Looking Good At Any Age: 22 Sewing Blogs For Over 50 In 2022

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Good news as we have compiled a list of the best sewing blogs for over 50. The question is: are you looking good at any age? Well, Sewing is a great way to express your creativity and enjoy the process of making something new.

sewing blogs for over 50

You can tailor your clothes, make gifts for friends and family or even sell what you make online!

The sky is the limit regarding what you sew, and it doesn’t cost anything to get started! If you’re a woman of age 50 and above, this post is for you. You’ll find everything from clothing patterns, dresses, and flattering tops to home décor ideas so you can sew your way through life with style. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Sewing Blogs For Th0se Over 50

Let’s come on in and get inspired by some fabulous sewing blogs for over 50:


#1. Remona from the stitching scientist

She is a DIY enthusiast, a single mother to a chubby girl, and an aggressive dog. She is a founder of the stitching scientist. Will you get access to free patterns?


#2. Bev from flamingo toes

Bev had a passion for Sewing and crafting since she was younger, and she started Flamingo Toes to keep track of her adventures and a hobby over 35 years ago.


#3. Jill from Jembellish

Jill is a big fan of recycling, upcycling, and crafting with things they can. This person strongly believes in the newness that anyone can and has plenty of photo-laced tutorials encouraging people to give it a go. She is also an advocate for recycled and recycling.


#4. Palmer/Pletsch blog

Palmer and Pletsch are freelance writers, entrepreneurs, sewists, and authors who have founded several e-commerce pattern companies.  Their blog Palmer Pletsch is another excellent site for older women that covers all things Sewing with an emphasis on creating patterns from your body measurements.


#5. Goodbye Valentino

A fabulous sewing blog that features stylish, well-made garments, patterns, and accessories. While the instructions are a little hard to follow, this is mainly because the style of Sewing differs from that of common American ways. It’s definitely worth the effort, though!


#6. Sheila from sewing Petite Gal

A happily married mom to 2 sweet children. She is a DIY enthusiast, sewing jeweler, knitting, crocheting, and founder of a fashion blog SewpetiteGal.


#7. Gloria from domestic Diva

Viva Domestic, a designer/writer, has been Sewing since she was 11. Elle created dance studio costumes and sewn everything from wedding gowns to interiors. Stop in! Zulilly’s Knockoff shirts are one of her more popular collections. You can find her project tutorials on AllfreeSewing BurdaStyle and the site Domestic Diva. She says too many clothes too short a time!


#8. Vicky Myers creations

Vicky Myers Creations loves Sewing and Upcycling. In return, the textiles are made from recycled garments so that you can produce innovative products without damaging the environment’s precious resources. Visit her blog with bags for inspiration and accessories to abound. She also shares several tutorials on her blog, Vicky Wonderious creations, including bags and purses.


#9. Its Always Autumn

An online clothing store that offers timeless patterns and accessories. With a wide range of styles to choose from. The site also contains many excellent resources, including sewing tips and techniques and advice on how to sew your garments.


#10. Pam, from threading my way

Pam presents ongoing linking parties where readers can add their sewing projects. Rose’s Threadbare Creations gives suggestions to help you be more positive and remember that you need to be kind to yourself. She has a blog on Sewing and writes about Sewing on Threading My Way. Since she was very young, she sewed and enjoyed the range of projects and tutorials she created.


#11. Staci from crafty staci

Crafty Staci had her first sewing memory at three. She wanted her blog visitors to push and be brave and not feel afraid to make mistakes. Her Etsy shop focuses on handmade accessories for makers, artists, photographers, teachers, and people on the move. Visit her shop Crafty Staci.com for more of her photos & videos of her Etsy store.


#12. Curvy sewing collective sewing community 

The Curvy Sewing Collective features a sewing community for younger and older ladies with curvy figures. This is one of the best sewing blogs for over 5o you should follow. You will find a wide range of women’s sewing patterns for clothing designed to flatter and fit curvy figures. Although the styles are more tailored than typical casual or everyday wear, many pieces can be used as part of an outfit to suit any occasion. So it’s worth a look!


#13. By Gum by Golly

Because you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time or money just so that you can sew something for yourself. By Gum By Golly features a range of modern sewing patterns that are easy and clothing styles designed to flatter the curvy figure, including dresses, skirts, and pants.   They also offer several tutorials for sewing clothes flattering to the curvy figure.


#14. Severity

Sew Over It makes sewing patterns for all-sized women, including those who are curvy. They have a range of sewing patterns, from tops and dresses to leggings and trousers. No matter your style, if you are looking for clothing patterns that will flatter your curvy figure, definitely check them out!


#15. Sewing fantastic diary

Carolyn has sewn a strapless one-shoulder top in the past, but this time she used a new excellent method which I want to share with you. This top is flattering and looks great without being too complicated or difficult. You can make it in halter, trenchcoat style, etc.


#16. Ashley from Make It & Love It

Make it and Love it is one of the best DIY blogs for all ages that showcase the beauty in crafting, Sewing, home decorating, and even sometimes a recipe for your own. In addition, hundreds of free step-by-step picture tutorial videos on the site are oriented to all levels of expertise and interests. The site aims to aid readers in making something that they love it. Visit her blog! Make It and Love It is now an inspiring blog about making yourself that provides hundreds of tutorials.


#17. Merrick from Merrick

Merrick from Merrick’s Art has a beautiful blog sharing her sewing and embroidery projects. She has several excellent tutorials for sewing garments flattering to the curvy figure. They feature everything from clothing, to bags, to pillows and other home décor items! The instructions are clear and easy to follow, so these would be perfect patterns.


#18. Lori Miller 

This a great blog by Lori Miller. She has a beautiful selection of clothing patterns, updated regularly, and her instructions are some of the best available online. I’ve made several garments from her sewing patterns, and all have turned out beautifully. You may also be interested to know about Lori Miller designs.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best sewing blogs for over 50. If there’s a blog we didn’t mention that should have been on the list, please let us know in the comments below! And if you found this post helpful and want to share it with your friends who sew or are just getting started, feel free to use one or more of these social media buttons up top.

Thanks so much for reading! You may also want to read about sewing machine loose stitches on bottom and easy things to sew and sell for beginners.

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