17 Pattern Making Tools to Make Great Sewing Patterns

There are many pattern making tools on the market. But it’s always important to get the right pattern drafting tools to make perfect patterns correctly.

These are a must for beginners, fashion designers, and those thinking of drafting patterns.

pattern making tools

This list will help you find the right tools and their functions to create your own pattern.

List of Pattern Making Tools:

Pattern Making Tools and Their Function

18” C-Thru Ruler

The work of a C-Thru Ruler is to help you see your lines when drawing perpendicular lines. There are various stores you can buy this ruler including the fabric and craft store.


This tape is an essential tool to help you get the job done and it’s always important to have it. It helps you when changing pattern design.

Tape Measure

Of course, we can’t miss mentioning this one, it is also one of the must-have pattern making tools. This one measures the size, lines, and curves of the pattern. It is also used for body measurements.


While drafting patterns, this is a must especially for cutting papers or patterns.


When thinking of drawing perpendicular lines, this is a pattern making tool you should think of. It measures 12 inches by 24 inches. It helps in drawing straight edges and accurate 90° angles

Pencils and Pens

These include mechanical pencils which are recommended but a regular pencil is better because it’s cheaper and you can erase mistakes easily. They also include red and blue pencils for marking on red or fold lines and blue arrow lines

Curve rules / French Curve

A french curve ruler is a must. This helps in shaping neck curves and armholes. Other rulers include C-Thru and Dritz design rulers.

Tracing Wheel

Pattern Making Tools

Another great pattern-making tool. This tracing wheel is used to transfer or trace lines of a pattern onto paper without ruining the original piece.

Eraser / Rubber

For rubbing off or erasing lines or pencil-drawn lines to leave no black lines.

Manila Pattern Paper

pattern making tools

Also, know as Pattern making paper. This is used for drafting patterns.

Hanger hooks or ringers

When you hang patterns on the rod, we use the ringers to hold them together.

Magic mend scotch tape

Another great pattern making tool for mending pattern work

Marking Awl

This of intense pattern making, the awl is a highly recommended pattern making tool. They help you in measuring curves, scoring lines, and make marking darts.

Pattern Notcher

pattern making tools

This is another great tool for marking sleeve caps, dart legs, hems, and more. It will help you keep your stuff neat and clean.

Pattern Weight Set

To make the job perfect, the Pattern Weight Set will help you for holding the patterns in one place when marking and tracing. You can also get Pattern Weight Set with multiple shapes to fit the shape and curves of pattern pieces

Tailor’s chalk

We use a tailor’s chalk when marking style lines and adjusted seems.

Pattern Hanger

These are used for hanging paper patterns

Pattern Making Tools

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