The Ultimate List Of 70 Best And Most Loved Sewing Blogs You Should Follow Right Now!

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Here are the sewing blogs you should follow right now. Sewing blogs are related to sewing. They can be general sewing blogs or sewing blogs like quilting, dressmaking, and crafts.

Best Sewing Blogs

There is a multitude of great sewing designers, DIY bloggers, and sewing magazines out there. All contribute their style and tips here.

Here is the ultimate list of best sewing blogs 2021 most visit when searching for fun about sewing or new easy sewing projects.

From beginner to experienced sewing addicts, this list will undoubtedly prove helpful. Whether you are looking for information or a guide, there are such amazing things for everyone. So let’s get started reading this article!


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A-List Of The Best Sewing Blogs

A-List Of The Best Sewing Blogs

The list mentioned below helps you find the best sewing blogs. So keep on reading this article and learn the exciting sewing blogs you should follow right now:


#1. Sew what Alicia

Alicia, the blog is about sewing and dressmaking tutorials and projects from another sewing addict. The name tells you that she has a lot to share with us! You will find everything you need to know about sewing, and you know you want to tackle the zipper here! The blog is about sewing, quilting, and crafts. From beginner to skilled sewist even. A great find here is the tutorials that are perfect for beginners!


#2. Crazy little projects

The blog is about making and finding inspiration for small sewing projects. And how to make them DIY-style!. It is also great to find kids’ project ideas and even some great organizational ideas.


#3. Miss Maddy sews

This is the blog of a mother and daughter who love to sew. They share a lot they learn in their sewing and fun projects. Make sure you visit this place when searching for good sewing hacks, advanced patterns, and great tips. Also, if you want to start sewing with patchwork, this is your spot!


#4. Sew chic boutique

A spot for all the sewing addicts out there! Here you will find tips for sewing your wardrobe, great projects with many pictures, and many more. All in one place!


#5. Sew mama sew

Mama’s site is filled with great stuff to help organize yourself like a pro. Think about the home organization for your sewing room, how to organize your fabric supplies and the best way to store them. Now you will be able to find stuff quickly!


#6. The curvy sewing collective

Curvy sewing collective is a collection of sewing blogs that supports body diversity and acceptance in the home sewing movement. This sewing blog is packed with step-by-step instructions, tips, fun suggestions, and pictures to help you get this retro vibe.


#7. Craftsy blog

If you’re very serious about your sewing, then Craftsy is a site worth checking out. The site has got some very high-profile bloggers posting tutorials.


Best Sewing Bloggers

Here is a list of the best sewing bloggers; they know how to share their passion for sewing and offer great information, suggestions, and tutorials!. You will find all bloggers in our list of the best bloggers.


#1. Oonabaloona by Mercy Harriell

A blog about sewing and dressmaking: mercy shares her passion for this with all of us, and she invites you to ask questions! You can find here lots sewing related information, from a beginner level to more advanced tutorials.


#2. Eric Bunker

Eric is a professional designer, not just anyone. A true and passionate sewing enthusiast that knows how to give back to the community. Many tutorials here cover anything from dressmaking to more advanced projects.


#3. Carolyn Friedlander

A blog by Carolyn Friedlander, a sewing blogger. The blog is full of inspiring projects drawn from a mixture of arts. Her works are modern and loaded with bold colors and sleek lines giving one a wonderfully easy way to fall in love with the site. She is a former architect and quilter.


Sewing Blogs For Beginners

Sewing Blogs For Beginners

Here is a list of all the best sewing blogs. Each has its specialties, but you will find one that matches your style and taste! And you will find all great sewing blogs for beginners here—beginner sewing blogs.


#1. Beginner sewing

This sewing site has a lot to help you get started sewing. You can find lots of sewing hacks for beginners and sewing projects for beginners, all easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. Get ready to start! Beginner Sewing


#2. Singer sewing blog

Full of fabulous ideas for the beginner sewist comes the Singer sewing blog with step-by-step instructions.


#3. Tilly and the buttons

Tilly and the Buttons is your next stop for awarding winning patterns and ebooks for learning how to sew. This sewing blog was started ten years ago by London-based Tilly Walnes. This blog will find online dressmaking workshops, award-winning easy-to-use sewing patterns, and ebooks such as sewing tools, design details and hack, sewing business, and lifestyle for beginners.


#4. Colette

Colette sewing blog provides a variety of stylish and practical sewing patterns for extraordinary women, magazines, and stores worldwide. Here you will find different tutorials and step-by-step sewing hacks that help make your clothes look.


#5. By gum, by golly

One of the best sewing blogs out there. And lots of fun stuff for beginners is to be found here, and this blog also contains some great patterns for all sewing addicts.


#6. Gertie’s new blog for better sewing

Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing has a lot of great information about sewing and tips you need to learn more about sewing. Step-by-step video tutorials make it easy for you to sew in no time.


Best Dressmaking Sewing Blogs

When looking for inspiration and tips, I visit dressmaking sewing blogs. Often you’ll find loads of beautiful garments, tutorials, ideas, and reviews on these sites.

Best Dressmaking Sewing Blogs

I know that some great sewing bloggers are out there, as a look at my blogroll will tell you. But here are some more of my favorite blogs with beautiful dressmaking fabrics.


#1. Cotton and curls

A site all about vintage-style clothing: Christine is a busy mum, so she makes clothes that she can just pick up and wear or make as gifts instead of an entire outfit. She shares a lot of tips on fitting and alterations too. What I like about this blog is her drawings for each post.


#2. A dress a day

This blog may have started as a personal project of Rosella Malden, but it has quickly become one of the best dressmaking blogs on the web. Rosella posts something related to garment making almost every day, like tutorials (from simple tops and dresses to wedding gowns) or reviews (of vintage patterns, for instance).


#3. Madeira

Made by Rae’s blog is mainly about sewing garments, but you’ll also find great popular posts related to crafts, sewing-related, and other dressmaking projects.


#4. The crafty Gemini

Vanessa Vargas Wilson is the teacher of our Pulsing Prism Afghanistan. Her blog, The Crafty Gemini, has her sewing page. This blog contains instructions for garment-making techniques, tips for aspiring sewists, and even information about sewing machines.


Sewing Blogs For Over 50

These great sewing blogs are for you if you’re over 50 and eager to learn how to sew. In addition, you will find top trending fashion styles for ladies of 50 and above.

Sewing Blogs For Over 50

Finally, don’t forget to check out the complete list of the best sewing blogs for ladies over 50.


#1. Sew Over it

With over 800 posts, Sew Over It is one of the top sewing blogs for women over 50. The site shares tips and tutorials to help you learn how to sew, make your clothes, and other accessories.


#2. Gloria from domestic diva

She shares insights on sewing and shares her experience of creating stunning projects. Exquisite fabrics, cute embellishments, and lovely hand stitch details make this blog a top-notch resource for modern sewists who want to learn how to sew.


#3. Lori from Lori miller designs

Lori from Lori Miller Designs makes sewing easy and fun. Her blog contains a lot of great tips that you can use to make your clothes, covers, and bags – all beautifully made! For more information about Lori’s designs.


Fashion Sewing Blogs To Follow

Fashion sewing blogs for sewing inspiration. Fashion Sewing Blogs To FollowWe have compiled a list of top killer fashion sewing blogs you should check out.


#1. Heather handmade

The name of the blog is from the owner’s full name. Her passion for sewing started a few years back when a friend gave her a sewing machine that she never knew how to use.


#2. The Palmer/Pletsch blog

Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson operate Palmer/Pletsch fashion sewing Blog. They are all about improving the clothes and tailoring methods so you can rock them and wear them in style. The blog is a beautiful way to improve tailoring skills and fashion sewing tips.


#3. Mimi G style fashion sewing blog

She sewed with her husband, Norris Dánta Ford. She runs an award-winning fashion and DIY website when she’s not making beautiful clothes. Here s her tutorials and outfits that would captivate any creative sewer.


Sewing Blogs For Kids And Baby Websites

If you’re a parent eager to teach your kids about the basics of crafting, sewing, and DIY-ing, these are the best sewing blogs for kids and babies:

Sewing Blogs For Kids And Baby Websites


#1. Skate

It is another source of sewing patterns you can use to make modern clothes and accessories. Ikat provides patterns for dresses, tops, skirts, bags, purses, and more fashion items.


#2. The Nifty thrift

This blog will be handy if you are looking for sewing tutorials to craft handmade baby clothes. Get the step-by-step process of making adorable baby clothes and sewing baby gifts.


#3. Diapers sewing

With a bit of help from these sewing blogs, I hope you will be able to sew a pair of comfy custom-fitted diapers for your child and even for adults.


Quilting Blogs To Know

Quilting is a popular form of hand stitching. It is used to make bedspreads, quilts, and other textile items of home furnishing textiles such as tablecloths and tea towels. Quilting Blogs To KnowHere are some great quilting blogs for inspiration.


#1. Mister domestic

Mister Domestic has a blog specifically dedicated to quilting. He also makes hat and backpack sewing lessons and embroidery and crochet crafts. He’s a master crockery and a quilter. Mr. Domestic has excellent skills and talent in his trade.


#2. Diary of the quilters

A blog for anyone who loves quilting and wants to learn more with simple detailed tutorials. The beginner can also understand easily. She gives good tips for choosing the correct pattern you are looking for.


#3. Red pepper quilts

A blog for beginners and intermediate quilters. It is a multi-author site so that you may find various articles about block patterns, scrapbooking projects, and other topics related to home décor.


#4. Suzy quilts

A blog with simple and detailed instructions to make various quilting patterns. Besides sewing tutorials, You can also find tips on choosing the right clothes for crafts.


#5. The quilty life

This magazine site focuses on quilt patterns, but you can see some informative articles related to sewing, including basic sewing lessons and tips for beginners.


Embroidery And Cross Stitch

This may be the right place if you’re looking for some of the most adorable patterns and embroidery projects!

Embroidery And Cross Stitch


#1. Cross-stitch by craft gossip

You can look at this site for original free cross-stitch patterns covering all four sides, 3D effects, and more. One of the most informative blogs is to learn cross-stitch pattern-making video tutorials.


#2. Subversive cross stitch

This blog is one of the best websites for cross-stitch patterns. This site should be on if you want to list good cross-stitching blogs. It provides many designs and projects for free, which you can easily sew with your hands and start making without any trouble.


#3. Liz stitches

Liz Stitches is another excellent website for free cross-stitch patterns by Liz, a pattern designer, and sewing fanatic. The site has such a comprehensive collection that you will not be able to stop browsing once you start! She provides detailed instructions on how to do the stitching and the working area with a color chart, making it very easy to follow.


Crafting Blogs To Find Out

If you like to craft your fantastic stuff, here is a list of crafts blogs that will incense your heart with many excellent ideas and guides.Crafting Blogs To Find Out You have to check the complete list here Craft Blogs for Kids, Sewing Projects, Handmade Gifts, and Best Crafting Blogs.


#1. The snarky crafter

This a blog for creative sewing people who love crafts. You can find a variety of embroidery patterns and other handcraft projects here. If you’re looking for a good source of inspiration, this is the site to bookmark. This blog also has some basic sewing lessons that beginners will surely appreciate.


 #2. Beautiful mess

A website for crafters who have the intention to share their work. The tips and videos will surely help you craft your pieces of art.


Vintage Sewing Blogs

If you want to read some of the best vintage sewing blogs, click here!

Vintage Sewing Blogs


#1. Lilacs & Lace

Wonderfully illustrated tutorials on how to sew clothes for little girls. You will find many patterns and projects in this blog that are easy to follow with detailed instructions. Some of the tutorials are pretty similar to those in magazines. In addition, the videos section has some vlogs looking at how she makes everything from the start.


#2. Sewing machine mavin

The blog of a mommy who has been sewing for years and wants to share her experience with others. She provides tips on how to sew anything from your home using common sense and the right tools!


#3. Wearing history

A blog with a collection of historical patterns. You will find vintage fashion patterns and tutorials on making them here!


Men’s Sewing Blogs

Here are a few men’s sewing blogs that you can check out:

Men's Sewing Blogs


#1. Male pattern baldness

This blog is about sewing for men. You will find many modern sewing patterns and some great advice on how you can sew your menswear. Browse through this website to find out more information.


#2. Thread theory

A blog that offers tutorials on many men’s fashion, including shirts, pants, and even underwear. The guides will help you to make a breezy tunic top or how you can design your bow ties with the help of this.


#3. Sew andrew

This blog is perfect for you if you’re a male looking to sew. Andrew, a sewing fanatic, is always ready to help men who want to learn more about sewing!


Sewing Tutorial Blogs

Directory of sewing tutorials by topic, from beginner to advanced.

Sewing Tutorial Blogs


#1. Instructables

Instructables is an excellent resource with many tutorials on basic or more advanced sewing techniques. It also offers online classes.


#2. The little red window

This an entertaining blog with lots of tutorials and sewing projects, from beginner to intermediate level.


#3. The spruce crafts

This is an excellent blog with many helpful tutorials, including projects, patterns, and step-by-step instructions.


Youtube Sewing Channels

Are you a visual type, or do you not like reading and looking for a comprehensive sewing techniques videos library? Here are Youtube sewing channels you should check out now.


#1. Hellowsewing

A Youtube Channel with lots of tutorials on the basics and intermediate sewing techniques.


#2. Professor pincushion

If you are interested in sewing techniques with many projects, this is the channel for you. A lot of exciting sewing tutorials, from beginner to advanced.


#3. Sew with me

This is a great Youtube channel to learn basic and advanced techniques, with many sewing project tutorials. A must-visit for anyone who wants to improve their skills in Sewing Machine Techniques.


Black Fashion Bloggers

There are plenty of black fashion bloggers with great sewing and style content. In addition, they share their sewing projects online, either through patterns or tutorials. Here is a list of some Interesting Black Fashion Bloggers and black fashion blogs you should check.


#1. Frederique Harrel

Frederique Harrel is a fashion blogger with a lot of excellent sewing tutorials. For free, you will find complete step-by-step basics here, including patterns and projects.


#2. Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson is a black fashion blogger on Curvy Fabulous, and she posts a lot about sewing. Tamu shared many great tutorials on different beginner to advanced-level topics, including many dress patterns and basics.


#3. Where did You get that

The blog is about fashion, style, and lifestyle. In addition, the site has an excellent section filled with different DIYs and sewing projects.


#4. Jadore fashion by Stella-Uzo

Jadore Fashion is a blog dedicated to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. In addition, you can find excellent tutorials and tips on sewing style projects with patterns for beginners by Stella-Uzo, an inspirational creator!


Sewing Podcasts

Podcasts are the solution if you want to do hand sewing or learn new tricks from experienced sewists and sewers! Sewing PodcastsHere is the top sewing podcast for your inspiration.



Suppose you are looking for a sewing podcast to keep up with your favorite hand stitching techniques. In that case, this is the one—a high-quality audio show hosted by two professional seamstresses passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience.


#2. Stitcher’s brew podcast

This a podcast for anyone wanting to learn about sewing, quilting, and fiber arts. With a ton of great content from the hosts. These are just a few examples of what you will find in our Full List of Sewing Podcasts.


#3. Modern Sewciety Podcast

A fun and informative podcast for anyone interested in sewing. They also have great tutorial videos on various subjects, including quilting, embroidery, knitting, and more!


#4. Sewing with Threads

An excellent resource for all types of sewing podcasts, with written tutorials and hundreds of pictures. Includes patterns for beginners and advanced sewers too!


Online Sewing Community

If you want to connect with other sewers and be inspired by the talented craftswomen from around the sewing world, Here is a list of the best great online community for everyone. Lots of inspiration, tutorials, videos, and more!


#1. Seamwork Community

An excellent online community shares tips and ideas for sewing enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced levels.


#2. The fold-line community

This an excellent online sewing community for everyone who loves to make things from scratch! Lots of tutorials and ideas.


#3. Oliver Community

If you are a beginner or intermediate sewer and need some sewing advice from more advanced sewers, this is the place to get it. Great Sewing projects with video tutorials too!


Sewing Pattern Blogs

If you are looking for sewing patterns or outdated commercial pattern instructions, this list lists excellent blogs and websites. Check out our Full List of Sewing Pattern Blogs and find out what you like most for pattern reviews!


#1. So sew easy sewing patterns

A great pattern blog with a unique selection of patterns and tutorials for sewing beginners and advanced sewers.


#2. The folding patterns

This website is best known for its extensive Sewing Patterns section. It’s the right place to visit if you want to find patterns for beginners and experienced sewers.


#3. Orange lingerie

She provides the new and experienced bra makers inspiration and guidance through her tutorials – patterns, and book. Besides, she inspires new and experienced bra makers through the practice and tutorials she shares on her blog.


Oliver S – Sewing Patterns For Kids And Family

Do you have a child who is obsessed with sewing? Then, this is the place for you! You can download various projects your kids will love to do, including blankets, stuffed toys, and more.


#1. Sew Sweetness – Sewing Patterns

A great selection of patterns, tutorials, and other resources. If you love to sew bags and handbags, this is the right place.

Be sure to check our complete list with excellent links.


Sewing Magazines

What would be sewing without some good magazine, right? So here are great online magazines with fantastic content. Check out all of them – at least, I’m sure you will find something that interests you!


#1. SehMag online Magazine

An excellent sewing magazine with many exciting and creative projects for beginner, intermediate and advanced sewers. It also has online sewing tutorials, videos, and articles about fashion trends worldwide.


#2. Love sewing magazine

UK’s best sewing magazine with astonishing patterns for DIY dressmakers and sewists such as indie patterns.


#3. Seamwork magazine

An online magazine with great tutorials to help sew your clothing, crafts, and much more!


#4. Threads magazine

Easy to follow patterns and instructions from Threads magazine. Loosen up with new fabrics, trims, threads, and more in the Spring issue!


#5. Gathered simply sewing magazine

If you are a quilter, this is the magazine for you! All about all types of quilting and patchwork projects with step-by-step tutorials.

Be sure to check our complete list of Sewing Magazines.


Sewing Books For Beginners

If you are looking for a list of sewing books to help you start your sewing journey, then here you go! I can’t wait to share one that I love and is worth reading.


#1. Gertie’s new book for better sewing

One of the best sewing books for beginners 2021 by Gretchen Hirsch is everything you need if you’re a beginner, Including sewing tricks and tips for perfect sewing, pattern making, sewing techniques, and how you can create gorgeous perfect outfits.


#2. Sewing for dummies

An excellent book for anyone who wants to start with easy projects. You will find helpful tips, step-by-step photos, and a few basic tasks to get you started.


#3. Love at First Stitch: The Essential Guide to Sewing

This book is highly recommended for beginner sewers because it has tips, tricks, and instructions that would help you get started. It also includes a whole lot of projects with easy-to-follow steps.


Crochet Blogs / Crochet Bloggers

Suppose you are into crochet, these Crochet Bloggers and blogs. Crochet Blogs / Crochet BloggersThe collection is a great place to find more information.


#1. The Crochet crowd

One of the biggest and most popular crochet websites with many patterns for all skill levels. A great site to visit!


#2. I like crochet

A great collection of crochet patterns and tutorials for beginners.


#3. Repeat crafter me

This is an excellent collection of trendy, calm, and unique crochet patterns for those who adore crocheting.


#4. All free crochet

A fantastic collection of free crochet patterns, tutorials, and inspiration. Check it out!


Australian Sewing Blogs

I recently started collecting online sewing blogs from Australia to gather them in one place to make it easy to follow and find your favorite Australian sewing blogs. Check them out!


#1. Handmade by Carolyn

This online diary has been created to share my sewing projects, ideas, and thoughts with anyone who shares my passion for creating. I make simple sewing DIY projects that you can do at your own pace with easy instructions.


#2. Sew Tessuti Blog

The handmade, the vintage, the thrifted. I’m a Melbourne-based blogger, sharing my adventures in sewing, crafting, and creative work every day.


#3. Sewing Gem

A blog with sewing tutorials, reviews, and step-by-step guides to help you complete your projects in a breeze.


UK Sewing Blogs

This is a collection of UK sewing blogs, the most active and popular ones I have found. With this list, you will be able to follow sewing projects from around the corners in the UK.


#1. Love sewing

Love Sewing is all about sewing, crafts, and card making, whether you are interested in learning how to make clothes or even crafting a handmade card for the special ones.


#2. Sew essential

A blog made for sewing lovers, a place where you can get inspiration and learn new ideas to broaden your sewing skills.


How Do I Start My Sewing Blog?

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start your sewing blog, here is how. First, remember that blogging is about creating content for people who need help and information in their lives; It is not just about selling products or services.

It’s essential to keep this in mind because without providing helpful information, you will not be able to build a loyal readership, and when that’s the case, it will be hard to get visitors back. Decide what your blog is about by deciding its niche (topic). Read a complete guide on how to start a sewing blog.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find out the answers to your questions:


What is the easiest thing to sew for beginners?

Getting the ideas of what to sew out of your head can be very challenging. If you’re looking for easy and simple sewing projects for beginners to get you started, we go.

  • Laptop case
  • Ipad sleeves
  • Birthday banners
  • Baby bibs
  • Summer bag
  • Pajama pants
  • Superhero capes
  • Key fobs


What do I need to start sewing?

There are several things you need to get your sewing started, and these include;
A pair of fabric scissors, a couple of embroidery scissors, a seam ripper, a rotary cutter, a tape measure, a magnetic pin holder, chalk, a cutting mat, and a needle threader. Seam gauge, thimbles, square quilting ruler, dryer sheets, and inking scissors.


Can I learn to sew online?

This post has included the best sewing blogs to help you learn how to sew like a pro. They include step-by-step sewing classes and tutorials. You may also be interested to know about solving your sewing problems.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy you have checked out the sewing blogs you should follow right now. We hope you liked all the blogs mentioned above and learned amazing things. Thank you, friends.

From reading this article until the end. What is your opinion on this article? What do you think about the list of sewing blogs mentioned above? Do you know any other great sources for exciting and top-quality sewing blogs? Are there other things you would like to add or comment on about these blogs?

You may also want to read about why is my sewing machine not sewing and why is my sewing machine not moving the fabric – here are the causes.

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