Smartek Mini Sewing Machine How To Thread

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Those who want to know Smartek mini sewing machine how to thread will be pleased with this step-by-step guide based on its manual. We’ll also share tips on setting up the bobbin thread in a mini sewing machine. However, note to follow still the manual of the specific mini model you have. 

smartek mini sewing machine how to thread

Speaking of mini models, we have a separate guide on how to thread a handheld sewing machine. Remember that these types are slightly different to setup than standard machines. 


How Do You Thread A Smartek Mini Sewing Machine?

  1. Check if you have put in the spring before the bobbin, and the thread itself should move from the top right of the spool
  2. Pass the thread through the needle arm eyelet and over the tension control without wrapping it completely
  3. Use the threader to thread the needle eye back to front
  4. Test the Smartek Mini on scrap fabric and check the stitches
  5. To adjust the thread tension, use the tension control and move it to the left if the stitches are too tight or to the right if the stitches are too loose
  6. If you’re using a regular thread spool, take off the bobbin by loosening its nut
  7. Slide the thread spool onto the extension spindle and connect it to the bobbin shaft


How do you use a Smartek Mini sewing machine?

  1. Read the Smartek Mini manual
  2. Lock the machine and raise the needle and fastening plate
  3. Move the rotary wheel in either direction to lift the needle as high as you can and avoid pushing the needle arm down when raising the fastening plate
  4. Put the fabric underneath the fastening plate accordingly
  5. Thread the needle for about two inches
  6. Hold the Smartek Mini with your right hand and use your thumb to press the power switch after unlocking the machine
  7. Allow the machine to sew the cloth automatically
  8. The machine will stitch to the left, so use your left hand to hold the material and control the direction without applying pressure on the Smartek Mini
  9. Follow the centerline on the fastening plate when working to ensure straight stitches
  10. To widen the stitches, you can simply pull to the left faster 
  11. Once you’re done sewing, raise the needle arm as high as you can via the rotary wheel
  12. Pull the thread for three inches and cut it 
  13. Lower the needle into the fabric and turn the wheel to raise the needle again
  14. Raise the fastening plate and remove the material by moving it to the left
  15. Be gentle in taking off the cloth so you won’t accidentally damage the seam


How do you replace the needle on a Smartek Mini sewing machine?

  1. Loosen the set screw to remove the current needle
  2. Check the manual for the specific needle needed by your Smartek Mini
  3. Install the needle so that its flat side faces the front of the unit


How do you replace the battery on a Smartek Mini sewing machine?

  1. Unlock the Smartek Mini sewing machine
  2. Pull the button and press it
  3. Take out the current batteries and place the new ones in


How Do You Put The Bottom Thread In A Mini Sewing Machine?


How to wind the bobbin in a mini sewing machine

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific mini sewing machine you have
  2. Remove the bobbin from the case and place the thread spool on its spindle
  3. Put the bobbin pin into the handwheel and turn it counterclockwise
  4. Take the empty bobbin and pull the thread from the spool through the hole on the bobbin rim inside out
  5. Leave the thread end outside the bobbin and wind the thread for a few turns inside the bobbin
  6. Put the bobbin on its pin and check if it will wind counterclockwise
  7. Hold the thread lightly and finish winding
  8. Turn off the machine and insert the bobbin into its case with the threading instructions 


How to replace the bobbin in a mini sewing machine

  1. Remove the bobbin compartment cover and place the threaded bobbin in the holder with some thread extending out of it
  2. Guide the thread into the gap and turn the handwheel clockwise
  3. Allow the needle to pick up the bobbin thread and continue moving the handwheel so the needle can go down and up
  4. Raise the presser foot and have the thread spool to the front
  5. Pull the two threads away from you and under the presser foot
  6. Return the bobbin compartment cover


How to thread the side bobbin in a mini sewing machine

  1. Pull the bobbin spindle out and insert it through the center hole of the bobbin you threaded
  2. Insert the bobbin spindle into the holder and check if it’s secured in place
  3. Thread the mini sewing machine with the thread spool 



And that’s it! To recap Smartek mini sewing machine how to thread, you only need to familiarize yourself with its anatomy based on the illustration in the manual. From there, you’re essentially just passing the thread through the eyelet, over the tension control, and then the needle eye with the threader.

We recommend reading how to use a handheld sewing machine as well for more tips. That separate tutorial will teach you the correct way of getting the most of these mini machines. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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