What Color Pants Goes with Brown Shirt for Ladies and Men

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Perhaps you know the basics, brown shoes, black belts. But when it comes to clothing, there are many subtle rules that can be useful in making your outfit look its best.

What Color Pants Goes with Brown Shirt

Color combination is a difficult art to master. For some people, the color combination is quite easy. They are natural and they make it look simple. If you are looking for an outfit and you’re having trouble putting together a color combination then try these tips.

This article will make it easier for you to get your color combinations right every time. So keep reading because we have some great tips to help you out today.

What to Wear with Brown Shirt for Female

If you’ve got brown in your closet, you’re lucky. It makes an amazing color palette starter.

That’s because brown is neutral and can be paired with almost any other color, including black and white, for a classic look that never goes out of style. 

What to Wear with Brown Shirt for Female

So how do you wear brown without looking like you live in the ’70s? The key is pairing it with complementary colors, or hues that sit across from each other on the color wheel.

Here are some tips on what to wear with a brown shirt female:


Brown Shirt With Burgundy Leather Skirt

A Brown shirt with a burgundy pleated leather mini skirt is a perfect combo for the fall and winter seasons. The Brownshirt adds more elegance to the look while the burgundy skirt keeps it stylish and elegant.

This outfit is perfect for daily wear, office wear, and formal outings as well. You can always go for this stylish and sober look when you are out of ideas.

Brown Shirt With Burgundy Leather Skirt

Brown Shirt With Red Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for an outfit to wear during weekends, then try out a brown shirt with red skinny jeans. This outfit is very easy to pull off and comfortable too. 

You can pair this top with any bottom of your choice like white straight jeans, ripped jeans, or leggings to get the desired look.

Brown Shirt With Red Skinny Jeans

Black skirt 

If you are wearing a brown shirt on top, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple. A black skirt or pants or a crisp pair of jeans will complement the colors in the shirt.

Another option is to wear a brown belt and shoes with the shirt. Add jewelry that has some sparkle and shine.

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Black straight pants or a boot-cut pant

If you want to wear a brown shirt with your jeans then you should wear black straight pants or bootcut pants. You can also wear a pencil skirt with this shirt.

Avoid wearing a brown shirt with a skirt that is below your knees.

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Brown Peplum Top with Denim Shorts

A colorful blouse with a peplum bottom will help you look stylish while you are out on a shopping spree. The blouse has a multicolored striped pattern on it while the denim shorts have blue, black, and white patterns on them. Wear sandals with these if you don’t want to overdo the colors.

Black tights

You can also pair it up with an off-shoulder neckline blouse and black tights but don’t forget your ankle-high boots too. You can even add another layer to it by wearing an open cardigan over your shirt if you find yourself in an air-conditioned place. 

And don’t ever feel shy about adding some accessories and make-up because this is the beauty of fashion; you can always make the best out of everything.

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Light blue ripped skinny jeans

If you want something casual, wear your brown shirt with light blue ripped skinny jeans, which is an interesting combination as it gives an edge to your outfit.

Team it up with white sneakers and your favorite leather bag for the perfect weekend look.

Light blue ripped skinny jeans

Light blue jeans

Mixing brown shirts and light blue jeans is one of the best combinations you can use. This combination is really easy to pull off.

You can either mix brown shirts with light blue jeans in different shades or combine them both in the same shade (light blue). 

Light blue jeans

Navy bike shorts

Pair it with navy bike shorts for a cute and casual look. Add some sneakers for extra comfort, then throw on a pair of sunglasses if you’re going outside.

Black denim overalls

For those days when practicality is paramount, dress in a brown button-down shirt and black denim overalls. Polish off the ensemble with dark brown suede-heeled sandals.

What to Wear with Brown Shirt for Male

Brown is a neutral color that is not just used for clothing, but in home decor and fashion accessories as well. When it comes to combining brown with other colors, it is quite easy because of its neutral nature. 

The best colors to combine with brown are gold, white, pink, yellow, green, and orange. Brown can also be combined with other shades of brown such as chocolate brown, tan and beige. Brown can also go well with navy blue or light blue. 

What to Wear with Brown Shirt for Male

Here are some great suggestions on what to wear with a brown shirt:

Brown Shirt and Navy Chinos

A combination of a brown shirt and navy chinos shows a sharp touch of style and sophistication. Navy chinos are perfect for any type of smart casual look or even business casual work attire. 

This combination works fabulously in the warmer spring months or during fall as well.

Brown Shirt and White Cargo Pants

White cargo pant gives you a casual yet chic look while pairing them up with a brown shirt will make you stand out from the crowd especially if you are wearing them during summertime. 

You could also wear this outfit to your friend’s birthday party by simply adding a pair of colored sneakers like neon green or pink.

Brown Shirt Teamed with Blue Ripped Jeans

Navy blue ripped jeans and a brown shirt are perfect for both running errands and a night out. Grab a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes to va-va-voom your outfit.

Brownshirt with brown dress pants

A Brown shirt with brown dress pants has become an essential combination for many style-conscious men. Make black leather derby shoes your footwear choice for a more relaxed aesthetic.

Brownshirt with black dress pants 

If you want to be a little more stylish, you can also wear a brown shirt with black dress pants. Make sure the colors are different enough though so that it’s clear that you’re not wearing a suit.

Brownshirt with khakis or corduroy pants

You can also wear your brown shirt with khakis or corduroy pants. This gives you more options because there are so many colors and shades of khakis and corduroys. You could go for something as light as tan or beige, or something as dark as chocolate brown or navy blue.

Brownshirt and a dark brown suit

This is one of the most classic combinations that you can wear with a brown shirt. This combination will give you a very smart look, but also make sure that you don’t overdo it with accessories as this can end up overwhelming your look and not doing any good for your style.

Brownshirt and light blue jeans

This is one of the most common combinations for men who prefer to keep it casual.

A brown shirt with blue jeans is a great combination, especially if the weather is warm outside and you are looking for something that will not only keep you comfortable but also make sure that you have a cool look to sport throughout the day.

Brownshirt and light blue jeans

Brownshirt with white chinos

Chinos are a great choice for any occasion, whether you need to go to work or just want to walk around town in the summertime. Brown and white are both neutral colors, so they make for a good combination when it comes to style.

Brown Shirt and Grey Check Chinos

If you want to look cool and remain cozy, consider wearing a brown shirt and grey cheek chinos. Rocking a pair of brown suede desert boots is an easy way to add extra flair to your ensemble.

Brown Shirt and Navy Ripped Skinny Jeans

If you’re searching for a silhouette that you can rely on on a day off, look no further than this combination of a brown shirt and navy ripped skinny jeans. For footwear go down the casual route with tobacco suede desert boots.

Brownshirt with black chinos

This is a classic match and it looks great. If you want to dress down, choose brown plimsolls or black suede desert boots. If you want to dress up, choose black leather brogues or brown oxford shoes. 

To add some interest, choose a brown belt with burgundy stitching detail. As for the watch, choose a silver tone with a white dial.

Brownshirt and charcoal jeans

Charcoal jeans are the most versatile color of jeans. It can be matched with almost any colored shirt and shoes except mustard yellow and light brown color shirts. 

For someone who likes to wear a brown shirt and charcoal jeans, he should not wear white sneakers as it will make the outfit look too casual and boring. 

Instead, he should wear dark brown leather derby shoes as they are more formal than white sneakers but more casual than black dress shoes. 

This outfit will look fantastic with a silver-tone watch with a dark blue dial or a gold-tone watch with a white dial because these two colors contrast well with the color of a brown shirt and charcoal jeans.

Final Words

There are a lot more options to pair with brown shirts than you would think, so don’t be afraid to try out some styles that you may not have thought of before. There are many color combinations that might surprise you, and finding the right ones is just a matter of trying them out. You never know until you put your look together, anyways.

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