How to Get Flarp Out of Clothes & Carpet

How to Get Flarp Out of Clothes

Flarp is a fun novelty toy that can cause some sticky situations in the house. It is the silly putty that you can make into a ball, or put it flat on the table and make farting noises with your hand over it. Kids love this stuff. Trouble comes when Flarp gets stuck in your … Read more

How to Get Sulfur Smell Out of Clothes

How to Get Sulfur Smell Out of Clothes

Sulfur smell in clothes can be very hard to tolerate. This unpleasant odor is so common that it has earned a reputation as one of the worst scents in fabrics, sometimes even referred to as “smells like rotten eggs.” But you do not need to throw away clothes that smell of sulfur and buy new … Read more

How to Tell If Fabric Is 100 Cotton

Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials for clothes and fabrics, largely due to its feel and breathability. It can be made into clothing, towels, bedsheets, and more.  Determining if your fabric is 100% cotton can be a bit tricky. And being able to tell if the fabric is 100% cotton or not … Read more

What Causes Brown Stains on Clothes After Washing

Brown stains are a common sight in the laundry room. They show up on whites, especially after repeated washings, and can be caused by a variety of different factors- from excessive heat to natural dyes and residue. Read this article to learn how to avoid these stains and keep your whites looking as bright as … Read more

How to Get Cologne Smell Out of Clothes

When you wear cologne, it’s not just about smelling good. It’s also about smelling good to others. But over time, the reactions can be more negative, it can be too strong and cause clothes to smell. If you’re looking for ways to get the cologne smell out of clothes, there are a few things you … Read more

How to Get Mineral Spirits Out of Clothes

If you’ve ever spilled mineral spirits on a garment, you know that it can be nearly impossible to get the smell out. In fact, it’s probably the worst smelling substance in your home, so it’s not surprising that it’s so difficult to remove. If a small amount of mineral spirits has come into contact with … Read more

7 Reasons Why Clothes Not Smelling Fresh After Tumble Drying

You might think that a tumble dryer is a simple appliance, but you’d be surprised by how many things can go wrong with it. Having clothes not smelling fresh after tumble drying is a very common problem. It can be frustrating when you try your best to keep them clean and they still have a … Read more

What Color Does Grey Turn When Bleached

Grey is one of the most popular colors in fashion today. It is a neutral color that is mixed with other colors to make them appear lighter. It is also a color that can look good on anyone, and therefore it can be easily mixed into an outfit no matter what colors you like. The … Read more

Drying White Clothes – Can I Dry White Clothes with Colors

No one wants their clothes to come out of the dryer looking yellow or dingy. Bleeding clothes in the dryer certainly isn’t a new problem. In fact, it’s something that a lot of people have to deal with on a regular basis. There are a few things that you can do to try and prevent … Read more

Do Fashion Designers Sew – How to Become a Fashion Designer

do fashion designers sew

There are many different opinions on whether or not fashion designers need to know how to sew. Some people believe that it is essential for them to have this skill, while others think that it is not necessary. Do fashion designers need to know how to sew?  In my opinion, I think that knowing how … Read more