Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Review, Ratings Pros, Cons!

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Here you will find the Singer MX231 sewing machine review. I have been looking for the best sewing machine for a who quickly. I found some interesting things about Singer MX231 Sewing Machine in my search. The Singer MX231 sewing machine is ideal for someone who wants to sew clothes for their family and other projects at home.

singer mx231 sewing machine review

The Singer MX231 has many exciting features, which you indeed love when you know them. Singer sewing machines are very well-known and have been around for a long. The company offers a wide variety of sewing machines designed to sew different fabrics.

The first Singer sewing machine was manufactured in 1851. The company’s headquarters are located in La Vergne, Tennessee, the United States. Keep reading this article to find the organic reviews, ratings, and more about this product.


Consumer Review & Ratings

Source Consumer Ratings Total Ratings
Amazon 4.6 stars out of 5 3.891 ratings



Introduction To Singer MX231

Some quilters claim the Singer MX231 sewing machine is perfect for my needs. It sews through multiple layers of fabric with ease and is lightweight enough to carry around. In addition, it has a fantastic amount of built-in stitches, is comfortable to use, and has easy-to-follow instructions. I love this machine!

Others say that the Singer MX231 sewing machine is user-friendly and easy to use. A large number of stitches allows you to complete any project you want. It is very comfortable to use, and the fact that it is lightweight means that you can sew without having your arm get tired of holding up the machine. Some love the device because it quickly sews multiple layers of fabric, and the presser foot is straightforwardly pushed down. Others recommend the machine because it is budget-friendly for quilting or crafting on a budget.



Brand Singer
Color White
Material Metal
Weight 11.79 Pounds
Type Electric
Included Components Presser Feet/Pedal/Bobbins, free arm
loading bobbin, adjustable presser foot,


Critical Features Of Singer MX231

The Singer MX231 sewing machine is an excellent tool for any user. The device is perfect for everyday use and ideal for quilters and crafters who want to experiment with new projects. Read this Singer MX231 sewing machine review!


#1. Built-In stitches

The machine includes 23 built-in stitches. These stitches have a variety of stitches for basic sewing, decorative sewing, and more. In addition, you can select from a variety of 97 pre-installed built-in stitches to match a wide range of fabrics. You may do various types of sewing, including basic, advanced, ornamental, and more.


#2. Free arm

This function allows you to easily sew cuffs, pant legs, and sleeve holes.


#3. Built-In automatic needle threader

The most basic stitching technique is using a needle. It takes up a significant amount of time to learn, but it’s straightforward once you do. Nonetheless, many sewists have trouble threading needles. The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine is equipped with an auto needle threader that allows quick, easy needle threading. This saves you the time and frustration of threading the needle using your fingers manually.


#4. One-step buttonhole

Buttonholes are challenging to handle for novices or people just beginning to sew. Sewing buttonholes can be a struggle for anybody, regardless of their level of experience or skill. The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine features a one-step buttonhole that allows you to sew a buttonhole in one single step.


#5. Adjustable presser foot

The presser foot has adjustable pressure, and you can set the needle position to give you a perfect stitch. you can also adjust the foot with an easy lever action.


#6. LED light

The Singer MX231 sewing machine features LED lighting around the sewing area, which provides optimal visibility of your work. This light is essential to see the stitches, but it also illuminates your workspace to spot pins, needles, and other sewing supplies easily.


#7. Dust cover

The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine also comes with a dust cover that protects the machine from dust while not in use. Dust covers are essential to maintain the integrity of your device while you wait for its next project or while waiting for repairs.


#8. Easy stitch selection dial

The device has a dial that lets you easily select the desired stitch.


What Makes Singer MX231 The Best?

The Singer MX231 boasts many fantastic features and functionalities, but what sets it apart from the competition? Take a look at these aspects before you go out and purchase the equipment.


#1. The Singer MX231 is a portable sewing machine, which means you can take it.

#2. With a plethora of excellent characteristics, it’s one of the most significant devices on the market at this price.

#3. The machine has a heavy-duty metal exterior that is easy to clean and maintain.

#4. The Singer MX231 also features a large stitch variety for your sewing needs.

#5. This sewing machine isn’t as hefty as other items, boasting to be durable with a rigid metal frame.

#6. The Singer MX231 sewing machine is pretty easy to use, even without a manual. I haven’t had any problems with this machine and found its features very useful and helpful.

#7. The Singer MX231 comes standard with a jam-resistant quick set-top bobbin. The top bobbin makes loading your bobbin thread easier and ensures consistent stitch quality by minimizing thread tension problems.


Pros and Cons of Singer MX231 Sewing Machine

Pros Cons
LED light Difficult to use it firstÂ
Auto needle threader Plastic quality is not so good
Several stitching options


Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Manual

This “Singer” instruction manual is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform various operations with your sewing machine. Please read this manual thoroughly before using your device and refer to it as necessary. You may also be interested to know about solving your sewing machine problems.

The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Manual can be found here:

Download Singer MX231 Instruction Manual in PDF format.


It’s A Wrap!

We are glad to know that you loved this Singer MX231 sewing machine review. The Singer MX231 sewing machine is an excellent choice for those on a budget who want a high-quality machine. Thanks to the device’s small form, numerous stitching choices, and simple-to-use functions, your sewing ambitions will come true! It’s affordable, lightweight, versatile, and comfortable. The Singer sewing machine has everything you need to complete your project, including top-quality presser feet. If you sew often, then I recommend this machine.

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