What Color Shirt Goes With Blue Shorts? 21 Best Options!

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What Color Shirt Goes With Blue Shorts

Do you want to know what color shirt goes with blue shorts? Blue is a great color to wear, but it can be challenging to know what colors go well with it. This article will help you understand how different colors interact with blue and give you some ideas for your next outfit! 

Once you see these combos in action, we think they’ll inspire even more outfits in your wardrobe. So get ready because this is going to be fun!

If you’re looking for a good combination of colors that look nice together, read on! We have compiled a list of the best color combinations that work well with blue. You’ll find everything from casual looks to formal ones, so there are options for any occasion.


What Color Shirt Goes With Your Blue Shorts?

So, what color shirt goes with blue shorts? Here are the options that you can try:


#1. With blue shorts

This combination of a navy short-sleeved shirt and blue shorts is both comfortable and functional, allowing you to keep it clean while still being modern. A pair of black canvas high-top sneakers are an excellent method to add a fun touch to your ensemble.

what color shirt goes with blue shorts


#2. With navy blue shorts

With navy pants, a white short-sleeved button-down with a discreet design is a great casual combination. You may also wear navy shorts with a grey button-down.

With navy blue shorts

Tee shirts: A simple grey tee would look fantastic with navy pants. 


#3. With baby blue shorts

Blackshirts or dark-colored shirts are a good color choice for baby blue shorts.

With baby blue shorts

You can also wear white or pink.


#4. With dark blue shorts

Dark brown leather loafers and a white t-shirt. You may wear a black and white check sweater or a black and white stripe t-shirt with white canvas low-top sneakers, or you can go for a navy striped shirt or a red polka dot one.

With dark blue shorts


#5. With blue plaid shorts

To create a laid-back and practical outfit, match a blue plaid shirt with skinny navy jeans. You might go more conventional on the shoe front by slipping into white athletic shoes. To wear a casual and trendy outfit, reach for a blue plaid shirt and navy jeans.

With blue plaid shorts


#6. With black shorts

You can keep your outfit dark by wearing a black shirt with your black shorts or choosing to lighten things up with a contrasting white top. But the possibilities are endless. Any color shirt will complement black pants.

With black shorts

Besides black shorts, a black shirt will also go well with red shorts.


#7. With blue athletic shorts

A white print crew-neck t-shirt and blue athletic shorts are an essential casual combination for many fashionable males. Athletic shoes can help you round out your easygoing attitude by the end of the day.

With blue athletic shorts


#8. With light blue

A light blue t-shirt can be stylishly dressed in white sweatpants for a laid-back everyday look.

To complement your ensemble, round it off with beige canvas high-top sneakers. Finally, combine a light blue t-shirt with khaki chinos for a fresh and effortless style.

light blue


#7. With sky blue pants

A light blue chino and a navy crew-neck t-shirt are easy ways to add a touch of flair to your everyday casual style.

If you add a pair of white leather low-top sneakers to your ensemble, the entire look will fall into place.

With sky blue pants

Navy color also does well if you want to pair it with green shorts and Khaki shorts because it doesn’t clash with black nearly as much as white does.


#8. With blue and white shorts

You should avoid using white shorts’ colors are gray, black, and brown.

Instead, the most popular colors for these swimsuits are blue, red, and vivid greens.

Blue-and-white stripes are trendy but still classic.

A good example is combining a white short-sleeve tee with white shorts and red boat shoes.


With blue and white shorts


#9. With olive-colored shorts for men

Look for a shirt with a design that uses several hues, such as plaid, and also includes olive green.

You’ll get a style that “matches” your olive green shorts while also drawing the eye beyond head-to-toe monochrome green.

With olive-colored shorts for men


#10. With denim shorts

Throw on a pair of blue denim shorts. The appeal of these blue jean shorts is that you can match them with anything since most clothing choices go well with blue denim, and they may be dressed up for more formal events or down for more casual occasions.

With denim shorts


#11. With sky blue shorts

Black and white are the two color schemes you may select between them depending on your preferences.

You might also go monochromatic by picking a lighter tone of sky blue, such as powder or ice blue.

With sky blue shorts


#12. With blue chino shorts for women or men

A pink shirt or a polo shirt will go well with a pair of light or dark blue chino shorts.

You may also wear these blue shorts to a business meeting or a necessary appointment that will help you take the next step in your life.

With blue chino shorts for women or men

You can also wear your grey shorts with a pink shirt


#13. With blue high waisted shorts

This light blue high-waisted pair of shorts would look great with a white blazer and pastel tank top for an office or evening out.

You may wear women’s mid-length shorts with various tops, but seldom without tights or leggings.

High waist shorts are not simply comfy but also fashionable and perfect for women.

They are rarely seen in men or males in their natural form.

With blue high waisted shorts


#14. With blue linen shorts

Linen is a chilly, hygienic material that doesn’t get stinky when it’s hot and stays clean for long periods.

Linen is an excellent choice for men or women during the summer since it is an excellent, clean fabric.

You may wear a white shirt or a striped top with the same hue of blue running through.

With blue linen shorts


#15. With blue shorts for girls

Wearing a red blazer and blue shorts is a great way to go for a simple yet relaxed and laid-back vibe.

One of our favorite methods is wearing light blue vertical striped polos with blue shorts for a laid-back style.

With blue shorts for girls


#16. With khaki short

Khaki pants are recognized for their flexibility. This is because they can be mixed and matched with any shirt available.

In addition, they’re a bonus since you may wear them at formal and informal events.

Blue, maroon hues, and red are the best colors for khaki trousers.

In addition, green, black, white, violet, and gray are good choices.

You may also combine khaki with a contrasting hue of brown. A black pair of shoes look odd with khaki shorts. 

For the summer style, they’re too formal. Shoes in earth tones like tan, brown, white, or navy are the way to go. You may also wear sneakers in solid hues such as green or red depending on the style you choose ver them.

You may wear khaki trousers with any color shirt. The shoes you choose also have a significant influence since they are frequently the outfit’s focal point and attract the most attention.

White, black, blue, and other t-shirts are all acceptable options. Everything should work together in harmony

With khaki short


#17. With light blue jean shorts

Wearing a red plaid dress shirt with light blue denim shorts is a safe and highly appealing choice. But do you want to add some laid-back cool to your wardrobe?

Wear a hot pink cardigan and light blue denim shorts to look causal. White leather flat sandals are an easy way to give this outfit a touch of stylish nonchalance.

With light blue jean shorts


#18. With light blue shorts

A pink shirt or a polo shirt will go well with a pair of light or dark blue chino shorts.

For this sort of look for summer, you may wear an essential pair of blue chino shorts with a brown belt to contrast the various colors.

With light blue shorts


#19. With blue shorts female?

#1. When it’s time to go casual, this light blue silk dress shirt and light blue shorts outfit is an attractive choice.

#2. A white peasant blouse and light blue shorts are ideal for layering, so you’ll always have them on constant rotation in your wardrobe.

#4. A beige jacket and light blue shorts are excellent wardrobe additions that will go with everything. Pink suede heels are a tried-and-true method to add a touch of class to your ensemble.

#5. A white vertical striped dress shirt and light blue shorts are must-haves in any modern woman’s wardrobe.

#6. For those dressers who love ultra-cool combinations, a white sleeveless top and light blue shorts are trendy combinations.

#7. For an everyday look full of charm and personality, team a white linen button-down blouse with light blue shorts. Why not add a pair of brown leather flat sandals to your ensemble to give it a more laid-back feel?

what color shirt goes with blue shorts


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


#1. Does a black shirt and blue shorts match?

It all depends on what type of personality you have. For example, if you are an adventurous person, they will match nicely. However, if you are more reserved, it might be best to wear other articles of clothing that fit your personality more accurately.


#2. Is it okay to wear brown shoes with blue pants?

Brown shoes go particularly well with blue pants, as the pair is one of the most popular outfit combinations. It’s appropriate for every event and weather condition imaginable.

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It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known what color shirt goes with blue shorts. Blue is a color that you can pair with many different color combinations.

For example, you can wear blue shorts with a white, black, green, yellow, beige, or even multi-colored top, and each will blend perfectly.

You can also use your imagination and try various colors before finally choosing one but do not overthink it; have fun with it. You may also want to read about navy blue shorts ideas.

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