31 Top Quilting Blogs You Must Visit For Free Tutorials And Patterns

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Are you looking for the top quilting blogs you must visit for free tutorials and patterns? There are many quilting blogs out there, but only a few of them stand out.

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There’s something about these blogs that make them worth checking out. Maybe it’s the inspiration you find from reading their posts or because they teach you how to make your quilts.

If you’re looking for a good blog to read, this post is for you.


What Does Quilting Mean?

Quilting is sewing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger product. This can be done using patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery techniques. The history of the quilt is long and complex, but it most likely developed in ancient Egypt from the ancient practice of spreading out mats and layering them with straw and cloth to sleep on.


Best Quilting Blogs For Beginners

So, here are the top quilting blogs you must visit:


Diary of a quilter blog

One of the best quilting blogs out there is Diary of a Quilter. This blog offers many quilting projects, helpful tips and tricks to make your own quilts, and inspiring photos. There’s something for everyone here, regardless of your skill level or experience in the craft.


A creative longarm quilting blog

A quilting blog by Karen Marchetti. She’s a quilt artist and a traveling quilting instructor. She considers her blog more of a potluck than anything else since you never know what you’ll receive, but there’s always something unique. This blog offers quilting tips, tricks, and inspiration for those interested in learning how to quilt.

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Quilting tidbits

A quilting shop and a blog about how to make quilts. You can find helpful tips, ideas, and tutorials here to help you make the best quilt possible. Everything from patterns and design inspiration to sewing kits can be found on this blog.

It’s a great resource for those looking for the perfect project to make with fabric scraps. Hand quilting, machine quilting, and pattern making are also discussed in this blog. This is a great blog if you are looking for a way to make keepsake quilts. Quilt patterns, tools, supplies, and helpful tutorials on making your quilts can be found.


Missouri quilt blog

The Missouri Quilt Blog offers easy-to-follow quilting instructions and commentary to keep you smiling till the end of the project. Quilters are encouraged to post their work-in-progress quilts and completed works of art on the site for free.

Quilting is a huge industry with many opportunities. You may either create or buy your designs and sell them online. This is where you’ll learn about the experts’ latest quilting trends.

You can find tutorials, crafts, and projects on this site and quilters to meet within your area.

Missouri Quilt Blog
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Fave quilts

If you’re looking for a blog that offers a variety of quilting tips and tricks, then fave quilts are the place to go. You can also find a collection of free quilt patterns, videos and techniques, free ebooks, and other goodies here to help improve your skills in the craft. This site has a lot of information to offer.



Quiltdom is a place for quilting tips, quilting reviews, information on the best quilting supplies, and news from across the internet on Quiltdom.

Quiltdom is updated with fresh content every day, so you will never run out of new things to make or things to read.

You will discover new ideas for your next quilt, as well as step-by-step tutorials on how to make anything from a one-of-a-kind wall hanging to an item of clothing.

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Felicia’s world

Felicia’s World is a quilting store selling paper piecing patterns and applique designs to novice and experienced quilters. They also provide their followers in-depth instructional blogs and tutorial videos to assist them on their way to quilting.


The generations quilt patterns blog

The Generations Quilt Patterns blog is full of wonderful inspiration to add new quilting techniques to your next project and provide recommendations for the most recent quilt books and equipment. This quilting blog also posts special tutorials and is dedicated to assisting quilters on their journey.


Quilt in a day blog

Quilt in a Day blog is an informative site that discusses the art of quilting. The items on this site are very informative, with detailed explanations. They have helpful guides with step-by-step instructions on how to do different things.


Very kerry berry

Very Kerry Berry is a quilting site by Kerry Green. She enjoys quilting and making her own clothes and everything in between. Her quilting blog is complemented by her professional writing career, which includes several quilting books. Her blog discusses everything from patchwork quilts to free motion quilting, applique, and other techniques.


A quilting life

A Quilting Life The Fabric Wonderland is a blog about quilting, fabric, and notions for all types of quilters. Follow along to get the most up-to-date information on the quilting industry, new patterns, and free tutorials.

a quilting life
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Red pepper quilts

Red Pepper Quilts is the brainchild of Rita Hodge, a mum of two. Rita began her quilting blog in 2009 and has since created a fantastic resource space for quilters of all levels. She specializes in fresh, modern quilting and is an active sewer. It’s always nice to see someone else share my enthusiasm for scraps. The majority of her quilts are fresh and modern, and they’re frequently quite basic to make.


The crafty quilter

Founded by Julie Cefalu a mother of four and two granddaughters. Julie uses The Crafty Quilter to share her creativity with other quilters. She teaches people how to make modern quilts, colorful crafts, creative gifts, and how to sew for themselves.

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Quilting daily

Quilting Daily is a blog about modern quilting. You can go here to find out about all the latest quilt patterns, find tutorials for beginners, and discover helpful tips to improve your skills; video services, online education programs, and periodicals all cater to the demands of the quilter no matter where they are.

The site has everything you need for your project. This site is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and equipping quilters of all interests and skill levels.


Kitchen table quilting blog

This quilting blog includes completed quilts, instructions, hints, and patterns for creating quilts and other sewing projects. Erica Taylor Jackman started the blog as a means to share her completed works and become part of the quilting.


Quilters review

Quilters Review is a site that offers reviews on everything from quilting machines, quilting books, quilting tools, sewing machines, and quick tricks to more complex quilting techniques. The blog is run by  Shannon Reed to help quilters improve their craft. Before you make your next quilting tool purchase, read Quilter’s review to see what the professionals think about it.

quilters review
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The crafty nomad

Another British quilter is Jo from The Crafty Nomad, and I adore her quilting style. There’s something unique for everyone, from beginners to experts, at every quilting level at The Crafty Nomad. Jo shares quilts projects for inspiration and other DIY projects and also easy instructions for you to follow.


Nancy zieman

The Nancy Zieman Productions Blog is pleased to continue Nancy’s legacy and love of sewing and quilting by sharing her time-saving sewing methods on the website.


Quilts etc.

Karen has been hand quilting for over 30 years and started a Quilt Etc in 2007. Aside from quilting, this blog is a diary of daily life that includes things other than quilting, such as knitting, crochet, travel, gardening, and cooking.


Keepsake quilting

Keepsake Quilting is an online and offline quilt store with loads of quilt patterns, quilting tools, and supplies. They offer information on how to pick the best quilting fabrics, as well as tips for using your quilting kits. Keepsake provides you with all of the answers for bettering your quilting and keeping you up to date on current events and happenings in the world of quilting.


On point quilter blog

Kari Schell is the brains behind On Point Quilter, which provides cutting-edge machine quilting, quilt designs, and education to interested clients. Her online training, includes lessons on Shoot for the Stars.


Fresh lemons modern quilts

This quilting website is run by Faith Jones and for both American and international audiences. The site offers a forum named “Community Giving” where you can participate in the discussion, learn new things, and offer assistance to other quilters.


Quilty love

Quilty Love is a contemporary quilt blog with a large selection of quilting ideas, modern quilt patterns, free sewing instructions, and resources for the modern quilter.This quilting blog is run by Emily Dennis, a mother of 3 who started her quilting journey in 2012.

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Freemotion by the river

Freemotion By the River is the work of quilter, writer, and photographer Connie Kresin Campbell.

Learn how to create quilts with Connie Kresin Campbell’s easy and quick instructions and patterns. With detailed instructions and plenty of step-by-step images, you’ll be able to make baby quilts, table runners, fabric baskets, and more.


Jaybird quilts blog

Jaybird Quilts is run by Julie Herman, best-selling author, speaker, quilt pattern, and ruler designer. Jaybird Quilts is a blog where quilters find free quilting tutorials and on finished quilts and patterns.


In color order

In Color Order is a craft blog by Jeni Baker, where she documents her creative experiences in sewing, quilting, and knitting as well as thrift shopping, antique collecting, baking, and rabbits.


Suzie quilts

Suzy is a quilter who’s passionate about the history and tradition of quilting, but she also loves to create one-of-a-kind contemporary textiles. Suzy applies her graphic design skills to reinterpret common sewing as a unique, personal interpretation of basic, modern design.

Suzy Quilts


Bonjour quilts

Bonjour Quilts is a blog that provides quilting designs, tutorials, sewing tips, and fabric cutting instructions to help you get the most out of your stitching time. Kirsty is a mother of four who feels that quilting is both creative and useful.


Clever chameleon quilting blog

Clever Chameleon talks about quilting and designing your own quilts. The goal of Clever Chameleon is to assist you in making your quilts distinctively yours. You’ll discover applique and patchwork lessons. There are a lot of great articles, interviews, and tutorials.


Happy quilting

Melissa is a pattern designer, author, housewife, and mother of five children. She started happy quilting as an extension to my blog in order to share my passion for fabric, piecing, and quilting.


Elpida studio

Elpida Studio is a learning center for quilting, pojagi, embroidery, and other needlework crafts. There are clear instructions, designs, and plenty of creative inspiration. Every week’s episode creates something new.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


What do you call someone who makes quilts?

A person who makes quilts is called a “quilter”.


What is the oldest quilt pattern?

One of the oldest quilt patterns is called “The crazy quilt”.


How do you make a simple quilt in one day?


How much does it cost to have someone quilt your quilt?

The average cost of a 50″ x 70″ quilt is about $175. You should also first look at how large the quilt is. Quilters set their prices by the size of the finished piece.


Can you make a quilt on a regular sewing machine?

Yes, you can make a quilt on a regular sewing machine. Straight-line quilting with a walking foot is one approach, or you may also free motion quilt any design using a free motion quilting foot.


Is quilting an expensive hobby?

Quilting is quite an expensive hobby. Quilters typically need to buy fabric, batting, needles, and thread and pay for the quilting service. However, it may be one of the most practical pastimes if you only stick to basic quilting materials.


How do I start a quilting blog?

First of all, you need to find a domain that is relevant to what you’re interested in. If you want to start a quilting blog, the domain name should include “quilts” or something similar. Second, create your theme and come up with some ideas for it.

For example, if your blog is about quilting, you could start by listing tips on storing fabric, so they don’t get damaged. Third, add content by searching for free sewing instructions online and including them in your blog post. Finally, develop an SEO strategy so your new site will rank well in Google search results. You may also be interested to know about common patternmaking problems.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known top quilting blogs you must visit for free tutorials and patterns! You may also want to read about 10 easy sewing projects for 4-year-olds with patterns and pattern making tools.

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