Top 15 UK Sewing Blogs You Should Be Following In 2022!

Are you looking for the top UK sewing blogs? There are a number of sewing blogs that are a great source of information for anyone interested in sewing.

uk sewing blogs

These blogs and websites include tutorials, tips, patterns, and more. They provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to sew a variety of items, from clothes to bags to cushions.

They also feature beautiful photos of the finished items, as well as videos of the bloggers demonstrating how to sew different items.

Maybe, you want to learn how to make your own clothes or just need some new ideas for what to do with old clothing that is no longer fashionable, these sites have it all.

Undoubtedly, sewing is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are an experienced sewer or just starting out, there are plenty of resources available to help you improve your skills.


Best Sewing Blogs UK

Here are eight of the very best UK sewing blogs and websites that will help you enjoy sewing even more:

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#1. Sew Over It

Sew Over It is a very popular UK sewing blog that offers a lot of online sewing classes, tutorials for people who are new to sewing or are unsure of how to sew.

This blog also provides an online shop where customers can order sewing patterns, fabric, and other sewing essentials.

They have all the sewing patterns you will need. The Sew Over It blog is great because it helps sewers learn new sewing skills while giving them some beautiful options for their very own projects.


#2. Sew Dainty

Sew Dainty is a blog dedicated to providing honest and helpful commentary for both beginners and more experienced sewists.

The blog covers a range of topics, from how to get the most out of the sewing pattern you choose, to how to do your own hemming with a cover stitch machine, to a specific project.

Sew Dainty is updated with something new every week.


#3. Guthrie & Ghani

If you’re looking for more sewing inspiration, be sure to check out Guthrie & Ghani sewing blog.

Lauren Guthrie’s tutorials, suggestions, sewing tips, and ideas for your next dressmaking or sewing project.


#4. What Katie Sews

Katie is a digital product manager and sewist from North London.

This blog documents her efforts to create a stylish, wearable everyday wardrobe by making her own basics, with special pieces here and there.

Her sewing blog includes tips and tutorials to build a simple, unadorned wardrobe of DIY clothing.


#5. Simple Sew blog

Simple Sew blog is a collection of sewing bloggers. If you’re looking for more sewing inspiration, be sure to check out the Simple Sew blog. This blog is full of tutorials, tips, and patterns tutorials for sewers of all skill levels.


#6. The Fold Line

The Fold Line, a blog, an online sewing community, and a sewing pattern shop since 2015. This sewing blog is the work of friends  Kate and Rachel.

They share their knowledge and experiences with other sewers and designers, as well as their own creations.


#7. The Thrifty Stitcher

This blog is written by Claire-Louise Hardie, a professional stitcher, sewing pro, and the mastermind of The Great British Sewing Bee.

Claire shares her sewing tips, tricks, and tutorials, as well as inspiring sewing projects for beginners and experts alike.

The Thrifty Stitcher is a great resource for beginners looking to learn how to sew, how to set up a sewing machine, or those looking to improve their sewing skills.


#8. Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons is a blog run by Tilly Walnes, one of the well-known sewing bloggers. She also runs her own successful online store for sewing patterns and books.

This blog is full of wonderful tutorials and sewing advice for both beginner and advanced sewers such as how to set up a sewing machine, choosing a sewing machine, easy sewing projects for beginners, how to thread a sewing machine, and many more.


#9. Diary of a Chain Stitcher

Diary of a Chain Stitcher is another popular sewing site in the UK by Fiona, a professional stylist based in Dorking, South of London.

This blog is perfect for anyone looking for new sewing techniques and discovering new fabrics.

Fiona shares her personal sewing tips, tricks and tutorials, sewing techniques, completed projects, and sewing patterns.


#10. Sewisfaction

Sewisfaction is an independent fabric and sewing studio that specializes in providing you with lovely dressmaking textiles, interesting sewing patterns, and one-of-a-kind haberdashery goods.

Sewisfaction provides a range of sewing courses and workshops for those who are inspired to become a sewing expert such as dressmaking lessons for beginning through advanced sewists.


#11. Male Devon Sewing

Male Devon Sewing is a tailoring and sewing blog for men by Jamie Kemp. He started her blog as a way of recording his sewing adventure.

This site also offers sewing tutorials, patterns, and other sewing products.


#12. Jaycotts – Sewing Supplies News

Jaycott is a fantastic resource for product instructions, sewing machine reviews, and other useful information. They also provide an online sewing shop for sewing supplies include Bernina, Janome, and Brother machines as well as haberdashery, threads, and zips.


#13. Sew Different

Sew Different is a sewing blog run by Laura Casey based in northern England. Sew Different is all about home sewing and maker fashion. It’s jam-packed with ideas, instructions, how-tos, and free sewing patterns.


#14. Vicky Myers creations

This blog is written by Vicky Myers. She shares her sewing tips, tricks, and tutorials, as well as inspiring sewing projects for beginners and experts alike.

This sewing website is a great resource for sewing tutorials, tips, and patterns. They have a huge range of tutorials, from simple projects for beginners to more complex ones for experienced sewers.


#15. Bobbins & Buttons

Bobbins and Buttons specialize in sewing patterns, a carefully selected collection of the finest quality dressmaking and craft materials, as well as Leicester-based sewing lessons.

Julia is a sewing enthusiast & teacher with a passion for making clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. On her blog, she shares her sewing tips, tutorials, and patterns, as well as photos of her latest sewing projects.


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It’s A Wrap!

With a lot of options we’ve listed above, there’s no doubt that you can choose one or more among the top UK sewing blogs! Hopefully, it’s all a breeze for you! Have a great day!

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