighing only 12 pounds, while the 2212 sewing machine weighs 15.6 pounds.


#3. Sewing speed

When looking at the sewing speed, Janome 2212 sews at a rate of 860 stitches per minute, more than 800 stitches sewn by 234 per minute. You may also be interested to know about Singer vs, Janome sewing machine.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy that you have learned the comparison between Janome 234 Vs. 2212. These sewing machines are great, durable, and user-friendly, and they almost have the same features and functions.

If looking at stitches, you can go with Janome 234, which offers 15 built-in stitches, more than 12 of Janome 2212. The difference in stitches is 3. Finally, if you’re looking for sewing speed, 2212 provides more swing speed than Janome 234.

Thank you, friends, for reading this article until the end. You may also want to read about how to put bobbin in janome sewing machine and how to put the bobbin case back in janome.

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