30 Must Know Sewing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner, experienced, or sewing professional, sewing can be really hard and intimidating sometimes. We have compiled a list of the best and MUST KNOW sewing tips and tricks for beginners to help make your sewing easier and fun.

These creative sewing tricks, hacks, and sewing tips will help you to save money, time and increase your skills.

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Get your sewing machine and accessories ready and try these tips.

sewing tricks and tips
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Interesting Sewing Tips and Tricks to Make Life Fun and Easier

Keep Thread Organized

Saving time while doing my projects is a must. That is why I use my DIY thread organizer to keep the threads together to ensure that easily find the color you need without wasting any second.

Pick Pins With a Magnet

This is another simple sewing hack hope you already know it. Just pick up dropped needles by waving a magnet around.

Change your Needle

It is advisable to change your needle every time you want to start a new sewing project or every after few projects.

When your needle becomes dull, it will cause problems with your tension and also make your sewing machine skip stitches.

Keeping Scissors Sharp

If you’re handling so many different projects it’s better for each to have its own scissors. For example using the same scissors for sewing to cut materials like papers, plastics, and others. The it may end up getting dull.

This is an important tip to have scissors only for sewing in order to save time when sewing.

Washable Pens or Colored Pencils

When tracing a pattern on the fabric, it’s better to use colored pencils which have a similar color as that of the fabric. This will help you to blend the residue left into the pattern.

Cutting Patterns Using Freezer Paper

This is another great sewing hack for those interested more in making patterns. It will a lot of time and getting heartache This trick is very interesting and does not leave any residue.

This video tutorial will help you learn how to cut patterns using freezer paper.

Iron Reduce Bulk at Hems

If your hems look bulky, just spread them out and iron them flat. This is one of the best sewing hacks to reduce bulk at hems.

Organize Your Buttons Neatly

Having your buttons stored in a neat way is the solution to save time while looking for that one button you want to put on the fabric when sewing.

So you have a big bottle full of buttons maybe some you get from your old outfits for reuse and they up full the bottle. You can organize your buttons according to colors, size, sharp and designs. Watch this video tutorial.

Wax Your Threads to Make Strong

This is one of the best hand sewing hacks and tricks. This not only makes the thread strong, but it also makes the threadless to unthread and the thread holds the know better.

Tying Sewing Scissors with a Ribbon

Just in case you handle many projects like sewing, crafting, and many others. When use your scissors to cut stuff other than fabric will make the scissors go dull. But tie a ribbon around the scissors handle to easily identify each one.

Use a Pegboard

Being organized is the number sewing trick for crafters and sewers. Having your items and tools organized is the way to save time when handling your projects.

A pegboard will save a lot of space in your sewing room as it will help you organize all your sewing essentials where you can easily access them.

Stay Stitching

This one helps keep the curved edges of your garment from stretching and distorting. It is typically done on areas like armholes, necklines, and waistlines.

Finishing a Seam Without a Serger

Sergers are a very expensive machine and sometimes you can’t afford to buy one. But do you know that you can finish a seam without the need to use a serger?. Getting equipped with these great seam finishing tricks will make you a pro in his field.

Source and more info: seasonedhomemaker

Finger Stitch Markers

The results of your stitches maybe wonky-looking when hand stitching. So it always better to place the marks on your finger as a guide to make the stitches great and clean looking.

Organize Your Sewing Pins

Having your sewing pins scattered everywhere in your sewing room will end up getting your foot injured. So keeping your pins organized is a must.

Here are some of the tricks from Weallsew to help you organize your sewing pins properly Or you can watch this youtube tutorial on how to store your pins

How to Sew Circles Easily

Sewing shapes besides a straight line is one of the most difficult things when it comes to sewing. I tried to sew in a circular pattern but ended up doing zigzag.

But you can sew circles with the help of using a round object and maybe a sand paper. These will help you make it perfect.

Wash The Fabric Before Sewing

This sewing hack is known as pre-treating the fabric. Sewing washed fabric eliminates the worries of shrinkage when washed afterward.

So always try to use this hack before sewing.

Threading a Needle Hack

Needles are one of the tiny items with a tiny holes. But there is a sewing trick to help thread your needle easily.

This video will help you with how to thread a needle-like magic.

Sharpen Your Pins With Wool Stuffing

When making a pincushion, it better to use steel wool as stuffing it will sharpen your pins every time you poke them back in.

Keep a Fabric from Fraying

Cutting a fabric out with pinking shears in order to keep it from fraying while sewing

Safety Pins

If you don’t have a bodkin a safety pin can help you slide the elastic through the casing.

Cutting Slippery Fabrics With Muslin

Cutting slippery fabric is a little bit tricky. But you can place a muslin layer under it. Pin the layer together in order to make cutting easier.

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Clothespins as clips

Clothespins are a great alternative to sewing clips and they are very cheap. You can use them on bigger sewing projects if the clips are not enough or if you’re a beginner you want to money on sewing clips.

Always Iron Your Seam

It sounds hard to iron every seam you sew but you must do it.

Take Advantage of your Seam Ripper

I know it sounds hard to unpick what you have just sewn, but you have to do it because you will need more energy trying to fix it later.

What other tricks, tips, and sewing hacks do you know? Share with us here in the comments below!

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