Modal Fabric Vs Cotton: Which One Should You Choose

Modal is a type of fabric made from cellulose fibers (which are derived from plants). It has a soft, silky feel and is often used to make t-shirts and other apparel. 

Cotton is a traditional, natural fabric that can be used to make the perfect dress, shirt, or pair of pants. It has been around for centuries and has been used in many different ways.

Modal Fabric Vs Cotton

There are so many differences between modal and cotton. In this article, we will cover the main differences between the two garments and which one is best suitable for your needs.

What is Modal Material?

Modal Material is a type of textile (fabric, cloth, or knitwear) that has a soft hand and drapes well. It is made from rayon and modal fibers, which are spun together to create a strong yet lightweight fabric that can be used in many different ways.

Modal’s unique characteristics make it one of the most popular fabrics today. Its soft feel makes it great for summer wear and its breathability makes it ideal for year-round wear. 

Modal also benefits from its versatility, this means that you can purchase Modal fabrics in a variety of colors and prints to create your look.

Is Modal the Same as Cotton?

Modal is a super soft, lightweight material that is often used in women’s apparel. It has a lot of similarities with cotton but there are some differences.

Modal is a textile fiber made from the bark of the cottonwood tree. The fiber is often referred to as “cotton-like” because of its texture, which has been compared to cotton, but this is not strictly accurate. The fibers are long, strong, and soft on one end, short and hard on the other.

Both cotton and modal come from the same plant. The difference is that while cotton comes from the seed of the plant, modal is made from the bark of the tree. The difference between these materials makes them suitable for different applications.

Modal Vs Cotton: Differences Between Cotton and Modal

Here are some of the main differences between the fabrics.


The softness and feel of modal fabrics are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a dress or other garment. It can be very hard to find a soft fabric that is also durable enough for everyday use. 

Modal fabric is softer than regular 100% cotton. This means that you will have to hand wash your garment in cold water, rather than using the dryer, which will help keep it looking new longer.


Modal is made to be very durable. The fibers in this fabric are tightly twisted together and then woven into a mesh-like pattern, which makes it strong and resistant to snagging, ripping, or tearing. 

This makes it perfect for wearing out in public places where you might get caught on something or drag something along with you.

Drying time

Modal garments take longer to dry than other fabrics because they don’t absorb as much water through their fibers when wet. 

They also absorb less moisture during drying, so they won’t wrinkle as much as other fabrics do after being washed and dried.

Moisture Wicking

Modal fabric has great moisture-wicking properties, which is not the case with cotton. The moisture-wicking properties of modal are due to its microfibers, which allow it to absorb and evaporate moisture quickly, keeping you cool and comfortable. 

However, cotton is a poor moisture wick and will not keep you as cool when the humidity rises.


Cotton is more breathable than modal. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for clothing and bedding. It’s also very breathable, which means it allows moisture to escape your skin quickly so you don’t get damp or sweaty. 

Cotton allows the wearer to perspire and cools off faster, while modal provides a more comfortable feel against the skin.


Modal fabric is soft and stretchy, which makes it a great choice for activewear like leggings and yoga pants. Cotton, on the other hand, is stiffer and does not stretch as much as modal.


Modal fabric is much more breathable than cotton because modal fibers have tiny holes in them. This allows air to pass through the fabric while still keeping you warm. 

Modal fabrics are made from tree bark or plant materials and are often blended with other fabrics to create special blends of materials like microfiber, bamboo, or rayon.


Modal garments cost higher than cotton. The modal fabric is more expensive than cotton because it has to be sourced from sustainable sources and is processed in a way that does not impact the environment.

Common Uses


Modal is a natural fiber made from wood pulp with special dyes added to give it a soft feel against the skin. The fibers are long and smooth, which makes them ideal for softness and comfort against the skin.

Modal garments are softer and have a more luxurious feel than cotton garments. The fabric is often used in women’s dresses because it has a smooth texture and drapes well over the body. 

However, while modal garments might be more luxurious than cotton ones, they’re not necessarily better quality.


Modal is more soft and luxurious than cotton which makes it more suitable for underwear garments. But cotton underwears are still the most popular because it is more breathability. 

Cotton is also known as a “breathable” material that allows moisture to escape the body while still retaining heat and warmth through the night (which is why you may want to wear cotton underwear.


The most popular fabric used in pajamas is cotton. Cotton is known for its soft texture and its ability to absorb moisture from the body.

Cotton has been used in sleepwear since ancient times because of its natural fibers and its ability to absorb moisture from the body.

However, Modal is softer and more comfortable in pajamas than cotton.


Modal sheets are higher-end and cost more than most cotton sheets. Modal sheets are also super soft and silky because they’re made from rayon, not cotton or wool. They feel like silk when you touch them.

For some people, price isn’t an issue because they can afford to spend more on sheets because of how much sleep they get each night.

Cotton sheets are also great, they’re so soft, very breathable, and comfortable.

But it depends on your taste. Some people prefer the comfort of cotton, while others enjoy the feel of the modal. 

The same goes for sheets. Some people like the softness of cotton, while others find that modal gives them a better night’s sleep. 


Modal is getting popular in the towel items of clothing because it won’t fade or wear out easily and has high absorbency. 

But cotton is still the most popular and used fabric in towels. That’s because cotton towels are more affordable than modal, especially when you consider that you can use them for multiple seasons.

Cotton towels are also easier to wash than modal towels and don’t require any special care. Cotton towels can be machine-washed in cold water with no bleach added, whereas modal towels may need to be hand-washed and air-dried before use.

Final Words

Modal garments are softer and feel more luxurious than cotton garments. The fabric is often used in women’s dresses because it has a smooth texture and drapes well over the body. 

However, while modal garments might be more luxurious than cotton ones, they’re not necessarily better quality.

While cotton is still on top, modal is slowly catching up and offering more benefits to consumers.

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