What Are Industrial Sewing Machines Used For

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If you want to know what are industrial sewing machines used for, you can take clues from the name itself. Industrial sewing machines are used for industrial sewing or long-term professional sewing for businesses and other purposes. 

what are industrial sewing machines used for

We will also discuss each type of industrial sewing machine because, unlike domestic models, industrial ones have a specific task for each processing step in the manufacturing plant. You can read about the best industrial sewing machine to familiarize yourself with the top brands for this type of machine. 


What Is The Use Of Industrial Machine?

An industrial sewing machine is a machine designed for long-term and fast sewing without compromising the quality of the stitches. It is also made of more durable parts, typically cast iron or aluminum, than domestic sewing machines with some plastic components. 

Additionally, most industrial sewing machines can sew heavy fabrics often used in factories and plants. Here are the best heavy-duty sewing machines if you want a machine that won’t let you down with sewing thick and heavyweight materials. 


Lock stitch industrial sewing machine

The most popularly used industrial sewing machine is the lock stitch machine. It can either be a single needle lock stitch machine or a double-needle lock stitch machine. 

Lock stitches help join multiple fabrics together securely. But to save time, especially on mass production of garments, some factories use a double-needle lock stitch machine because it sews two stitch lines at a time to finish projects quickly. 


Overlock industrial sewing machine 

Another popular industrial sewing machine is the overlock or serger sewing machine. This machine makes overedge stitches from the name itself and can be used to serge fabric edges to finish them. 

The result is more professional-looking compared to using other stitches to finish seams and hems. Serged or overlocked finishes are often what you see on clothes sold in stores. 

If you’re only sewing for personal use, do you know that you can also learn how to serge with a sewing machine


Zigzag industrial sewing machine

Popular industrial sewing machine brands like Juki offer zigzag stitching industrial machines. These machines specialize in zigzag stitching that is often needed when manufacturing undergarments and even clothing like jackets. 

 A zigzag machine is also helpful for finishing seams, making buttonholes, and sewing stretchable garments. Some models even feature a three-step zigzag stitch for attaching elastics or adding embellishments to various projects. 


Flatlock industrial sewing machine

Besides the overlock machine, the flatlock industrial sewing machine helps finish hems. It is especially desirable when hemming the bottom of knits for a neat and strong finish. 

And because the flatlock machine leaves a flat seam on both sides that show threads, some factories use it to decorate the garments or sew seams that need to stretch. You can expect to see this machine in factories that make ready-to-wear clothing. 


Button attaching and buttonhole industrial sewing machine

Industrial sewing, especially in factories that make garments, will need to attach buttons quickly and precisely each time. This is why there is an industrial sewing machine for this specific purpose called the button attaching machine. 

It usually has settings for various button types and features such as an automatic thread trimmer to save more time sewing buttons. Then, from the name itself, the buttonhole industrial sewing machine will make the buttonholes for you according to the stitch density you like. 

For smaller businesses that don’t think they need a special buttonhole industrial sewing machine, consider learning how to make a buttonhole on a sewing machine using a special foot.  


Bartack industrial sewing machine

Industrial sewing machines produce items that are strong and wouldn’t give out from stress and wear. And one of the types that ensure this is the bartack machine. 

The bartack stitch made by the bartack industrial sewing machine is used to reinforce the projects’ components and seams. You’ll usually use this stitch on belt loops and pockets that are prone to wear and tear. 


Multi-needle chain stitch machine

A chain stitch industrial sewing machine is often used for smocking or manufacturing items at a high level of productivity, especially if it’s a double chain stitch machine that uses a looper to join the threads. You might find this machine in mattress factories or even garment plants for pintuck stitching clothes. 

Pintuck stitches add decorative textures and may even be used for heirloom sewing. One can also use a multi-needle chain stitch industrial machine to attach elastics to undergarments and sportswear. 


What Are The Benefits Of An Industrial Sewing Machine?

  • Fast and productive sewing for maximum productivity
  • Designed for safe handling
  • Can work with tough and heavy materials
  • Specializes in certain stitches for precise and perfect finishes



And that’s it! We just learned what are industrial sewing machines used for, which is for maximum productivity in factories and plants long-term. 

Every industrial sewing machine specializes in a particular stitch, such as lock stitch, overedge stitch, zigzag stitch, and even tasks like button attaching. This ensures that the quality of products will be consistent and done quickly, ideal for businesses. 

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below.


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